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Urgent: Forwarded from my Trans Friend who requires immediate financial assistance.

Please amplify and contribute!


(Reposted after verifying with Moderators.)

  • We obviously need a community for things of this nature for the time being, but please don't spam it here

    Edit: and I'm talking with some others who feel the same.

    If you're interested in creating / supporting such a community, DM me and I'll add you to the planning list/forum/whatever.

    • This post has been approved and verified by me. I removed the original while we sorted things out, they're not spamming just re-posting.

      • My bad. After seeing the recent needs pop up, I've been talking with some other members about creating a space for just this type of thing, and I suppose I was tunnel visioned.

        Question, I'm unable to see the previous post as removed, is that a Lemmy quirk?

        Editing my comment.