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Report: Fallout London's Delay, And The Move To GOG
  • For other games with large modding communities Nexus Mods is often not the main site.

    My favourite modding setup I have seen has to be Thunderstore with r2modman (initially Risk of Rain 2 modding, branched out to other Unity games), ridiculously simple and functional. All FOSS too.

  • Report: Fallout London's Delay, And The Move To GOG
  • MO2 is just better in every way. It's visually simpler, less confusing and functions as you would expect - drop the mods in and swap the order how you please. Creating mod profiles is easy and it has very deep advanced setup if you need it. Vortex just causes unnecessary roadblocks and troubleshooting steps. MO2 (to put it) "just works", try it if you haven't, it solves all the issues you just listed.

  • Report: Fallout London's Delay, And The Move To GOG
  • If you are talking about Vortex, it is no gold standard... it's a fucking bag of shit. Mod Organizer 2 is far superior.

    Also the speed limits on Nexus suck and big mods like this wont do well on there if no one can actually download them in a reasonable amount of time.

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  • They are buying studios and their IP so no one else can use it, even if they don't use it themselves. It's a strategy to remove competition, they don't care about the industry and the players, they care about money. All these big companies are the same, Microsoft just have the wallet to act on it, avoid them all and buy indie games.

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