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Daily Discussion - 08 May 2024

Use this thread for general daily football discussion.

This thread can also be used to discuss Transfer rumours and to post Tier 4 sources.

  • Never thought I'd say this, but I miss r/soccer. It was so busy and filled with shitposting and goal gifs that it was a great distraction. In comparison, the football community here on Lemmy is virtually dead. And even the few things in there are very pro-Man United, pro-Spurs, and anti-Arsenal.

    At least c/Gunners is fantastic - much better than the reddit equivalent. Not a ton of people here, but enough to keep it active. And the folks here have good, insightful contributions and are a good laugh.

    • I am not an arsenal fan per se but I am subbed to this community because it is the only football community active here on lemmy. c/soccer is just so dead. I appreciate you guys for being able to actually create a functioning community here

      • Cheers. Yes, there aren't too many functional club communities here. From what I've briefly seen, the Nottingham Forest one is active (kudos to them). But I'm not too familiar with any other active ones (though there probably are some others).

        It's rough to start a new community. You have to reach a critical mass of engaged regular users (I think at least a dozen or so), and have some of them dedicated to posting quality content regularly (credit to Astrealix and a few others here for that).

        Then if the community continues to grow, you have to traverse a while bunch of new migration challenges to balance it community engagement with content quality.

        I hope more club-based communities flourish on Lemmy. Because rivalries make things interesting, and other communities sometimes offer interesting new perspectives.

      • I saw Bolton Wanderers just made one, hopefully people will join that but I doubt there's enough people to be honest.

      • Liverpool's is too, sometimes? I think?

      • This is nice to see. Welcome! :)

    • I just had a thought... what if we spent a day only posting in c/football... I didn't say it was a good one.

      I agree with you though. I burnt myself out on sport a long time ago. I used to watch a bit of everything until I hot a wall and stopped everything completely.

      I started following again around the end of the Wegner era and now I usually only stick with Arsenal related content. r/football was how I kept up to date with stuff.

      But, I'm glad c/gunners is active and with a range of people with open minds (at least I try to)

      • Haha, yeah that doesn't sound like a good day!

        But... it's a good idea in general. It might be worth regularly posting some good articles over there. I think I've posted a couple of general things, but I don't think they were received too well. But eh, worth another try.

      • Don't care enough to make c/football properly a thing lol.

    • Definitely, Twitter and Bluesky aren't good replacements. Not good enough, anyway.

  • I've been watching highlights on the Palace V ManU game and United do not look cohesive in so many aspects. Their defending and goalkeeping aside, it didn't look like they knew their roles for some of their set pieces.

    On one of their free kicks, Eriksen is telling the United players lined up in the attack what to do. I know the team discuss what roles/tactics they are going to use, but it didn't look like anybody knew what they were supposed to do.

    You can see Eriksen giving Evans instructions, then Garnacho, then he steps away from the ball to go tell Antony and others lined up instructions. And even after that Evans looks kinda clueless on where he should stand. Give him the benefit of the doubt and maybe he was just trying to position himself according to the defensive line.

    • This is really interesting analysis. From looking at their lineup I assumed their defense was the weak point. But that's not what you're seeing, and given that you watched some of the match, I trust your judgement.

      I'm not surprised Eriksen was trying to call the shots. He was/still is a quality player with a good footballing brain. I guess Mainoo, Hojlund, and Garnacho are still young so they'd need guidance. Rashford doesn't seem to give a shit any more (can't blame him in this case). And Antony 'beyblade fidgetspinner' is just an idiot, so no amount of instructions will penetrate that thick skull to the empty space within. I'm not familiar with the others.

      I really hope their morale stays in the basement this weekend. If so, and if we stay focused in defensive midfield, and don't have any brain farts in defence, there's a very reasonable chance we can thrash the ever-loving shit out of them.

      • I'm no expert, and it was only highlights, but it just stood out. To me, it looked like Eriksen was trying to set up for the attacking set piece in the moment, which maybe indicated it wasn't one they ran drills on or practiced.

        I guess, also to the point you made, they seem to be short on leaders, which is something we suffered with for a while too.

        There's so many reasons this should be an easy fixture. But it is Manure who have a player or 2 who can pull shit out of their arse and have it turn to gold.

    • Thinking about the space between the United defence and midfield, this could be a game Martinelli could do well in with his pace

  • Some guy on reddit about Wayne Rooney - "He'd be a great appointment for a League 2 team, proven track record at taking teams to League 1"

  • Hahahaha Bayern

  • In other news, just watched the last appearance of River Song. Or the first, timeywimey and all that. I know what's up with her vaguely cuz I've read the wiki, but that was still a great two-parter. Getting to the end of Tennant now.

  • Harry Kane lol.

  • Some good news btw: this weekend will be the last we have to wear this horrible radiation kit lol

    • I don't think it's as bad since I first saw it, but I still really don't like the kit, lol. It was different though?

      I think my favourites from Addidas are still 21/22 blue lightning 3rd kit and 19/20 bruised banana away. There have been some other really quality jerseys, though, but those are the ones I've worn the most.

      Also, because I have Ødegaard on the 21/22 one xD

    • I'm about to get it for half off at Adidas someone stop me pls 😂😂😂