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Arsenal in pole position to sign Benjamin Sesko, could cost £60m Arsenal plot move for RB Leipzig striker Benjamin Sesko

Slovenian striker could cost in excess of £60m, his value boosted by recent form for RB Leipzig in the Bundesliga

Arsenal plot move for RB Leipzig striker Benjamin Sesko
Daily Discussion - 14 May 2024
  • Idk what this figure of speech is called, look at the comment on this thread right before this one. This and that express the same sentiment. Agreeing with a remotely held(albeit wrong) narrative in a facetious manner similar to saying "I have faith in Moyesball".

    Too bad I can't attach my facial expressions with comments.

  • [Post-Match Thread] Manchester United v.s. Arsenal F.C.
  • Unnecessary rant incoming.

    I hated that.

    Trossard goals are so annoying now - like he scores every match how about the other attackers stop having stinker after stinker.

    And the attack for my the rest of the match - so so blunt. Repeated long balls to Havertz after baiting the press for far too long. It's annoying how the high-potential stars of the team are having a mid off while the one who was supposed to be a squad player is coming in clutch.

    Why are we so shit against dogshit teams like Chelsea(away) and United today? The end to every single one of these matches is like trying to hold in a fart.

  • Nicolas Pepe set to leave Trabzonspor in June. He wants to return to Europe.


    Alexander Moneypenny on twitter:

    5 points dropped against Fulham.

    6 points dropped against Villa.

    Only have ourselves to blame 👍