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Russian pilot handed over data of those responsible for the strike on Okhmatdyt Children’s Hospital
  • I would not be surprised if the “leak” is disinformation and the data was obtained through other means.

    What’s better than exposing your enemies? Exposing your enemies and provoking distrust and infighting, of course!

    Either way, a job well done.

  • Welcome To Xbox's Rot Economy
  • Rationally I’ve always known companies see me as a big juicy wallet to squeeze for cash. But I’ve never felt it more than the last few years.

    I’m sick of it. It’s taking the fun out of everything.

  • Awww, he's so cuuuuttteeee!!
  • Without consent is one thing*. Most police investigations are not consensual. Without warrant is quite another thing.

    I expect my providers to respect my rights up to the maximum guaranteed by law. I certainly don’t expect anyone at any company to risk jail by defying court orders. But I sure as shit don’t expect them to roll over and lick boot at the first opportunity they get

    *) this is why end to end encryption is so important

  • Why haven't we figured out monetisation for peertube?
  • Funny, I said "monetisation", you heard "ads".

    You don’t know what I heard. Please do not speculate.

    Do you think that's the only way to monetise something?

    No, but I’ve been around the block often enough to know that “monetization” almost always means “take something away from people and then sell it back to them”.

    Ads are best case. I can filter those out. The rest is worse.

  • Can't read the time on iOS/light mode (1.2.0)

    On iOS in light mode, the status bar/clock/signal/battery indicator is white on and off white background in the main screens.

    This is not ideal because I lose track of time and people yell at me.