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Of all the luck...
  • Didn't the ring slip away from Gollum because it sensed Sauron gaining strength? I thought it was dormant more than anything. If the ring had somewhere better to be it would have acted on Gollum sooner. Gollum chilled in the cave for 500 years because that's what the ring wanted to do, just waiting for its master.

  • Ad blocker blocker blocker blocker…..
  • I truly hope the new planet of the apes franchise is building to an actual planet of the apes remake. Time traveling astronauts and shattered statue of liberty. I feel like they're already sowing the seeds for human mutants living underground worshipping an unexploded atomic bomb. Man those movies were weird.

  • Another One Of Russia’s Nuclear-Proof Transports Just Got Blown Up In Ukraine
  • Bikes or motorbikes can also bypass unexpected obstacles. If your APC is rolling down the road and there's a tree fall you most likely need to stop your vehicle and get out and clear it. Bikes or motorbikes may not even need to slow down, just bypass the obstacle entirely. Think of that scene in Children of Men with the fallen tree and the flaming car rolled down the hill, that ambush relied entirely on stopping the target, but probably wouldn't have worked as well on a group of bikers.

  • Gender at the table
  • I've had this idea for a trans pirate pc for awhile that would fit in well on Genders table. Captain Cuntbeard gets his name from being a loud and lewd ladies man, always bragging about conquests and offering to let the cabin boy smell his fingers. He says his name is because he can't get the stink out of his ticklewhiskers no matter what. He is also prepolymorph, so his beard is fake, he shaves his genitals and thighs and glues it onto his face. His motivation for being a pirate is enough gold for a permanent polymorph spell or magic item, in the meantime he has a small stock of polymorph potions that he occasionally uses. He has this whole routine where he gets a barmaid into private, does the whole get comfy we don't have to do anything, tells her his secret, seduces her, and begs her to keep his secret for fear of his life...