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German police investigate 'racist' video on vacation island
  • So they adorned Hitler mustaches, as the article claims, but chanted “foreigners out” and “Germany for the Germans?” That doesn’t make sense when you really think about it. Hitler was a foreigner from Austria.

  • "That is madness": Pope Francis condemns Texas migrant crackdown, rejects "conservative" Catholicism
  • Hey, look an unhinged Lemmy reader who is taking his anger out on me for having an opinion. If you treat people like this when you aren’t hiding behind a screen, I hope someone uses screenshots of your responses to help you find the anger management you seem to need.

    I happen to know quite a bit about asylum seeking. I have sought asylum in Ireland in the past. Doing so required a passport. It also requires being fingerprinted because you ARE technically breaking the law. You’re required to overstay your passport limits while the application is being processed. I am guessing you have never applied for asylum in a foreign country.

    When Americans are upset over UNDOCUMENTED migrants, they are referring to people who are crossing the border illegally, without a passport. Entering the United States as a non-citizen, without a passport IS a crime.

    My apologies for making a typo, but if that typo bothers you, how are you going to handle a group of migrants who can’t write the English language? You don’t seem like a patient and understanding person. I hope these migrants aren’t forced to take up residence near you.

  • "That is madness": Pope Francis condemns Texas migrant crackdown, rejects "conservative" Catholicism
  • No, that isn’t my solution. I never said they would be shipped. They aren’t being shipped to America. They have seen an opportunity and have migrated here themselves. If Italy offered an opportunity, then they would probably migrate there, as well. They wouldn’t dare stow away on a boat to mainland China and demand that their country care for them, and provide for them. Many countries have laws against illegal immigration. America does, too, but no one respects the laws in America. Everyone picks and chooses which laws they want to demand be enforced and they want herd immunity for the ones they break. Migrants could cross the border with a passport and ask for asylum. That wouldn’t be illegal immigration.

  • "That is madness": Pope Francis condemns Texas migrant crackdown, rejects "conservative" Catholicism
  • So when the Red Cross creates shelters for hurricane victims in the Southern and Eastern States, do you call them traffickers, and fascists? Sometimes people deserve to have a safer option on where they live.

    Also, cussing out an internet stranger and calling her a fascist makes you look unstable.

  • Next week marks 5 months without sodas or caffeine

    If you had tried to pry a Monster or Rockstar from my hands last year, I would have had some choice words for you. I was drinking about two energy drinks per day last year and walking everywhere as transportation in a foreign country. Why so many energy drinks? Well, they were technically free. I had a food card overseas. I was living on less than €40 per week, too. I had no car, and would walk about two to five miles per day to go to various places in town, like shops, museums, libraries, and other public places. Due to being without a work visa, and walking so much, I developed an energy drink habit. When a doctor drew blood from me and analyzed my vitamin levels, the B vitamins were through the roof. I also noticed that I was short of breath, even though I was going to the gym every other day to stay in shape. Then I noticed my stomach was upset. Granted, with a food card of about €20 per week and less than €40 in cash each week, I resorted to living on imported ramen that was made in an African country that I didn’t even realize exported food to other countries. I wasn’t malnourished, but trying to stay on a budget and still afford essentials like toothpaste, deodorant, soap, razors, clothes, and other items, left me choosing the ramen over other items. Ramen and small cans of Red Bull (which I can’t usually stomach because of its after taste, but they were free). After that toxicity test, something needed to change. I decided to give up the energy drinks that are loaded with B vitamins. They DON’T wash out of your system like the nutrition course at my local college stated they do. They are harsh on your body. After that, I decided to give up caffeine completely. It just dehydrates the body, anyway. I feel better now. I’m also not spending a fortune on soda, coffee, and other caffeinated beverages now. I know someone will downvote me, while clutching their Monster, or Rockstar, and I feel for them. I would have downvoted me last year, too. You have to let the toxic cans/cups of energy go. You’ll feel better in a few weeks, if you do. I promise.

    My husband and his friends will probably find this, while gaming on their PC’s, and downing their bottles of Redline. I’m sure it will upset them. It is what it is.

    Mexico: Heat wave kills several people, hotter days ahead
  • No, I think I understood you very well. There is a lot of sexism in Mexico, and you’re suggesting the women stayed covered for that reason, am I right? Is there another reason you aren’t being direct with what you implied in your previous comment? If so, feel free to be direct.

  • Mexico: Heat wave kills several people, hotter days ahead
  • Oh, if that’s what you think, I wish you could live every single one of my past experiences . There are news articles about women’s rights being tread upon in Mexico. If someone like me is raped by her distant relative, who also happens to be white, the rest of the family will label her up as crazy, take the child and hide it so it can’t be dna tested, and then try to make the mother homeless and jobless for the rest of her life. Yeah, I’m so privileged I’ve been told I can’t have dna taken on my son to prove a distant cousin raped me because both the distant cousin and I are white. Welcome to my privileged life. All I wanted was to add my son to

  • Mexico: Heat wave kills several people, hotter days ahead
  • Yet I see people wearing long sleeves and long pants in the photos provided by the article, and other similar articles. No offense, but when it has been that hot, in the past, where I live, everyone wears short sleeves and shorts. Some people wear less than that. Most people are already in the local pools.

  • It's 2024, why do we still have buildings that use lights instead of sunlight during the day?

    That’s all I want to ask. It’s 2024, people. Shouldn’t all of our buildings have more skylights and windows at this point? Why am I still seeing buildings that have lights running during the day? Why are buildings still being built in ways where we need to rely on artificial light when the sun is shining?!? So much money and electricity could be saved.

    SOLVED-See Comments [genre punk]

    Think of a punk rock song that mentions Darwin. That’s the only hint I’m giving on this one. It’s going to be a tough one.







    See chaotic brawl in Taiwan Parliament over chamber reforms See chaotic brawl in Taiwan Parliament over chamber reforms | CNN

    Taiwanese lawmakers brawled in Parliament amid a dispute about chamber reforms, Reuters reports. Taiwan’s opposition Party, the Kuomintang (KMT), along with the Taiwan People’s Party, wants Parliament to have greater scrutiny over the government. However the ruling Democratic Progressive Party have ...

    See chaotic brawl in Taiwan Parliament over chamber reforms | CNN
    He had his last dose of round 1 amoxicillin

    Seriously, I can’t thank Lemmy enough. All of you are awesome people for helping him.

    I was awarded my 3 gallon award today for blood donations.

    I am truly honored. I hope every blood donation I gave was able to help save a life. I always wonder about how the recipients are doing, and what circumstances led them to need a life saving blood transfusion. The blood bank keeps all of that private for security reasons, of course, along with the name of the donors who donate. I just hope it all helped.

    After the past nine years, and having a family, I think I'm sick of California

    It has been really difficult to live in a state that is notorious for gangs, especially gangs that don’t resemble me. It is even more difficult when it comes time to apply for a job and I am faced with hiring committees that often are dominated by one gang, or another. It is even worse when it is a gang that seems to have money and power in this state. I was denied a summer job today after being interviewed by a team of all Latino managerial staff members. I have never been one to say I felt uncomfortable being the only white person, and only female, in an interview session, but I feel like I need to say it now. It made me uncomfortable. I could see them exchange looks to one another, while on the virtual camera, as if to insinuate that I didn’t fit in with their clique. I had the qualifications as a first responder for this job position, and have been previously employed by that employer. I even made a rescue that was noted in a previous year. I hate to say that, because it sounds like bragging, but it is part of my job experience.

    I know someone is going to comment to the effect of, “why can’t you just apply in another California city where the hiring committee looks more like you?” My answer: “you want me to go apply in the hills and hope the skins take pity on me?” My blood type is NOT rh+. Why does that matter? Because California is full of blood gangs. There. I said it. I can’t just go sit at a different lunch table with all the other white people, as a metaphor for this instance. I’m not one of them, and it has been like this my whole life. So who can I sit with? I hate to make employment sound like a prison yard from a TV show here, but in some ways it is.

    I used to think it was just the way my peers behaved in high school, but I soon realized girls on my volleyball team would never speak to me because it less about “people who went to their church”, and more about people who were part of their blood gang. Their church was a cover for a white blood gang where everyone was rh+. I was more than welcome to play tennis, even though many of my teammates didn’t look like me. Why? Because they weren’t part of some huge blood gang that was pretending to be a clique formed around a church group. Where are they now? Who knows. Maybe they joined that “church”, or maybe they moved out of California and had families of their own. Well, why doesn’t my older sister have these problems, then? She isn’t my biological sister. Apparently, she’s just a distant cousin that was raised with me, but I’m not really supposed to discuss it. There are a lot of issues like that with family, and how people are related, or not related.

    Long story short, I feel like I need to move to another state. So where to? Alabama? Texas? North Carolina? I’m a registered democrat who gives blood every eight weeks to save the lives of newborns at the children’s hospital in this area. Most of the time, the babies saved by my blood are Latino/Latina. Oh, and the child I rescued in 2021, was African American. It doesn’t matter. As soon as groups (god forbid I say gangs) see my face, all they care about is the fact that I don’t look like everyone around here. Suddenly, I’m the enemy and I didn’t even do anything wrong. I’ve spent my whole life in California, for the most part. I have over 600 relatives in the South. You think they want to meet me? You think they’d like me? No, probably not. So where the hell am I supposed to go?!?

    [SOLVED] Name that song [METAL]

    Honestly, not the image I expected. Just for a hint, look at the weather in the background. It’s about to ______. Good luck.

    SPOILER: Slayer- Raining Blood

    Plants ParabolicMotion
    Can anyone ID this tree for me?

    It has been driving my allergies nuts since April 30th.

    Blue is afraid I have his medicine to give him again.

    Every time I stand near the kitchen and then later start to call his name, he hides. He knows his antibiotic is in the fridge.

    I deleted pasts posts with personal information in them after at least two users admitted to doxing me

    After two users admitted to doxxing me, and another admitted to digging through all of my past posts and comments, I decided to deleted my past posts. One user put my name, and my husband’s name into a comment box on one of my posts, and then tried to claim he hadn’t doxxed me for that information.

    Another user decided to stalk my page, and then followed me to a post about my cat, where he proceeded to tell me I needed mental help for all of my other posts and comments. I called him out for stalking my page and digging through all of my past posts and comments in order to tell me that. I think stalkers need mental help, and a Lemmy user named Steak is totally a stalker. So to prevent people like that from digging through all of my past comments and posts, I have decided to delete many of them. Stalking is a mental illness, and many Lemmy readers don’t want to admit that. I hope readers like him seek mental help. There isn’t something wrong with searching for a missing spouse. There is something wrong with stalking and doxing a woman you’ve never met.

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