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Urgent: Forwarded from my Trans Friend who requires immediate financial assistance.

Please amplify and contribute!


(Reposted after verifying with Moderators.)


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  • We obviously need a community for things of this nature for the time being, but please don't spam it here

    Edit: and I'm talking with some others who feel the same.

    If you're interested in creating / supporting such a community, DM me and I'll add you to the planning list/forum/whatever.

    • This post has been approved and verified by me. I removed the original while we sorted things out, they're not spamming just re-posting.

      • My bad. After seeing the recent needs pop up, I've been talking with some other members about creating a space for just this type of thing, and I suppose I was tunnel visioned.

        Question, I'm unable to see the previous post as removed, is that a Lemmy quirk?

        Editing my comment.

        • That is a great idea to have a dedicated community for specifically financial help requests. These posts are allowed here just needs some verification first. I definitely want transfem people who need help to be able to post here about it. Having an additional dedicated space is a great idea though.

          As for the post thing, I think you used to be able to see removed posts? You can't anymore though no. Also removed comments no longer show their content anywhere. They changed how removed content works somewhat recently.