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Blazin' Bev's most challenging case yet
  • Shouldn't be a problem. If a common transporter can filter out contagions, surely they have a medical transporter than can repair tissue damage relative to your previous (healthy) transporter trace.

  • Customer service
  • I dread the coming day I'll need to buy a new tv, amd wonder if by then there will be guides (get this brand, download this xda tool exfiltrated from the oem, jailbreak that, cut this circuit-trace, etc.).

  • Why do teeth don't regenerate?
  • I think they are intended to, and they actually do... once (child teeth). Probably just broken due to genetic decay or environment (e.g. if humans are no longer fully maturing and what we call adult teeth are actually "intermediate" teeth). I suspect a deeper understanding of the recent tooth-regrowth drug(s) may provide a clue as to why it is currently broken.

  • Who have you known that was extremely good at a job no one wants?
  • I would whole-heartedly recommend Robert Martin's clean coding lecture series. It may be many hours of your life, but it is free on youtube and well worth the time. I don't exactly recall what he says about testing in his lectures, but it's probably pretty close. If nothing else, it will teach you to critically consider programming structure in the abstract (instead of following formulae), and to write code with the intent for it to be read and maintained by humans.

    I think he also has a series that includes "structured programming" (like early return vs deep nesting), but was unable to find it last time I looked for it. I recall having a shocked epiphany when he (i THINK it was Martin) demonstrated the exact way to clean up a function, that started out ugly, and ended up being reduced to literally nothing (the function was removed).

  • Is Craigslist Dying?
  • I was going to post something to CL a month or two ago, but was shunned away by new & intrusive PII collection... seemed offensive and discordant with the original spirit of CL, and I ended up "nope'n out" instead. RIP another internet era/icon.

  • Do people actually get upset if you forget their name?

    If so, does that mean people actually remember a persons name & face after only one encounter?!

    If not, why do we pretend they will be upset, and try to hide the fact that we forget an unfamiliar name?


    How to combat creeping firefox enshitification?

    I deal with a lot of VMs for varying purposes, and it seems frequent that my purpose for opening firefox is derailed by some kind of nag. For example, I frequently get the "you haven't used firefox in a while" in vms that I rarely use firefox and have to go disable the "meta refresh" option in the "about:config".

    Now, I've started seeing this one... it's not even one of the passive banners but a full-page stop-the-world w/ semi-transparent background and right-click prevention.

    Before I invest too much time trying to figure out how to disable these, or templating profile options en-masse, or the like... I thought I might ask... is there a way I can tell firefox that I only want it to only be a web-browser? i.e. an effective tool and not an attention sink or exciting video-game-like challenge of exploration and closing popups and suggestions while trying to remember why I launched it.

    Somewhat relatedly, there is some kind of irony with firefox prominently offering to copy a URL without tracking for other sites, but when it is their own ad (however benign it might seem) that they disable right-clicks and load up on the trackers. The above button links to:


    I'm here to discuss your car's extended warranty

    dall-e v3 w/ minor post-generation mods. Prompt: A robotic solicitor knocks on a home's closed front door with his right fist knuckles. The robot is dressed in a suit which has a large corporate logo on it and holds a tablet in his left hand.


    If someone were to call you a "full stack" developer, would that feel like a complement or an insult?

    I know managers love that term, but I think I've come to hear it as an insult... Sorta like being called an unprofessional "jack of all trades" budget handyman that does everything mediocre...


    If they charge by the image, and there is any expectation that AI image-generators might produce garbage results, then AI providers are incentivized to make you pay for their experimentation

    without you ever knowing about it, as well as (perhaps) swapping in a cheaper-to-operate model some percentage of the time, perhaps as request loads peak, hoping you'll just roll the dice and try again.


    Isolation Island

    This is my attempt to recreate an image from one of my friends who is an artist. After generating the image, I modified it in gimp to better capture the feel of the original artwork.

    dall-e 3 prompt: A pale human figure abstraction sits atop one of the floating islands hugging his knees facing right. The islands have round tops, crumbling dirt below, green grass on the top, and they float in a spacial void of black, blue, and purple. Some of the other floating islands are also flat-topped with grass, but some are just lifeless asteroids. There are no planets and no sun.


    Yo dawg, I heard you liked computers...

    dall-e 3; prompt: "The Linux computer system that every nerd can only dream of owning."



    dall-e v3. Prompt: 'Photorealistic. Walking off the edge of the world.'


    The old-guard

    dall-e 3; prompt: "Photorealistic. A futuristic alien stands before you holding a spear-like weapon in a non-threatening manner."


    Power overwhelming

    Workflow: I asked gpt-3.5 to describe in meticulous visual detail a single panel from "BLAME!" where Killy is firing his gravitational beam emitter (GBE) in only one paragraph. I think I used the phrase "as if to a blind person" because it kept wanting to give me a narrative. I then handed that paragraph to dall-e-3 and got this image.


    Levels of power

    dall-e 2; prompt: A homeless cyberpunk is scavanging parts from his pile of broken robots. A futuristic male police officer walks past him disinterested.


    Cube of tiny homes

    dall-e 3; prompt: Inside a parking garage where many of the slots have been converted into permanent dwellings, even alongside the vehicle ramps.