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  • I wouldn't say that Linux & Gimp are objectively better, but they sure are better in the long run, since you plop "gimp" into a nix configuration and never have to deal with installation and cracking.

  • The most consumed type of alcoholic drink in Europe
  • Marking for Slovenia is wrong. I do have statistical data from our statistical agency and it is not even close: 8.5l/person/year of vine and 26.5/person/year of beer (including non-alcohol).

    Arguably, vine has higher alcohol content (~11.5%) compared to beer (~4.9%), but even even if we look at "alcohol consumed from wine/beer per person per year", we get 0,9775L from vine and 1,2985 from beer.

    These findings are in agreement with my intuition based on me seeing what people drink.

    Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

    Source, year 2018 (latest available):

  • How to exclude Flatpaks from TimeShift?
  • Ok now I feel bad for being pedantic and to really helping:

    flatpacks are installed ~/.local/share/flatpak and /var/lib/flatpak, depending on distro/flatpak installation I think. On my machine they are in ~/.local/share/flatpak, but there are people reporting having them in /var/lib/flatpak.


    Btw, I'd also exclude ~/.cache (for obvious reasons) and everything out outside of /home.

  • "No way to prevent this" say users of only language where this regularly happens - 07/01/2024
  • This is an overstatement, definitely. C is one of the few (mainstream) languages where memory safety vulnerabilities are even possible. So if you batch C and C++ together, they probably cover more than 90% of all the memory unsafe cove written in last 50 years, which is a strong implication that they will contribute to 90% of memory vulnerabilities.

    All that said, memory vulnerabilities are about 65% of all high implact vulnerabilities on Chromium project^1 and about 70% of vulnerabilities at Microsoft ^2.

  • Supreme Court rules Trump can and probably should shoot someone on 5th Avenue
  • Ive realized recently that there will not be an uprising while we live at least somewhat comfortably. Risking all you have is worth only when you don't have much.

    So yeah, washington needs change, usa should preserve its democracy, but it doesn't look like there is enough people willing to form organized protests that would have an impact. And also, change from within does not look likely.

  • Most Italians Support ‘Meaty’ Names For Vegan Food, Despite Government Crackdown
  • Agree. I wanted to make a case that it is confusing, but it is not really a big problem. It could lead to me buying wrong "burger" for a grill party, but hey we are gonna eat it anyway. And it will not be disgusting. If someone is into some specific quality meat, they will read the whole label.

  • Coomitter be like
  • You are not alone. This is the work git was built for.

    There is a bit of benefit if you have code reviewed so separate commits are easier to review instaed of one -900 +1278 commit.

  • Electricians of fediverse, should I have my selfhosting box grounded?
  • My house was built in 1939. Initial installation of ecectric cables consisted of a wire in a sleeve filled over with concrete. That was all replaced with proper tubing and isolation, but these few outlets do not have ground.

  • Electricians of fediverse, should I have my selfhosting box grounded?

    I know that the answer is yes, I should, but outlets near the setup are not grounded (even though they look like they are) and I don't want to have wires running though my living room.

    The real question is what are potential problems ? Occasional system reboots? Permanent damage to PSU? Permanent damage to other components?

    Is this how it happens?
  • Yes, this is the way.

    But you might have been "lucky" recently and have gotten much easier events/caves/modifiers. A few weeks ago I've gotten a streak of bad luck on haz 4 where each mission had super hard landing with a swarm, a spitter plant and the automaton initiator thing. Mr. Randy is full of surprises and haz number is a difficulty suggestion, not a requirement.

  • Lemmings, what's your self hosted server power usage?

    I'll just come out and say it: 50W. I know, I know an order of magnitude above what's actually needed to host websites, media center and image gallery.

    But it is a computer I had on-hand and which would be turned on a quarter of the day anyway. And these 50W also warm my home, although this is less efficient than the heat pump, of course.

    What's your usage? What do you host?


    Do you mine iron in the swamp using wishbone or crypts?

    It seems like the nodes I find using wishbone are small and underwater. Are they even worth it?