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"Theory" of Evolution (SMBC)
  • Come on now. We all know that evolution is the expination to gravity! Look, all things that does not fall down, fall into space and die, hence only the things falling down to earth can live on and reproduce! Gravity is an emergent propery of evolution! Duh!

  • SD-ledamot sjöng högerextrema slagord på valvaka
  • Enligt Expressen ska Lång då handgripligen försökt ta inspelningsutrustningen från tidningens reporter.

    Dom har inte kommit långt asså. Ta inspelningsutrustning från journalister som granskar SD är ju SDs grej.

    Det var ett skämt

    Var det Jomshof som var intervjuad och sa så?

  • EU elections results -- Rip
  • They wanted to kick out the Swedish Liberal party from Renew because they are collaborating with the far right here. Renew allowed them to stay in the group. So yeah, they are not directly against the far right either.

  • EU elections 2024 live: Emmanuel Macron dissolves French parliament and calls snap elections after huge far-right gains
  • Sorry, several things here.

    "Rights before immigrants", so "just" a higher standing than people of different origins? I'm sure we have a word for this.

    And this is what I'm saying. Yes, they do not only want "no immigration". There must be "order" too. There is no "order" if we do not give police the means to achieve it. There is no "order" if you allow scientists to tell you that these are not effective ways to achieve order. There is no "order" if the people trying to achieve the "order" are being critiqued.

    Then in many cases it is not about "want". "Want"? What does it matter? "I voted for the totally-not-nazis-anymore-party, because I read their pamphlet and they just wrote good things there. I'm a good guy and thought they were best. Oh, these guys on the telly says that one of the things I thought was a good thing was really fucked up. That makes me feel bad and stupid. But I'm a good guy. Did I do something wrong? The totally-not-a-nazi-anymore-guy says it is not fucked up, but good actually. That makes me feel comfortable. I'll adopt that view instead. I'm a good guy." Lucky us! This guy did not "want" free speech to be forbidden in universities, or which ever.

  • EU elections 2024 live: Emmanuel Macron dissolves French parliament and calls snap elections after huge far-right gains
  • What are you talking about? I just agreed that there is a difference between voters and politicians, and then I elaborated on one such difference. In the same comment I also tried to highlight that this still means that it is not the "immigration" question they are voting for.

  • EU elections 2024 live: Emmanuel Macron dissolves French parliament and calls snap elections after huge far-right gains
  • There is a difference. But what you are saying is not true, bacause it was tested in Sweden. All parties in parliament, except three parties at like 18% votes in total, said the far-right party have always been correct when it comes to immigration ("always" including when they were an explicit nazi party), and switched to their line. If the voters understood and did not want all that other shit, they should have switched. They did not.

    But there is a difference. The people who run the party today, who joined it when it was an explicit nazi party, probably have a certain goal in their mind where they need all these steps. The voters, in general, are just rationalizing why they vote for the steps.

  • EU elections 2024 live: Emmanuel Macron dissolves French parliament and calls snap elections after huge far-right gains
  • These takes are always so dumb. "It's immigration". Then why do these parties also want to get rid of public access television and radio? Why are they trying to limit investigative journalism? Why are they limiting independent research at universities? Why are the against public welfare systems? Social institutions? Juridicial safety? Democratic protections? It's almost like it is something more...

  • Emigration: The hidden catalyst behind the rise of the radical right in Europe’s depopulating regions
  • There is also a large analysis around migration that plays various roles in this. Like they mention that services are unmaintainable with no immigration to those areas. But also, who is emmigrating to cities? People seeking higher education, often from more well off families, predominatly women. This leaves a lot of working class men, who is often the main target of the far right. In Sweden, about 25% of men vote for the far right. This is just one example, I imagine there can be a lot of related reasons to this emmigration observation.

  • Sweden to ban bottom fishing in territorial waters
  • Horrible liar and turncoat. Minister for a government with far-right policies when she promissed to be the one voice of her party against that. She abandoned liberalism in favour of the far right for a prestigious position and money. So did the rest of her party, to be fair, but before the election she claimed to be against it.

  • Europe’s rapidly rising right: Hard-right forces are gaining ground ahead of next month’s European Parliament election
  • Ah, yes, the Big Immigration, like public access radio and television, critical investigative journalism, social sciences, free elections, independent research, public health care and schools, social democracy, and the environment. I keep forgetting that the reason they are against all this is because it is immigrants that run all of them.

  • [Help] Setting up your own e-mail/smtp for alerts?


    I'm looking for some way to send my own alerts via e-mail in some way. Whenever I try to search for this, most docker images have a much grander goal, and I have a hard time understanding how to use them for my purpose.

    What would I want? It'd be nice to have a docker running some smpt-server (I suppose), so that I can make my own python script that scrapes a website, looks at some metric, and e-mails me whenever whatever I'm looking for is found. I only want it to be available on and to receive mails from localhost, no dns, just forward e-mails to my personal one, no web-interface, etc.

    I'm quite new to self-hosting, but I hope you still understand what I'm looking for. Is it possible? Should I look for another solution? Will this not work? Any help/input very much welcome.