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Sell us on your favorite exotic/niche distro
  • After using Linux regularly for a couple years, I did a Linux From Scratch build just for fun. I found it a really good way to learn all of the key pieces of Linux and understand a little bit better how they all work together.

    The way it's setup, you get a choice to just copy paste commands and learn very little, or read the details and learn a bit more.

    I never really used it for anything other than education. Keeping it up to date and secure is almost prohibitively complicated, but I learned a lot from the process. I just looked at the project for the first time in a long time. It looks like they now have a section to track security vulnerabilities along with suggested changes to address them. Perhaps it could be viable as a distro, but I have no desire to go through the whole process again to try.

  • Hobbies Wednesday - what have you done this week?
  • Fixed some holes in a free sailboat I got off Craigslist. Hoping to wire up a trailer harness today and sail it this weekend.

    It's my first time doing fiberglass repair, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it wont sink.

  • Fellow Men, what are some compliments you would like to recieve?
  • I've been growing out my beard recently. Similar to women with long hair, maintaining a beard can be a lot of work. Typically, if I see someone else with an epic beard, I try to acknowledge it. Clearly they care about it.

    Also, when I see a dad out with a young child alone, if they are trying at all, I will try to acknowledge it. I feel like most dads are in a situation where they are uncertain about what they are doing. Let me know that they are friggin' nailing it.

  • Cops ticketing a cyclist while two trucks block the bike lanes and the cops don't care 😡
  • I'm not going to be mad that they are trying to enforce a law. Is it the most useful thing they could be doing? Probably not. Are there other laws being broken in their immediate vicinity they could be addressing? Yes. Are they showing preferential treatment to a particular group of people? .... okay, I'm not mad, but at least a little irritated. Maybe more disappointed than anything.

  • New York bridge gets stuck open after getting too hot
  • I think we agree on most of the points here, and now we're just getting defensive about tone, and details.

    I was just trying to point out that nothing has a way it is supposed to be. There is what things are, and there is what we want. Yes you can use many of the features of our language to convince people of your opinion.

    I myself don't like the idea of personifying the planet then imbuing it with opinions so I made the comment I did.

  • New York bridge gets stuck open after getting too hot
  • Changing topics. Good strategy.

    Not even a little bit. I fully believe humans are causing climate change. It is going to make life as we know it on this planet completely different in the very near future.

    I still think the planet itself doesn't give a shit, and claiming there is a way it is "supposed to be" is pretty narrow minded.

  • New York bridge gets stuck open after getting too hot
  • the Earth is not supposed to

    I don't think we get to say what the earth is "supposed to" do.

    For most of the earths existence it wouldn't be possible for humans to exist. I don't think it really gives a shit about a bridge we built.

  • An airport is an air-port. A port via the air.
  • After years of learning Spanish my brother pointed out that the word for umbrella, paraguas, is simply "for water". Similar to how parasol is "for sun".

    So obvious, but somehow my brain missed it.

  • Stuff I never thought I’d say Sunday
  • "take the poop bag out of your mouth"

    Walking the dog with 6yo son. It's a double deuce event. My son wants to pick up the second deposit, so I let him. He asked me to tie the bag for him, so I asked him to hold the one I picked up earlier. We continue home each carrying a bag of poo. I look behind me, and he is paying attention to I don't know what, but while he is staring off in the distance, he is unconsciously rubbing the bag of fresh poo on his lips.


    Apparently that one wasn't as obvious as I thought it was.

  • so, we're doing sushi, eh?

    I was never big on photographing my food but I found this one particularly pretty. It was over a decade ago, and I don't remember what restaurant it was. Somewhere in NYC.


    Wash before using

    I just noticed the cucumbers I bought say "wash before using" not "wash before eating" and I want to believe it is a subtle joke deliberately made by the person who designed the packaging.

    I found it amusing and I wanted to share it.

    • What are things you like to cook that are better the second day?

    I find most foods are best as soon as they are made, but some things seem to get better when the flavors have more time to meld. The only two I can think of right now are chili and hummus. What other dishes am I forgetting, or haven't tried that you think get better with a little time?


    What is this connector called?

    I want to replace one half of this with longer wire, but I am not confident about the name of the connector used.

    Image of JST-XH included to convey size. Ruler is metric.