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I'd really love to talk about my furry DnD setting in here

Not just to share the characters and the stories with a wider audience, but also to get worldbuilding tips from likeminded people, and more ideas on how I can be creative. Let's see if I can get your attention with this opener...

Welcome to the world of the Two Collided, also known as Castoria.

This planet was of a bizzare shape maintained by a cosmic reaction; as it was not one sphere of rock hurtling through the void, it was two. They were their own distinct landmasses, however their extremely close proximity along with some magical intervention allowed the oceans of the two planets to link, creating a stream known as the River of Deaths.

The two planets that now make up Castoria are Pherica, the world of Skin, and Geodeus, the world of Hide.

Recently, humankind and its' relative races had fallen on hard times. Elvenkind's individualism was used against them by a creeping curse that required collective action. Dwarvenkind's life below the rocks was shattered by an earthquake the likes never seen before, further disasters growing only more intense. Humanity's livable territory was all but wiped out by a huge internal war. The Tieflings have been afflicted by a dire famine, all the lands they own turning to barren dust. The list is endless, with one great calamity after another striking each race- None on Pherica seemed to be safe.

It was though the planet itself was determined to kill everyone who lived there.

As a result, many nations of Pherica launched exodus ships along the River of Deaths. These settlers had two purposes... Firstly, to scour the lands of Geodeus to see if there is a root cause of Pherica's affliction, and secondly, in the event that Pherica really is doomed, to ensure that the races will live on.

Many ships were lost along the violent tides, astral winds, and extreme magics of the River of Deaths, but some have reached shores on Geodeus to establish settlements, where their adventures would unfurl...

Of the initial adventures, one of them was of particular note. In the chaos of the exodus, Chromatic Dragons attacked, and they destroyed a ship that wasn't meant to carry refugees, but to transport something never meant to see the world again. A Deck of Many Things. Obtaining the deck, an actor who only the surviving gods know undid the cosmic reaction that held Geodeus and Pherica apart, sending them crashing into each other. Through the intervention of the god of Metallic Dragons, Castoria avoided total extinction... But with almost all of Pherica having aggregated around the River of Deaths, then the impact all but wiped out Phericans entirely.

Now, the survivors of Geodeus need to weather the storm and rebuild. Whether they come from the old and mighty nations that were founded by the first of their kind, or the newer and more far-sighted offspring nations- all will be tested, in the World of Two Collided.

[Current common Races]

Official DnD

-Dragonborn (Metallic, Chromatic, Gem)

-Aarakocra (Birdfolk, normally eagle-coded)

-Tabaxi (Catfolk)

-Leonin (Lionfolk)


-Giff (Hippofolk)


-Owlin (Birdfolk, normally owl-coded)


-Kenku (Corvidfolk)

-Harengon (Rabbitfolk)

-Tortle (Turtlefolk)

-Yuan ti (Serpentfolk)


-Warforged (Constructs with their own intelligence and will)







Fun fact, in my original plans for campaigns on this world, then the campaigns as a whole were meant to be about saving humanity and the other refugees by ultimately preventing Pherica's impact and destruction, and a general lesson on compassion. However, I gave the players one chance to get one card from the Deck of Many Things, the wizard promptly obtained The Fates and undid the cosmic reaction that was keeping Geodeus and Pherica held apart, not realizing what they were doing until Impact, resulting in The Derailment Of All Time.

  • Hey, just wanted to let you know that someone created [email protected] a few days ago, might be worth crossposting there to hopefully get a bit of activity going.

    Anyway, I do love a good post apocalyptic "unstoppable force" kind of narrative, so you have my interest!

    • Ooh, didn't see that. Yeah, maybe it would be worth sharing if I can figure out how.

      Personally, I want my take on the postapocalypse to show that even after a catastrophe that completely shatters everyone's way of life, plunges the world into a dust cloud that blots the sun, and has reduced the numbers of humans, elves, dwarves down to single digit freak survivors (divine intervention is good, but it can't save you form being directly in the impact zone)... Even after all that, I want to make a world which is ostensibly beautiful, because of the things and more importantly the people in it. To me, it's really important that the world is one that the players ultimately don't just want to save, but want to be a part of.

      (Also, the more dire the situation, the greater the heroics that can be performed)

  • This seems interesting, though I feel like I'm lacking some detail in the events.

    here's a list of stuff you can explain. I obviously do not care about spoilers if we somehow by the fates end up playing in a game it probably would not be this plot since you already ran that particular plot. I shall read:

    • why was the deck there and where did it even come from in-setting, why would they send it to another continent/side of the world and not just destroy it or otherwise keep it safe and not just put it in a boat and expect no one to find out. who sent it and thought it was a good idea, and has it ever caused problems in the past of this scale? clearly they were not able to access it previously, and waited for it to be vulnerable. do the people who had it KNOW that it can just end the world if someone bad gets it?

    • did the chromatic dragons simply decide to attack at random, or did they know it was there because it seems pretty darn important if it can destroy the entire world, or was that just a freak coincidence that ended poorly for everyone. I would assume, as a player, the actor is connected or can otherwise influence them because important objects bring bad luck due to their nature of attracting attention. Tell me if I am wrong

    • what's up with the metallic dragon god, and is he hot?

    • who is this unnamed actor? even if it is clearly meant to be a mystery, it is part of what adds to the aforementioned confusion. also, I want to know

    These are pretty specific questions but their answers will lend to describing the setting as a whole, I feel, since it describes relationships and motivations.

    • The deck was there specifically because it was too powerful to destroy. It's a primordial artefact that represents essentially the control mechanisms for Limbo itself; the plane of pure elemental chaos which all creation was born from. The idea was that seeing as just looking at one of the cards in the Deck will activate it, then the idea was that it might be possible to remove the existential threat of the Deck by taking each individual card, locking every card in a foot thick lead-lined chest, and spreading those chests out across the world's most secure facilities, seeing as actually DESTROYING the deck would either fail or have an effect similar to detonating a hundred nuclear bombs. Of course, they had no way of knowing that the deck's transport ship was going to end up getting sucked into a whirlpool as part of some draconic drama.

      It was in fact a freak co-incidence, this was actually an internal conflict between the Chromatics. A young green dragon turned out to be a prodigal thief, so he stole an artefact from Tiamat's workshop (she's on the Material Plane here, she jailbroke herself), and as a result ended up with Tiamat's entire army pursuing him, so he decided to use the artefact to generate absolute havoc on the seas so that he could try and slip away in the chaos- unwittingly grabbing the ship that was secretly transporting a card from the Deck.

      While Bahamut and Tiamat are the only deities in the entire setting that aren't completely original (as this is one of the many fractured timelines spawned from the First World, and also because they're by far my favourite DnD deities if not characters overall), I can assure you that Bahamut is indeed the hottest, strongest, shiniest old guy on all of Castoria. Much unlike canon, he is also inclined to fuck, although he won't let you inherit Aasimar powers unless you prove you're worthy of them. He was also here first, along with Tiamat, although she was stuck in hell ten thousand years ago.

      As for that "unnamed actor?" Well, that would be the party's Level Three Wizard, who got ganked by almost half the gods simultaneously before one of them (The Kitsune Goddess called Quickness, known for being... very much a trickster, chaotic, and bipolar- incidentally one of the only deities to be hated by her own race) decided it would be Really Funny to random-teleport the Wizard before the rest of the gods could finish arguing over who was going to kill them and how.

  • If you built this world in one of the Pathfinder systems, you'd have a lot more 1st-party furry species.

    • True. I do also like Pathfinder's four families of dragons quite a lot. However, the Pathfinder campaign that I joined to try and learn the system fell apart, and I don't want to run a Pathfinder game until I've got a much more solid understanding of the system's balancing (even if there are DM tools), because I also need to be able to keep an eye out for my players and help them when they forget a rule or don't understand something.

      And besides, even if Pathfinder DOES have some pretty great first-party furries, 5e Homebrew brings me something I couldn't get elsewhere: A Felkin template!

      That alone is a big reason I wanted to make the game 5e; Felkins are my second favourite furry species (behind Dragons), and no matter where I look, Felkins don't even seem to have lore, let alone a chance of being playable somewhere or included in a game. While I know that they're a more explicitly furry-fandom species than general stuff like wolf-anthros so I do need to take time to properly build up to them and then make effort to integrate them naturally, just the idea that I can finally not just include them in a world but give them lore, stories and abilities gives me insane motivation.

      Honestly Felkins in general are strange, because it seems they ONLY exist in yiff. No memes. No media. Only Yiff (1.5k entries on Our Favourite Website). Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Yiff and it's my favourite of the three- but I still definitely want them to get some of the other two.

  • I dig it! Tell me more.

    • Certainly! Is there anything in particular that you'd like to hear more about? If not, then I think the next relevant things to explain would be...

      -How godhood and divinity works within this setting

      -The major nations in the world