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Just your average translater living in her goth slut era

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  • "one of the rooms fucking flashbanged me" 🤣

  • You may not know,
  • Did you finally turn into Goku?

  • Rule
  • [Collision detection breaks and launches user]

  • SSDE
  • That's because you have the privilege of living in a blue state and our votes going towards an electoral college rather than popular vote in most cases. I voted Green Party before seeing her in the Russian op photo. National doesn't matter as much as local votes do

  • NSFW
    Cartography rule
  • Explains New Jersey

  • rule
  • That is a looooong middle finger

  • Aesthetics rule
  • Everything about this. Yes!

  • Anti-LGBTQ+ bills keep failing. Could the tide be turning?
  • One person mentioned that New Hampshire may be passing one soon

  • What does femininity mean to you?
  • This. Everything you wrote is how I feel about it. Thank you for writing this

  • Obesity has become the most common form of malnutrition in the majority of countries
  • Love how everyone is like "beans and rice!" and totally ignoring the energy and time it takes to make such things. And not everyone is a fan of beans and rice. At the end of the day being able to have a slice of pizza may be the only bright spot when you're living paycheck to paycheck.

  • NSFW
    Among the Trees (glopossum)
  • Thank you so much for sharing this! Found a new artist to fawn over🥰

  • Oklahoma students walk out after trans student’s death to protest bullying policies
  • Still not thrilled with him
    "As a result, Kane said speculation that Nex died from an overdose has been rampant among classmates."

  • Games rule
  • Either terrorism or impersonating a counter terrorism officer

  • Where can I find a mom like this? 😭
  • That render was awesome. And you wrote it in code? That's absolutely fascinating!
    And while I don't know ESP32s as in depth as you do, smarty pants 😝, I do have an animated name badge I got at a furry convention that might be powered by one as well as a few of my wireless lightbulbs. But programming a 2D platforming game into them I have no idea. I'm just astonished with what you've made and are making. Such a smart girl

  • Where can I find a mom like this? 😭
  • Good job. Proud of you for doing that. What's your project about?

  • In 7 Hours...

    I'll be having facial feminization surgery on my lower third of my face. Let me know if you have any questions or just want to chat. \ Edit: I am now squirrel. 🥜