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Anon gets a nickname
  • Same thing happened to me. Except the kids who made the nickname needed someone to beat up everyday too. No minorities for their racist asses to pick on. So they also called me N*****lips while they punched me in the stomach at recess so it wouldn't show. Wasn't until highschool this stopped and it took the star football player threatening them to do it. Really fucked up my childhood, I was radioactive because of those kids and all because I existed.

  • Honk rule
  • They really do have a sticker for everyone

  • Folks, what is your favorite kind of soda?
  • I like the staticky flavors of La Croix but Waterloo Grape is the best.

  • New toy for the birthday! Wife nailed it with this one.
  • It doesn't work with snow too does it?

  • Life quests [Mr. Lovenstein]
  • I still haven't finished TOTK yet. Got some side quest left to do like photograph every living thing.

  • euphoric recall
  • That 2001 nostalgia tho

  • Biden visits American cemetery in France that Trump skipped
  • If I remember correctly it sprinkled for 10 minutes that morning and he was worried his face would run

  • Swimmer Trying to Make Olympic History Is Left Off the U.S. Team
  • I'm 45. Been training for years in boxing. All the time a fresh 20-something shows up and just on stamina alone surpasses me within months. I just can't train as much or as hard as they do, plus I'm not as quick and I get injuries more often.

  • Chinese Lander Instrument Detects Negative Ions on Far Side of Moon
  • Those were mine, I left them there.

  • Elon Musk has been getting Trumpier. A direct line to Trump may be next | CNN Business
  • Rich white men and racism. Can you name me a better pair?

  • Eating your veggies
  • I ate mine for China. Later I married one of those hungry Chinese children (now an adult) that I had eaten steamed broccoli for and she's still hungry. I think it's a genetic thing?

  • Unusual problems need unusual solutions
  • Stick a ladder under it with a "Free Firewood" sign.

  • President Joe Biden says he will not pardon his son Hunter Biden if he's convicted on gun-related charges
  • Donald Trump announced shortly after that he too would never pardon his son Eric. He was quoted as saying "I never liked that kid."

  • Now with 100% extra stick!
  • It's funny cause I have similar popsicles with extremely long sticks, but normal sickle. Glad mine are at least half boneless.

  • The life and death of E3. The story of the world's most chaotic trade show, told by the people who were there
  • Yeah, he invited me there, said he got me a ticket. What he actually had for me was a toolbelt, high biz vest and a hardhat. He used to work as an electrician for these events. So we walk in and store our things. In the evening the big publishers would hold private parties. We did the same routine to get into Sony's. It was the mid 2000s and we ended up doing this for multiple events before disbanding :)

  • First year setup

    I have !6 Blueberry, Strawberries, !Tomatoes, Jalepeno, Bell Pepper, Mint, Cilantro and !itty bitty cucumbers.


    2x2 lumber at Home Depot is now 1.28x1.28. Actual size is supposed to be 1.5

    I dont know why they have to lie about it. At $5/8ft board you'd think I paid for the full 1.5. Edit: I mixed up nominal with actual.


    What is the best way to invest money for people you don't know?

    I was thinking how it would be cool to develop mobile games that uses the same hooks the pay-to-play ones use. But instead of it being revenue, that money is invested for the player and they get it back later when they're more lucid and less gambly.

    So people who have addictions can scratch that itch like they normally would but it wouldn't wreck their finances. Most investing needs a lot of personal information which is too much to ask for I think. Storing their money like a bank is too much responsibility as well, when they buy credits or upgrades I'd want those funds going directly to the investment package. It could be too complicated of a problem to solve but I would have no qualms copying the popular loot box games and taking their customers away if the reward side could be easily set up.


    Why do they still dye the rivers green for St. Patricks Day? It's not a good look for downtown Chicago.

    I just think the novelty of these type of displays was up in the 90s, It's time for an upgrayedd. I propose leprechauns flying up and down the river wearing water jet packs, shooting people with their Chicago-style hot dog cannons would be more with the times. What's your idea?