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Hupf Hupf
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If AI can now speak Italian, it can certainly replace us...
  • Well, it certainly doesn't overflow on 32 bit systems

  • I am myself and myself is bad at fitting in
  • A glorious hole?

  • This qualifies as a Sandwich
  • This guy would stick two buns on an elephant and try to sneak that through customs.

  • Flawless logic
  • How do you kill that which has no life?

  • Flawless logic
  • Soo, he wouldn't kill a zombie then, right?

  • How to ldentify that Light in the Sky
  • What if Alexander Gerst is waving a flashlight at me from his boat in a downward u motion?

  • Naming is hard
  • 5318008 .beats since epoch

  • Smooth Jet Ski Ride
  • Anon thinks about CPUs
  • I fail to see the issue.

  • Anon thinks about CPUs
  • It was later called the stone age.

  • Anon thinks about CPUs

    I wonder whether ESR will one day up his SSL game.

  • GNU Nano gains optional modern keybindings – OSnews
  • Magnetized needle + steady hand?

  • The best computer from 2014
  • Protect your investment

  • everybody migrating from reddit now

    Did you notice that on Lemmy you're not able to use any alternative apps either?

    ... I'll see myself out now.