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The new mask [CW: transphobia]

I cover my face before stepping outside,
And don't say a word, so my voice won't be pried.
I try to blend in, and pray they can't tell
-- As if I'm a thief who escaped from her cell.
My old mask was blue.
    I'm glad that it fell.
My new mask is pink.
    I still need to hide.

From closet to stealth
Does no good to your health.
For people like me, this country looks bleak;
If others could see, they'd just see a freak.
My new mask is pink.
    It does make me think.
My old mask was blue.
    What else could I do?

One day they won't tell just by looking at me,
But that doesn't mean that I'm finally free.
My new mask will then be etched to my face:
They'll give me a past that never took place.
My old mask was blue.
    A terrible guise.
My new mask is pink.
    The mask is in their eyes.

-- Lady Scarecrow