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Need a good resource to learn linux
  • Some people aren't gonna like me saying this. But when used responsibly chatgpt is the absolute linux mvp.

    I stopped being a windows user a month after getting access to gpt4, its been amazing. I learned so much in general and it would not have been feasible for me without there-are-no-dumb-questions-ai

  • Are we still doing beans ? (I did not create this)
  • I’ve heard stories of people 50-60 years ago drinking water from the river.

    Mostly in documentaries about how these rivers got so polluted they are now chemical infested ecological hazards with little capacity to sustain life.

    The pond in the back appears fine, but pollution is all around us. How can they truly be sure this water is safe? Not everyone can boil or filter on the spot wherever whenever.

  • True continent sizes
  • Being underdeveloped in infrastructure and its original history and identity broken and exploited by the west and currently china.

    I cant believe it’s doing well on economic output in comparison with those established exploiters.

    Now on why the fuck is this rhetoric even relevant to a cool map guid in how our perspective of size on earth is distorted?

  • Students’ Leaf Blower Suppressor To Hit Retail
  • So its 94% less sound because this seems sound calculated -12db in % with conventional formulas?

    How would we describe perceived sound exactly, not many people can imagine something when given a db value? Maybe we should?

  • After Spending Years Relentlessly Chasing Fame, Sam Altman Complains That He's Getting Recognized In Public Too Much
  • This is a reaction on a reaction.

    On an article, which is actually a complaint that someone is complaining.

    Which was really much more of a mention of an annoyance.

    From one of them egocentric billionaires who for lack of public places to be alone was talking on stage once more.

    And the audience listened, The media reported. And the people felt.

    ~I dont know why i wrote this but i strangely enjoyed it.*~

  • Sainsbury's staff beat up shoplifter after dragging him into the back room
  • Fair enough i should indeed not have excluded the staff according to my own logic. Neither should policy be made based on internet comment. I also should have refrained from using chatgpt as i could have easily made such list myself.

    Thanks for your feedback

    I am an advocate for using ai to enhance speech if it’s clearly labeled. The desire to be a good example towards this labeling appears to have lead to me doing so where not actually needed or relevant. I didn't misread its output as much then it was already wrong in my head while writing the prompt.

    My intention was to explore the meaning of ownership and belonging rather than proposing theft be fully legalized. I understand that in modern society we only consider economical ownership but i deeply question such.

    To answer your hypothesis of a state run distribution center, you must understand i answer this purely from my own understanding of the world.

    Depending on your own perspectives i am both pro and anti government at the same time.

    To me (and this is a personal-anarchism perspective) a state at minimum is but an organized collective of people concerning the general well being and health of all members of its own people. If a state can be just this then i want it. If it’s not this then what is its purpose.

    A state run distribution center running out of goods because the people it distributes toward made inefficient and asocial choices and committing acts of exploitation (creating scarcity by taking to much, profiting by creating exclusive ownership of the goods yourself) is a sign of a broken society and in extends its government as such system is not sustainable.

    People who compromise the sustainability of their own society are a system of systemic neglect of education and mental health.

    Yes my pov is radical and extremist. Till someone comes by that can properly show me how and why taking this perspective and talk about it is more wrong then silently going trough the motions of the planet wrecking machine. I am unlikely to think differently.

    Thanks for reading, whoever did.

  • Sainsbury's staff beat up shoplifter after dragging him into the back room
  • Taking items, belongings to a different person is wrong.

    Causing physical harm to a person is even far more wrong.

    Regardless of laws i believe these those to be true in civilized society

    But to add to that, to who exactly do the items on display in a store belong? (I asked this question to ai to make following list)

    1. The items belong to the store owner or corporation that owns the store, having been legally purchased for resale.

    2. The items belong to the workers who produce them, as their labor creates the value of these items.

    3. The items belong to the community or society as a whole, ensuring collective access and distribution.

    4. The items belong to those who use them, with property being legitimate only when actively utilized.

    5. The items are part of the common resources that should be freely accessible to all individuals, promoting mutual aid and cooperation.

    Noteworthy is that the items never belong to the store employee from any perspective but it could belong to the thieves according to 3, 4 and 5, If the thief happens to work at the factory they can also fall under 2.

  • Real men wear diapers
  • “Real man wear diapers”

    Which is why i pretty much only see women posing with diapers…

    So these guys are standing next to diaper pride but at the same time lack the bollocks to don one themselves on camera?

    I would ask if were sure this isnt insider trolling from the left but i love this to much to give them an incentive to stop doing this.

  • Self-balancing commuter pods ride old railway lines on demand
  • It looks monorail at first but if you look closer its not.

    I also wouldn’t want to be the forgetful dumb person that forgot how late it was before taking this thing home because those cargo trains ain't gonna stop.

  • Autism
  • I hope i don't make the paper sad by saying this but the numbers are kinda off. (Or i misunderstand)

    The only real difference is for below age 24. Then its pretty much the same if not less prevalent for autists.

    They point to some other factors about the types of questions that indicate that the differences are underestimated but evidently that didn’t translate in hard numbers.

  • ricperry1, when you find your way here and read this, thank you for your consideration. You helped at least one more person this week already.

    I've used way to much similar looking software where middle mouse is moving around and it was killing me.

    Shame that forum is still so much more relevant in search engine results, it looks like there getting lonely there.

    This pair is my baby, how would i go about to fix this kind of cables?

    Model is Senheiser Momentum2 HD1 Bluetooth (over ear) PF edition.

    I have wrapped electrical tape over it but cables on both sides have started to disintegrate/decompose.

    I know next to nothing about audio cables. I care more about functional quality then original looks so i would be willing to swap the entire cable for a more permanent one, but i wouldn't want them to look ugly either and need to find a good way to fit them to the earshell.

    Day 7: Game of Mao “Penalty”

    I am obligated to inform you some rules have been adjusted.


    Some valid cards that previously had no acceptable way of being played now have a way of playing them.

    Renamed the terminology for "Valid Cards" into "Valid Pieces" to better reflect the reality of the game and the community.

    Day 3: Game of Mao “Oh no my queen”

    Beter pay attention if i don’t respond to comments here.

    Day 2: Game of Mao “Actual zombie”

    I am obligated to inform that some adjustments to the rules have been made.

    Day 0: This game of Mao has officially began.

    The only rule i can tell you is this one.

    This session has ended with a King of Diamonds. Continue playing on [email protected]

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