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Will I always look this bad, started HRT in January 2022

started HRT in January of 2022, is it safe to say all major changes are done, and I'll always kinda look ugly and there is nothing HRT can do.

Also sorry I made a similar post where I had the years wrong I think.

  • This might help (it's a reputable medical trans health organization) - scroll down to "Effects and expected time course ":

  • I think this is more dysmorphia than dysphoria. The good news is that all women feel this, many just as strongly as you. I would look into resources for women with body dysmorphia. The strength of the dysmorphia isn't tied to how attractive the person actually is. Plenty of supermodels and attractive actors get convinced that everyone is lying about them being hot. Your self view is unreliable right now. A big part of dealing with dysmorphia is making that view more grounded.