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I am fox. (she/her). Dms always open

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I'd really love to talk about my furry DnD setting in here
  • This seems interesting, though I feel like I'm lacking some detail in the events.

    here's a list of stuff you can explain. I obviously do not care about spoilers if we somehow by the fates end up playing in a game it probably would not be this plot since you already ran that particular plot. I shall read:

    • why was the deck there and where did it even come from in-setting, why would they send it to another continent/side of the world and not just destroy it or otherwise keep it safe and not just put it in a boat and expect no one to find out. who sent it and thought it was a good idea, and has it ever caused problems in the past of this scale? clearly they were not able to access it previously, and waited for it to be vulnerable. do the people who had it KNOW that it can just end the world if someone bad gets it?

    • did the chromatic dragons simply decide to attack at random, or did they know it was there because it seems pretty darn important if it can destroy the entire world, or was that just a freak coincidence that ended poorly for everyone. I would assume, as a player, the actor is connected or can otherwise influence them because important objects bring bad luck due to their nature of attracting attention. Tell me if I am wrong

    • what's up with the metallic dragon god, and is he hot?

    • who is this unnamed actor? even if it is clearly meant to be a mystery, it is part of what adds to the aforementioned confusion. also, I want to know

    These are pretty specific questions but their answers will lend to describing the setting as a whole, I feel, since it describes relationships and motivations.

  • Furries are typically more likely to be LGBTQ+, if it's okay to ask, what's your orientation / gender preference?
  • Smashed my keyboard and lost my post , oops

    If you're gonna make a community named yiffit and post furry porn you're gonna get embarassed over one horny post?? You didn't just horny post, you made a whole horny forum! That's like saying you're not interested in lewd and then you start a gentlefox's club

    I'm bi or pan or whatever, idk, I just accept everyone but I am mostly attracted to people I like. However, for longer term relationships I prefer guys, other women I get the brain bug and go absolutely insane if the relationship is too serious.

    I was really into rough stuff though I sometimes have trouble being a sub because I have way too much self-determination and can get annoyed when people order me around, and my suspension of disbelief always sucks. I can also like really intimate romantic stuff but I suppose everyone does. I mainly really liked to roleplay and I am very experimental since I like to fulfill my partner's interests, and I know how to set boundaries so I don't get forced into something I really know or find out I'm not into or makes me uncomfortable. Doesn't happen a whole lot though, and most of my interests have been gained over the years by partners I had that introduced me to this or that. Text roleplay and writing I especially have always liked, and as you can see, I type too much but I just ~~really love to write. I already had to cut this post down a lot because I realized I was way ~~ too descriptive in some things. Lots of useless words and phrases I edit down after the fact! I showed what I would normally remove in this paragraph. But damn if I can't write a good sex scene without being too repetitive

    Nowadays I feel really vanilla though.

    The problem is that since I like guys everyone (<-- hyperbole) in the furry community is gay so I literally can't find anyone to hit on!! I have a 90% chance of getting shut down right away!! I blame all of you for this

  • Foxes being foxy in the forest (by Tanidareal)
  • Those are foxes

  • Size difference breeding (pintino)
  • That's a good one

  • Shes busy (f-r95)
  • I can't escape loona, she dominates all the popular page lists of new uploads on sites. She is this era's Krystal or renamon

    It's loony

  • Should I disable downvotes?
  • I don't really like votes in general and never have, because they don't actually reflect whether something is correct. It often correlates, but it's usually just tilted to the subject/bias of the forum. (in one "leftist" sub saying russia bad will get you downvotes. in another one wanting gun control will get you downvotes. and in yet another one acting liberal at all will get you downvotes. usually there is someone willing to argue, though, in reddit fashion)

    If people disagree vehemently they should state why so people understand. However, downvotes are also pretty good of getting rid of bad faith comments a lot of the time. But someone who is consistently contrarian (when they have a right to do so) will sometimes just end up getting auto-downvoted by all regulars.

    I think there's also a bandwagon effect, even if it's subtle psychologically. That's not backed up by anything I have, though.

  • 99 monthly active users. Any Yiffit user wanna say something for the first time and be #100?
  • wasn't sure if it counted by actual date or a rolling date, but now I know. I tried though

    but my comment still stands

  • 99 monthly active users. Any Yiffit user wanna say something for the first time and be #100?
  • I don't think I posted this month yet :3 cute wolves please enter my DMs edit: i dont think it counted D: i supposed i posted some weeks ago

  • Audie (by BingleBingle7)
  • Heck

  • Big Tails [F]
  • Among other things

  • I got a MASSIVE headache. How's your day going so far?
  • The AI has found lemmy D:

  • I got a MASSIVE headache. How's your day going so far?
  • I just finished my work over the weekend and got some big tips from doctor guests so I'm rollin 8)

  • Audie (by BingleBingle7)
  • That is a fox

  • Business fox (by Windm)
  • That is a fox

  • What's a current or past furry crush you have from an animated movie, show, book, game, etc. ?
  • Klonoa made me feel strange things even though I never got past the second level back then

  • Marion [aruurara] [F]
  • That is a fox

  • Hello!
  • Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Fox! (by Jishinu)
  • That is a fox