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The last thing I need is to get pulled over because some used car dealership didn't submit the paperwork

They said they submitted it online and gave me the temporary registration paper. That was at the end of last month. I checked the status tonight and it is still not under my name in the dmv database. The last thing I need is an ex-boyfriend abusing the badge to pull me over and harass me because the registration is late from the dealership. Call me paranoid, but I now carry copies of my registration on me, as well as in my car now, along with copies of the bill of sale. I live in a small town where some ex could very well be setting me up to be screwed over. Welcome to my life, everyone.

Note: They say it takes 15 to 30 days to have the registration be up to date in the dmv system. DMV has one week from today to make that window of time happen for me here. I desperately bought a used car because I had no way to get to work. It was very low budget. If someone screws me over between the dealership and DMV, I’ll need a lawyer. I’m sure there will be so many comments saying, “don’t worry!”, or “it hasn’t been 30 days yet!” I haven’t had a registration take 30 days in the past.