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[Match Thread] Arsenal F.C. v.s. AFC Bournemouth (25/07/2024)
  • Eddie's great at that kind of run but the problem is that PL refs never give that kind of card, so it just ends up being wasteful...

  • [Match Thread] Arsenal F.C. v.s. AFC Bournemouth (25/07/2024)
  • Last-ditch defending is where the game is really won and lost

  • [Match Thread] Arsenal F.C. v.s. AFC Bournemouth (25/07/2024)
  • I found a new one that seems to be on PSL Live, whatever that is, and it's working great.

  • [Match Thread] Arsenal F.C. v.s. AFC Bournemouth (25/07/2024)
  • What the hell, my stream keeps cutting to random ESPN nonsense intermittently.

  • [Pre-Match Thread] Arsenal F.C. v.s. AFC Bournemouth (25/07/2024)
  • Yeesh, 10:30? Do we have any US West Coast Gooners here? I might catch the first half at most

  • Daily Discussion - 21 July 2024
  • Who will come with me to Olympics? Sorry, Riccardo, there is no room for you!

  • Daily Discussion - 18 July 2024
  • Just reminds me of mint chocolate chip, for some reason.

  • Daily Discussion - 17 July 2024
  • Oh wow, that's unusual in the opposite direction. Maybe DC is putting water restrictions in place.

  • Daily Discussion - 17 July 2024
  • It's not good. Swampy, too. They overwater the shit out of the pitch, probably to hide the fact that there are a bunch of bald spots all over the place. Doesn't help that we had that heat wave, either.

  • Homemade bee spray blowtorch lights Walla Walla house on fire
  • Hey now. It was also in Oregon Trail.

  • Daily Discussion - 13 July 2024
  • Yeah, I feel you. It sucks taking the high road and getting punished for it. I still remember how aghast everyone was that we wouldn't give the ball back to the other team when they faked injury, and how vindictively happy I was that we were dishing it out.

    My dream scenario is that we win the league this season, City is found guilty of at least some of their charges, and we'll have won "the right way", in contrast to their fuckery.

  • Daily Discussion - 13 July 2024
  • I guess on Ramsdale, the question is: what do you think we'll get for him this summer vs next summer (with 1 season left on contract)? If we could get anything more than 15M, I think we have to recoup our losses. The fact that we're kind of at our limit for income generated (and that we're not a multi-club model or owned by a petrostate or both) means that we have to sell when there's a chance.

  • Daily Discussion - 13 July 2024
  • "Absolutely" doesn't mean from a quality standpoint; if we keep Ramsdale for another season his market value is likely to plummet and as you say, he'll be unhappy with it. I'd love to see Reiss as backup to Saka (just because his quality matches the amount of expected minutes), but nothing that Mikel has said or done indicates that that's going to happen.

  • Canvas
  • Have we started on this yet? It looks like the canvas has been expanded, so might be a good time to claim a spot for it!

  • Points Difference Chart (Gameweek 38)

    🎵 He knows exactly what we need 🎵


    Points Difference Chart (Gameweek 37)

    I don't think I'll get over this season for a while... whichever way it ends up going.


    Points Difference Chart (Gameweek 36)

    Time for the Korean guy and Sp*rs to do us a favor


    Points Difference Chart (Gameweek 35)

    Turns out Shit is Shit, everywhere you go

    • added an indication for OG because I was sick of the xG values being somewhat misleading when they get scored. Fun stat: We've scored 5 and conceded 1 OG this season.

    Points Difference Chart (Gameweek 29)


    Points Difference Chart (Gameweek 34)

    Fucking Villa and Fulham.


    We have now leapfrogged Liverpool in clubELO

    We were 6th in February. we could very easily be in 2nd place by the end of the season given how few points separate 2nd-5th.


    Points Difference Chart (Gameweek 32)

    "Are we ever going to look like we did in 2022-2023?" I said in December.

    Now somehow we look even better.


    Scouting report: Mika Biereth Scouting report: Mika Biereth

    By request, here’s an in-depth look into the game of the young Arsenal striker, who has been on fire while on loan in Scotland and Austria. How does he play? What is his potential? What's next?

    Scouting report: Mika Biereth

    Which Premier League teams have the toughest run-ins? Which Premier League teams have the toughest run-ins?

    Opta have calculated the difficulty of each club’s fixtures. It’s not good news for Arsenal, Villa and Luton

    Which Premier League teams have the toughest run-ins?

    I don't love the Guardian's methodology, so I may take some time tonight and try to calculate it with club ELO instead to see if there's any analysis to be had there.


    Points Difference Chart (Gameweek 28)

    🔙 🔛 🔝


    Points Difference Chart (Gameweek 27)


    Points Difference Chart (Gameweek 26)

    Doing just as well as last season, you'll never sing that


    Points Difference Chart (Gameweek 25)

    A win against Newcastle would bring our points difference back to 0, matching Man United's GD this season.


    Points Difference Chart (Gameweek 24)


    POWER RANKINGS - January Edition POWER RANKINGS - January Edition

    Ranking the big 7 PL clubs based on current/recent form

    POWER RANKINGS - January Edition

    Points Difference Chart (Gameweek 23)



    Points Difference (Gameweek 22)

    Slowly chipping away.


    Points Difference Chart (Gameweek 21)

    Poor, poor Palace.


    Points Difference Chart (Gameweek 20)

    I'm just going to try and enjoy New Year's without thinking about how terrible we've looked for 3 games now.