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Rabbit R1 is Just an Android App
  • This was a marketing post, not a technical one. Unless we see any git branches or ROM teardown we won't know what they were doing. I highly doubt that they did any kernel patches though.

  • How my wife sets up her new printer
  • I have the same and use it with Linux. I can recommend it after fleeing from Csnon's color cardrige fashism. The epson uses refillable ink, without any electronics. You can buy 3rd party ink by design.It was designed during the chip shortage where it wasn't profitable anymore to make defective-by-design chipped ink cardridges. Lucky us.

    Even scanning works over the network.

  • We all do this, right?
  • This also documents that the task was done. Helpful if its on another todo list which is currently not at hand. Also helps preventing adding it as new todo since it was already done.

  • Self hosted Google Keep alternative

    Any recommendations for a self hosted note taking app that runs on everything with a screen and is designed for multi device usage?

    Also a modern, powerful and puristic UI would be a must have to compete with Keep.

    I am looking for this app every now and then but am always disappointed by the choices.

    I recently tried Joplin on Android, but was very dissatisfied with the usabilty.

    The FOSS self hosted alternatives for smart home and porn are better than the commercial ones, can't be that hard for notes, can it?