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[Other] Tim Cook is “not 100 percent” sure Apple can stop AI hallucinations
  • Dude this most recent tech bro scramble is ridiculous. Google and Apple are fully aware and accepting the fact that their stupid LLMs are built for verisimilitude, not accuracy, yet they’re shoehorning it into everything and just accepting that it’ll fuck with their users…

  • Kevin Spacey Admits He Was ‘Too Handsy’ in Piers Morgan Sob Story
  • Well that makes sense, seeing as there’s absolutely no other way to tell if someone might be interested other than touching them in private areas and seeing if they like it or not…

    Christ on a bike, what the fuck.

  • Tell us one of your of your most Gender Affirming Experiences you've had :3
  • Not trans but I think I definitely accidentally gave my recently out friend one of these moments. We had hung out in larger groups a bit pre-transition then a mutual friend invited a bunch of folks over for a bbq and she came presenting fem and I straight up introduced myself to her. We definitely had had at least a few hours of chatting directly with her in boymode but did not recognize her at all. 😅

    Never seen someone smile so widely in my life. I was mortified but now in hindsight she probably fist-pumped over it later. 🤣💜

  • Why don't electric car manufacurers put solar panels on the car roofs?
  • Yeah this is what I’ve heard as well. Aging Wheels goes into it a bit in this review of a concept car, kinda neat - it has pedals like a bicycle but the energy they add is a tiny fraction of what the thing needs to move.

    Edit: oops, I’m combining two of his vids in my head, this one is just solar not pedals.

  • If an artist trains an image generation AI on their own digital art catalog, should they be able to get a copyright on what it produces? When does a tool change from a tool to a non-human creator?

    Under US copyright law, only works created by humans can be copyrighted. Courts have (imho rightly) denied copyrights to AI-generated images.

    My question is when do you think AI image tools cross from the realm of a “tool” (that, for example generates and fills in a background so an item can be removed from a photo) into the realm of “a human didn’t make this”?

    What if an artist trains an AI so specialized it only makes their style of art? At what point do you think the images they create with it begin to count as their “work product”?

    What are the minimum things you need to be willing to live for eternity?
  • Honestly I’d need it to not be 100% permanent. If the earth gets obliterated I’m not interested in swirling in the void forever. If a government figures it out and keeps me locked to a table for decades, I want to be able to die.

    If you give me the ability to concentrate and stop existing, I’m in.

  • Surprised my partner with her first shork

    No fluffy shork photo I’m afraid but I wanted to share a nice story.

    I’ve been dating an mtf girl for about 6 months now. She’s been on hrt for about 3yr but is still very socially anxious. We’ve been going out grocery shopping and whatnot to get her a bit more exposure to being in public presenting as fem - with me there to anchor and help in case she gets overwhelmed.

    Recently, we went to Ikea together to look at kitchen shelves cuz my kitchen is a disaster. She was forgetting her anxiety a bit and we were having a nice light conversation winding our way to the exit and I jokingly asked “do you want a shark?” as we walked by the crate of them.

    She asked me if I knew, I said I did. She turned the cutest freaking shade of red I’ve seen and said she didn’t think she could ever buy one without an anxiety attack and stumbled over her words a bit. Cute as fuck. 🫠

    I knew what had to be done.

    Next day I went back and went straight to the bin and bought literally just a shark. I’m super cis and masc but the self checkout cashier definitely clocked that I wasn’t buying no shark for no kid or nothing. Got a smirk on the way out. 🤣🤣

    Decided that instead of just giving it to her I had to surprise her somehow.

    She’s living in someone’s basement right now month to month and my roommate is leaving, so we’ve been considering moving in together - it would be nice to take turns cooking and be closer together but still have our own space to retreat to if we want. We’re both super introverted.

    I decided to hide it in the closet of the vacant room and wait.

    Two days later, she comes over and we’re watching random shows and cook a nice dinner, just hanging out doing our own thing after eating. I’m absorbed in assembling the shelves I bought instead of the ikea ones (sry ikea your shelves cost too much) and she’s on her phone on the sofa. She says she’s going to check where she might wanna put her furniture and I had to try super hard to be cool and be like “sure hon” without letting my giddiness creep in.

    I stood up slowly and crept to the hall until I heard the gasp and went in and gave her a giant hug. Many good tears on both sides. She says she never imagined someone giving her a stuffed animal could make her cry, glad it did.

    She and her new shork are moving in later this month and I’m super excited. 😊🦈💜