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Why do people dislike California?
  • What is it that conservatives hate so much about California is that it's no longer ruled by Reagan and actively making their lives shittier.

    Ignorant people hate policies that raise the standard of living for all based on the fact that they're "being told what to do."

  • Regarding the “Rust” shooting.
  • I would say it's getting attention because he's an arrogant prick whose arrogance led directly to a murder and we're all curious if that even means anything anymore.

    Wtf does riffing on Trump have to do with it?

  • libraries are the best

    The Supreme Court rejects Biden's plan to wipe away $400 billion in student loan debt
  • I think you can call someone saying “it’s unfair to judge people by race” a racist when they're using that line to applaud the removal of protections against institutional racism. We can argue the merits of AA as a form of protection, but it was protection nonetheless. To say that it was unfair is to entirely ignore the unfairness which necessitated its existence.

  • The Supreme Court rejects Biden's plan to wipe away $400 billion in student loan debt
  • How was it not? How is non-whites having less access good?

    You follow what I quoted by claiming it wasn't fair ("imo") because, as you say, "we shouldn’t raise the eligibility of people based on their race" which is great if you ignore the fact that nearly every institution in the US treats people differently based on race, whether intentional or not. It is exceedingly rare for that bias to swing in the favor of non-whites.

    With no meaningful alternative to AA, what exacxtly is the win here?

  • Huntington Beach Leaders Will Try to Define What’s “Obscene” at Public Libraries

    The policy will control what books are available to children at the public library, with city leaders promising nothing will be taken off the shelves for adults.

    > “S.E.X.: The All You Need to Know Progressive Sexuality Guide to Get You Through High School and College,” was one of the books quoted by Van Der Mark, which is not part of the young adult section of the library according to the city’s catalog.

    Pulling adult books to prove a point about allegedly inappropriate material in the children's section is one way to do it, I guess.

    Damn, I feel real bad for library staff and the mountain of nonsense that they're dealing with.


    “I can’t believe that we are in this place in this moment.” Huntington Beach councilmember wants law to screen out ‘pornographic children’s books’ from city libraries

    Gracey Van Der Mark is asking the city attorney to draft an ordinance to keep certain materials from being available to children.

    >"Van Der Mark said she will present several examples of books found at city libraries that she says are too sexually explicit for children, including a collection of essays by women about losing their virginity in their teens that she said she found in the teen section at the Huntington Beach Central Library."

    Absolutely wild that a book about the teen experience was in the teen section.