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Just a reminder
  • The first step in fixing the two party system is ACCEPTING that it is a two party system.

    Sucks to suck.. but it's true and foolish to not accept and use the system you have instead of a silly dream.

    Hate the game but still play or you will lose.

  • Raspberry Pi launches its IPO
  • PIs are kind of screwed from N* on the higher power end and ESP32 (or similar high power micro controllers) the lower end.

    It's become an underpowered middle player no one needs.

    It was good while it lasted. PI3's for $30 we're amazing.

  • euphoric recall
  • The planet is sleep walking into a global climate collapse and an global fascist era like nothing history has ever seen.

    Pretending we're not because right now some graphs are curving up because of previous momentum is pretty dangerous.

    I did say that healthcare is an exception and most of the stuff you mentioned is healthcare related.. When you're riding the rollercoaster up to the top of the hill, do you think it goes up forever? I don't think any of these positive trends are going to last longer than a generation at BEST.

  • euphoric recall
  • There's not a lot of metrics (the potential of getting better healthcare being the exception), that aren't objectively worse globally. I'd be curious what your diary says to that..

  • Nothing rule
  • If you're really feeling based.. you can help them out too. I'm not saying you are required or should feel obligated.. but hey, helping people eat is a pretty decent thing to do.

  • Nothing rule
  • Who cares? The point is, it's NOT YOUR CONCERN.

    No matter what to the rhetoric says, it will never ever impact you in any way.

    Let people be. The world is a fucking disaster. Make it better by treating people respectfully and working to dismantle the horrible system that got us here.