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Only one objective: Cover the NATO flag with a hammer and sickle

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Brasil vs VOID
  • Uma boa comunidade para se bloquear

  • Brasil vs VOID
  • To atacando a bandeira da OTAN

  • Spain introduces porn passport to stop kids from watching smut
  • When you responded to @[email protected], you said that you were against all porn.

    Yes, and I also didn't suggest banning pornography or anything like that. If you think that my statement alone that I am against pornography threatens pornography as a whole, you are greatly overestimating my influence.

    You simply generalized all sex work as harmful to the worker/performer.

    It is a convention, at least as I understand it, that when we are talking colloquially about a phenomenon, we are talking about how that phenomenon generally happens, even if we don't use the word "generally" or something equivalent, since it is common sense that for everything there is at least one exception. If you feel like your case doesn't fit into any of the issues I've outlined, with all honesty in my heart: good for you. However, most cases are not that lucky. Exception, instead of contradicting the rule, proves it, otherwise, it would not be an exception, it would be the rule itself.

  • Spain introduces porn passport to stop kids from watching smut
  • Did you understand that I defend legalization, I just don't defend it being controlled by big companies?

  • Spain introduces porn passport to stop kids from watching smut
  • much like the failing war on drugs

    It's insightful of you to associate these two problems, in fact, in that they are similar. In both cases, there is also no point in legalizing so that large companies control activities, creating, in the case of drugs, big tobacco 2.0.

  • Spain introduces porn passport to stop kids from watching smut
  • I linked an article that talks about the problem in general, two studies that talk about specific subjects and cases and an article that talks specifically about the content of porn films (I corrected the link, I was linking another text, not the one where the information originates ). There is exception for everything. Despite your individual experience, most pornography consumed does not involve direct compensation from viewers to actors to begin with. I do not aim to talk about prostitution and pornography in its entirety, but in general.

    But anyway:

    I was probably going to jerk off anyway

    Yet, you only streamed because you needed to pay rent, or didn't you?

    Also, I did not propose immediately anything that would threaten the activity in the way you practiced it,on the contrary, banning pornographic networks would possibly encourage this type of pornography. If we got to a state where most porn was like this, we would have made a huge progress.

  • Spain introduces porn passport to stop kids from watching smut
  • Obviously, no censorship measure can reach all cases, especially when it comes to pornography, you can find it in every corner of the internet. But it can cover most cases if it targets the most popular sites. For example, there is a lot of child pornography on the surface web, despite it being banned in most countries, but the ban makes access difficult and guarantees punishment in any case that the law takes notice of. It is not a definitive strategy, as it aims at the effect and not the cause, but it is something.

  • Spain introduces porn passport to stop kids from watching smut
  • To be clear, I'm reading your response as against porn in all forms and for all audiences based on your wording, is that what you mean?


    How can you be against porn?

    I am against porn because I am against prostitution, and porn is a type of prostitution, with the same problems of prostitution plus some more. The central problem is sexism.

    It's neither good or bad, it exists and I basically don't watch it, but I recognize that others do, why is that a problem that needs solving?

    Good and bad are Manichaean categories, as a materialist, I avoid using them. My problem with pornography is the reality of it as well as the reality of prostitution in general. The porn industry is the home of abuse, in every sense. First in the rawest sense, the physical and mental abuse that actresses go through; second in the reproduction and propagation of the culture of abuse, considering that it is the most recurrent theme in porn films; third in the economic sense, pornography, like prostitution in general, is the sale of consent: the actress or prostitute receives money to have sex with someone she would not have sex with under other circumstances, in short: paid rape.

    I do not, however, advocate banning either prostitution or pornography, mainly because it would not solve the problem and could even worsen the vulnerability of women in these professions. I however think that pimping should be criminally punished, just like porn networks, which are just a socially accepted form of pimping. Several social problems produce prostitution and pornography, mainly economic inequality, but also the misogyny embedded in the culture of our society, and only a different form of sociability could put an end to these practices. As long as we are not living in this new system, governments can take palliative measures to alleviate the various problems of these practices, but this is not the case at all with this measure by the Spanish government.

    EDIT: I have corrected the third link to the article where the information comes from.

  • Spain introduces porn passport to stop kids from watching smut
  • I am against porn, but this don't solve anything.

  • Spain introduces porn passport to stop kids from watching smut
  • Easy, they can set guidelines and block in the country sites that do not follow these guidelines.

  • Anon thinks about Google
  • They also bought Youtube and made it worse and bought Orkut and killed it.

  • Nuclear isn't perfect, but it is the best we have right now.
  • The only reason why your electricity is still so cheap is because your nuclear plants are so heavily subsidised by the state

    There's also the funny part about the undervalued uranium that comes from the African colonies

  • Nuclear isn't perfect, but it is the best we have right now.
  • outside human intervention the casks won’t be breached

    Unless due to tectonic activity...

  • Nuclear isn't perfect, but it is the best we have right now.
  • It's not completely unfunny because of the unintentional irony. Tough it definitely belongs to that specific category of "meme" commonly seen on r/politicalmemes or any of its variants on the feedverse: usually a frame from The Office with text written on a whiteboard, with the ubiquity of the complete absence of a joke.

  • Nuclear isn't perfect, but it is the best we have right now.
  • Deep level irony that you used a Simpsons meme, which takes place in a city that suffers from a Nuclear Power Plant that doesn't dispose of nuclear waste properly.

    Every form of energy generation is problematic in the hands of capital. Security measures can and are often considered unnecessary expense. And even assuming that they will respect all safety standards, we still have the problem of fuel: France, for example, was only able to supply its plants at a cheap cost because of colonialism in Africa. Therefore, nuclear energy potentially has the same geopolitical problems as oil, in addition to the particular ones: dual technology that can and is applied in the military, not necessarily but mainly atomic bombs.


    Also, I thought memes were supposed to be funny...

  • Hey there both good
  • Even though I love Minecraft, it's undeniable that Terraria actually has a lore, and the adventure part of it is much, much better than Minecraft's.

  • To those of you with nothing to hide: One day you might have. Because you don’t make the rules.
  • investigative journalists in authoritarian countries

    You mean like the US? Who achieved the feat of persecuting a foreign journalist as if he were an American citizen?

    EDIT: I know that Mullvad is also critical of american surveillance, but I find it very funny that when in the West they call a state democratic that does exactly the same (or worse) than a state in the East that they call "authoritarian". It really reveals how empty of meaning this word is. "Ah, but these Western states have 'democratic institutions'." News for you: the states you call "authoritarian" have them too. In both cases, they can be and de facto are dictatorships.

  • Girl, 15, speaks out after classmate made deepfake nudes of her and posted online
  • I don't think people's right to generate whatever image they want to jerk off to is fundamental or more important than avoiding "AI" scams and CSAM generation. There are other ways to jerk off: there's plenty of real people porn online and also lots, lots, lots of hentai, for literally every taste. "AI" porn only has two particularities that are not satisfied by these two options, one is to generate the scene you want, and for the very remote possibility that what you have imagined has never been produced before, you can pay an artist to To do so, another is Deep Fake porn, which should be a crime, it doesn't matter if you're not going to publish the image.

  • Anon dislikes reddit
  • That's something to appreciate about Lemmy. People can destroy you while you hold a position they think is wrong, but as soon as you change your mind they are friendly.

    EDIT: usually

  • AI is a Lie.

    Really surprised by this LTT video. They were direct on the points that lately, in the mainstream, there has only been rubbish.


    I appeal to make this or anologous the new image for the community

    I don't know if you know, but the current Hammer and Sickle is from the Khrushchev era, which is considered revisionist for any communist who values Comrade Stalin's contributions. I think it is worth changing to maintain aesthetic cohesion, as it seems to be the general line of the instance and the community.