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What about climate justice?
  • I believe this map is made essentially as an amalgamation of all the years in this gif. It might make more sense to you if you observe it like that.

    Ascription of historical and collective guilt, and how to do it, if at all, is a separate topic, but the underlining data is correct.

  • Global antineutrinos emitted from nuclear power stations
  • That's a good question, but no. It was just a bit of word play.

    Antineutrinos are not WIMPs. WIMPs are weakly interacting massive particles. Antineutrinos are anything but massive, they're almost massless, so massless that they were, for the longest time, thought to be massless. They can be a product of dark matter, as speculated, but they aren't it tho.

  • Expansion of Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State in West Africa in first half of 2023
  • And here's a map of the recent/currently ongoing Niger coup:

    And the ratio of the forces of the Islamist fighters and the ECOWAS coalition forces (currently committed: Nigeria, Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire, and Benin):

  • European Parliament election seat projections by EuropeElects [conducted July 2023]

    Keep in mind these are pretty much just copy pasted national level polls, as polls conducted specifically for the EU elections have not yet been conducted. EU election results can sometimes vary quite a bit from national elections.

    Map of Yeísmo in the Spanish speaking world. Blue areas have the same sound for y and ll [IPA:/ʝ/; ENG:"y"], areas in pink maintain a distinction between the two sounds [IPA:/ʝ/+/ʎ/; ENG:"y"+"ly"]
  • Listen to /ʝ/

    Listen to /ʎ/

    What I find interesting about this is that this transition also happened in highly unrelated languages such as Hungarian, Greek and Swedish, not only in related Portuguese and French.

    • In Hungarian, /ʎ/ in most dialects turned into /j/, but the spelling ⟨ly⟩ was preserved, hence lyuk [juk].
    • In Swedish, /lj/ turned into /j/ in word-initial positions, but the spelling ⟨lj⟩ was preserved, hence ljus [ˈjʉːs].
    • In Cypriot Greek, /lj/ is often pronounced as [ʝː], especially by younger speakers. In Standard Modern Greek, it always surfaces as [ʎ].

    I guess people find it hard to pronounce /ʎ/ but are too inert to change the spelling.

  • Map of about 0.001 percent of the observable universe
  • The radius of the currently observable universe is about 50 billion light-years and this map depicts a sphere with a radius of about 1 billion light-years, so if my calculamalations are correct, following through with sphere volume V being V=4/3πr³ this map depicts about 0.001 percent of the observable universe.

  • /c/map_enthusiasts has rapidly grown! Looking to add more mods, apply in this thread.

    Hi folks! There hasn't been any misbehavior in this community, nor to be frank do I expect any, but it's good to have redundancy, cover more time zones, etc... in case of spambots and the like. I'm looking to add a couple more mods!

    I don't have many metrics by which to choose fellow mods (such as the age of the account) so all you need to apply and get picked is to be active in this community (which means contribute posts and/or comments... the more quality contributions you've made the more likely you're to get picked). I'm CET, btw.

    If you want to guard this community and help it stay a cozy place, apply here in the comments to become a mod. Feel free to add any additional reason why you think you should be picked! Are you a geographer? Are you power hungry? Are you glued to your computer an internet enthusiast? Apply now!

    Applications will be open for a while until I pick a couple of peeps.