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rationalists discuss: does testosterone make you stupid?
  • The lesswrong community never quite manages to live up to its name.

  • [Useful Generator] MLS Team Generator
  • I don't recognize any of these names. What does MLS stand for?

  • [suggestion] a realistic nsfw model
  • Let me repeat myself: AI is trained on stolen art, and its output is used instead of paying a human artist.

    If you're learning to be an artist, by all means copy away. Don't pretend that prompting a computer program is the same thing.

  • [suggestion] a realistic nsfw model
  • It's not that I hate AI in general, but that Perchance isn't (just) an AI prompt builder.

    As for the terminology for AI haters, I think the proper term is "art lover." AI is trained on stolen art, and its output is used instead of paying a human artist.

  • [suggestion] a realistic nsfw model
  • I'm not downvoting because it's porn, I'm downvoting because it's AI.

  • Male & Female Celebrities

    That was a lot more look than I thought it would be. Go and make sure I didn't mess something up.

    Male and Female

    Those are just temporary names for now. Don't link to them in your projects.

    The Celebrity Generator has some weird stuff in it
  • Hunting around, I see someone has already made an updated version:

    Much improved. Big shout out to whoever made this one.

  • The Celebrity Generator has some weird stuff in it
  • While you're at it, Elliot Page is listed under his deadname.

  • The Celebrity Generator has some weird stuff in it

    I started out trying to split this giant list (nearly a thousand entries!) by gender. When I got down to the C's, I found Cobra Starship, which is a band. Continuing on, I found Fleetwood Mac, Florida-Georgia Line, and Foo Fighters. Eventually I found Jersey Shore and The Bachelorette, then Dsquared2, a fashion brand.

    The comments in the source suggest the list was made by a machine, and it looks like it.


    wholesome rule

    List of built-in functions?
  • Ah, thank you! That's just what I'm looking for.

  • List of built-in functions?

    Is there a list anywhere of all of perchance's built-in functions? It would be nice to have a reference page for when I forget .selectOne or .consumeableList for the hundredth time.


    Four Twitters Rule

    What are good high level non-combat encounters?
  • Sounds like an alignment issue.

  • Post your hub pages!

    Mine is here: Strangething's Hub

    What are good high level non-combat encounters?
  • Noncombat encounters are pretty similar across levels, just with higher stakes. Instead of negotiating with city officials, the negotiate with kings and emperors.

  • ASCII Symbol Generator
  • Good job on filling in that blank.

    I did find a bug, tho. Lines 76 and 78, each bracket needs to have a leading backslash or perchance throws an error when that line comes up. Might have the same problem with lines 108 and 110

  • Cat Hat Rule

    Favourite Streamers?
  • Blind IRL posts on YouTube and streams on Twitch.

  • Dwarf Fortress - Lemmy.CapeBreton
  • This is the fourth Dwarf Fortress Lemmy I've heard about. The more the merrier!

    [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

  • Gender and Pronoun Tutorial

    Consistent pronouns gave me fits for the longest time. I finally came up with a good solution, so now I'm sharing it.

    Fat Elf Rule
  • Tumblr?

  • Fat Elf Rule

  • Glad to see that there's something we can all agree on.

  • this almost happen to anybody else during gamer(ule)gate days?
  • I'm so glad that I had my edgelord phase just a little out of sync with most of my generation.

  • Rule


    Men U rule


    Jesus Rule

    Comic by Smooth Dunk on Twitter.

    lets hope lemmy achieves this too
  • Not everybody can afford a horse. But anyone can whack it to big dicked futas.

  • Publication rule

    Furry strangething

    Just having a chat


    Happy Pride, everyone!