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Housing Crisis
  • Alright, question. If market prices are supposedly driven by supply-and-demand, and the supply is nearly 30 times the demand, why are housing prices so fucking high?

  • Please Help Reverse This
  • Despite that, its depiction of an ignorant society unaware of the technology supporting it was incredibly prophetic. If we ignore the "dumb people reproducing" bit, we can see it as a warning about how an uneducated society is detrimental for everyone.

    I mean, we have flat earthers, for fuck's sake.

  • Why is prostitution called sometimes world's oldest profession?
  • More interesting is the origins of that phrase to designate prostitution.

    Fortunately, I found an article in, that shows the first documented time of this phrase. The person who coined the phrase was none other than Ruyard Kipling ("The Jungle Book"):

    Lalun is a member of the most ancient profession in the world. Lilith was her very-great-grandmamma, and that was before the days of Eve as every one knows. In the West, people say rude things about Lalun’s profession, and write lectures about it, and distribute the lectures to young persons in order that Morality may be preserved. In the East where the profession is hereditary, descending from mother to daughter, nobody writes lectures or takes any notice, and that is a distinct proof of the inability of the East to manage its own affairs.

    - On the City Wall, in In Black and White (Allahabad: A. H. Wheeler & Co., 1889), page 78

    If you want to know about actual prostitution, we should go far back to ancient Mesopotamian texts.

    According to "The Epic of Gilgamesh" (the most ancient epic in the world), the gods created a savage man, Enkidu, who lived in harmony with the animals in the woods. Gilgamesh wants to tame Enkidu, and is told to bring a "harimtu" (a "sacred prostitute") to him.

    and he [Enkidu] possessed her ripeness. She was not bashful as she welcomed his ardor. She laid aside her cloth and he rested upon her. She treated him, the savage, to a woman’s task, as his love was drawn unto her.”

    Later, as he regrets joining civilization, Enkidu curses the harimtu:

    “I will curse you with a great curse… you shall not build a house for your debauch you shall not enter the tavern of girls…. May waste places be your couch, May the shadow of the town-wall be your stand May thorn and bramble skin your feet May drunkard and toper (ed note: someone who drinks alcohol to excess) alike slap your cheek.”

    Researcher Gerda Lerner, in her article "The Origin of Prostitution in Ancient Mesoportamia" (Signs, 1986, pp. 245-6), says:

    The nature of this curse tells us that the harimtu who mated with Enkidu lived an easier and better life than the harlot who has her stand at the town wall and is abused by her drunken customers.

    This would confirm the distinction we made earlier between the women engaged in various forms of sacral sexual service and commercial prostitutes. Such a distinction was more likely to have existed in the earlier period than later.”

    So yes, there were prostitutes in ancient Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization.

    EDIT: typo

  • Too often
  • This is the reason why IT admins usually disable the installation of automatic updates on the workplace (so THEY can decide which updates to install and which ones to skip).

    Then one day Microsoft wanted to be an asshole and decided to lie and mark an anti piracy phone-home update as a SECURITY update, breaking thousands of systems in one single night. Admins were forced to block Microsoft's own IP addresses just to prevent company's assets from breaking unexpectedly.

    No wonder Microsoft is so hated worldwide.

  • Abiogenesis
  • The dots and lines suddenly forming the ohno face was genuinely unexpected.

    Well played 😁

  • Chinese space firm unintentionally launches its new rocket
  • By any chance, were the clamps filled with styrofoam or something? 😁 (Tofu-dreg joke)

  • *Not a substitute for reading the text
  • Dear god, I hated that book so much. It's like a self insert fic where self-entitled assholes can get a power high, and the student's name was Albert Einstein.

  • TikTok sues the US government over ban
  • At this point, I'd like to ask: If a foreign company threatens democracy in a country, is it legal for the executive to ban business with that company?

    No? Then that doesn't make sense. It's a FOREIGN company, the government should have the right to do whatever it needs to protect its citizens in that regard.

  • The villain [Sarah Anderson]
  • Proof that neither following the law nor traditional morality are being appreciated by today's youth.

    The reason for that should be obvious.

  • The villain [Sarah Anderson]
  • Proof that neither following the law nor traditional morality are being appreciated by today's youth.

    The reason for that should be obvious.

  • What kind of institutional gaslighting is this?
  • Translation: "Workers aren't happy with their pay and we keep refusing to give them a raise despite noticing a ceiling in their productivity."


    Labor isn't free, you cheapskate bastards.

  • The Introvert's Brain
  • It's worse because the more bored you get, the more stimming you need. You need to stand up, move around, focus on anything that is NOT the conversation because it's driving you insane and you NEED to get out. If at least you could fidget with anything but nope! It's bad manners. It's even worse if you're sandwiched between two guests and you need to SIT. STILL.

    And then I end up stimming with my foot anyway until a close relative nudges me hard to stop doing whatever I'm doing because it's "not polite".

    Fuck that shit. Since then I don't go to family meetings anymore, let them say anything but unless I'm really getting something worth it in return, I'm not. Doing. That. Anymore. Fuck that shit, sue me.

  • Generative AI could soon decimate the call center industry, says CEO
  • says CEO

    Since when do CEOs do things because they're actually useful and not because they want to cut costs at the expense of the workers and even the public?

  • Millionaire tries to prove becoming wealthy is easy by becoming homeless and making a million in a year - and of course fails miserably and quits, citing reality
  • In this case I think the bullshit wasn't his, but his parents'.

    Rich people never stop telling their kids that the poor are poor out of their own fault.

    This guy did a great sacrifice trying to show the world proof of his beliefs, and learned valuable lessons in the process while unlearning the bullshit he was taught.

    If I ever had to choose a rich person to become a politician, I'd pick this guy. After all, he now knows what being poor really means.

  • "Mirror" by Sarah Andersen
  • There's a youtube clip where a cat looked at the mirror and started touching its own ears the moment it saw them in the mirror.

    The fact that at least some cats are intelligent enough to recognize themselves in a mirror is a wonderful thing.

  • These mods on their power-trips really need to stop
  • Even then, you're still a bigot. Dude, grow up and touch some grass.

  • These mods on their power-trips really need to stop
  • Okay you're being a bigot. You know why? Because people aren't demanding to be called "your highness". They are just asking to be called with their preferred probouns. Putting neo pronouns aside, it's not a heavy burden to be called he / she / it / they.

    And this is the internet! The are no bodies, only usernames. Why do you care if a person claiming to be a girl demands to be called a she? Oh my fucking god,what a scandal! The oppression imposed upon you, a free citizen, demanding that you have to use a pronoun different than "he" on the internet! The world is doomed! 😱 /s

    What you're really asking for is the "right" to harass trans people (by misgendering them) because you don't like them and abhor the idea of women having something extra down there. (it's not like they're plotting to force sex you, just leave them be, okay?) Not only that, you're so obsessed with hating them that you went out of your way to post your biased opinion ON A LINUX FORUM.

    You're being a transphobic asshole, and the mods were perfectly right in banning you.

    Just accept that there are different people in the world. If you have a problem with that, maybe it's you who needs professional help.

  • Neuromancer: The Origin of Cyberpunk | A Horrifying Dystopia


    PSA: Please do not self censor public figures' names on your CW

    I know this has been the norm on Twitter, but I'm getting tired of seeing people use mock names like "Melon Usk", "the Muskrat" when referring to Elon Musk, or "the Cheetoh", "the Grump" when talking about Trump, and so on.

    First of all, there is no need. There's no central authority in Mastodon who will hide your post because you criticize a notable person.

    Second, if you don't want shills to find your post based on the person you criticize, you don't need to worry about it, this is precisely why full-text search is disabled on Mastodon: to protect you from dogpilers.

    Third, because distorted names mess up people's filters. I know folks who explicitly add "Elon Musk" or "Trump" to their filters so these posts won't appear in their timelines. By trying to be clever, you accidentally make those people's online experiences worse.

    Just use the actual name of the person you're criticizing or insulting and let the filters do their work.

    BTW, if you're extra worried about people finding your post, just set your post's privacy mode to followers-only🔒.

    Thank you.

    Reddit Was Fun Cyber Yuki

    It's gone 🙁

    They finally cut access.

    Goodbye, RIF 😢


    PSA: Mastodon is NOT Twitter and does not aim to be.

    I've spent more than 7 years in Mastodon, and in my experience, new users always come in with a Twitter mindset, then getting a cultural shock because they come to Mastodon expecting a Twitter experience and end up finding something strange and bizarre.

    To soften the blow, I'd like to explain the cultural differences between Mastodon and Twitter.

    What Twitter was:

    • You could follow microcelebrities (or "influencers") to read interesting things
    • You didn't reach people unless you got lots of likes quickly, so it became a popularity contest
    • The algorithm decides what you read and how you engage, even if it's negative content or something bad for your mental health.
    • Toxic people drew others to quote posting, so it became a yelling competition. You didn't build community, you built followers by standing on a platform and holding a megaphone.
    • Unpopular users just yell to the void.

    What Mastodon is:

    • A bunch of communities of people with diverse interests and real lives.
    • Mastodon servers (instances) are careful of who they federate with. Some servers just moderate poorly and there are too many assholes.
    • There are microcelebrities, but they're NOT looking to be popular. They just post the things they do; they're popular because their lives / hobbies are interesting.
    • In Mastodon, you reach people who are actually interested in your stuff. You don't need to game an algorithm. There is no algorithm, people ARE the algorithm.
    • If you don't want to engage with someone, you can block and report. Unlike Twitter, Mastodon admins do take reports seriously (unless it's one of the big instances; then good fucking luck). Reporting is encouraged on Mastodon, it keeps the community clean.
    • Because admins often maintain the server using their own money, it's in their best interest that the community is healthy. (Unless they're assholes, but their instances get blocked quickly)
    • There are no quote posts. You can paste a link to the other person's post, but it is discouraged because we know where that leads.

    Longer explanation:

    Mastodon has an entirely different culture compared to Twitter. Mastodon was founded and populated by people who believed Twitter was too toxic and corporate-driven. Mastodon is full of gays, transgender folks, sex workers, artists, furries, autistic people, etc.

    These people were driven out of the big platforms (Facebook, Twitter) by hate and discrimination. These people have experienced sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, body shaming, etc. in their lives. It follows that the majority of Mastodon is left-leaning, anti-conservative, communist and anti-corporate.

    Furthermore: Because it started (or quickly became) as a sort of safe haven for queer folks, they were more open to sincere posting. They post their problems, the discrimination they've experienced; their body dysphoria; depression; homophobia; transphobia and racism. And they give each other support, even economic. In my timeline I see posts asking for emergency money more than once per day.

    If you wonder why this doesn't appear on Twitter, it's because the Algorithm filters them out. The public, the customers don't like hearing about people asking for money not to get evicted. They don't like to hear how people were harassed the other day by some karen who believes they're a man in disguise.

    But Mastodon is different. People talk about their daily lives because they know their followers will receive 100% of their posts. This is how communities are built.

    Mastodon is not, and never aimed to be a Twitter replacement. It was meant to be something different; a place where you could form communities and build connections without Big Brother examining you or deciding how you should behave online.

    So the next time you look for "interesting people to follow", it could be possible that you're entering Mastodon with a Twitter mindset. No Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore.

    Start following people you think are interesting in YOUR instance. Then start seeing their boosts and follow people you think are cool. Little by little, expand your network, prune your follows and block / mute people you think are obnoxious, and keep building and shaping your network like a beautiful bonsai tree.

    The time you invest on building a network from scratch is worth it: You will meet many interesting people, and you will meet new friends; real friends, not just a series of followers whom you have to entertain.