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Sometimes I call the numbers on missing dog posters and just bark into the phone. I learn from the mistakes of those who take my advice.

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Sacrilege rule
  • There are laser systems which read the groove without physical contact, as to avoid the wear problem. They are also so accurate that if your sample it at high enough quality you can do exactly what you allude to. Some purist is going to crucify you for even suggesting it though 😂。

    People forget that in the 80s and 90s it was considered the highest quality possible to capture with wide magnetic tape, and record companies would tout that the master for the record was converted directly from wide magnetic tape tape.

  • I giggle every time rule
  • I once had a fling with a vegan girl who referred to me as a “carnie”, intending it to be a jab at me. Having worked in a carnival for several years I found it hilarious she tried to make it an insult.

  • Announcing the Ladybird Browser Initiative
  • Because software monocultures are bad. The vast majority of browsers are Chromium based. Since Google de-facto decides what gets in Chromium, sooner or later the downstream forks are forced to adopt their changes. Manifest V3 is a great example of this. You can only backport for so long, especially when upstream is being adversarial to your changes. We need an unaffiliated engine that corrects the mistakes we made with KHTML/Webkit.

  • Microsoft Account to local account conversion guide erased from official Windows 11 guide — instructions redacted earlier this week
  • They are pushing hard on the developer experience because greenfield projects aren’t being built using Windows centric tooling anymore. If it’s server it’s Linux, and if it’s client it’s either electron or a web app. What will kill Windows is when there is no reason to buy Windows. MS recognizes this fact and has been pivoting to service offerings for that reason. They want users to make an MS account so they can herd people into their ecosystem.

  • Google Search’s “udm=14” trick lets you kill AI search for good | Ars Technica
  • DDG has had cost issues with some of the more complex queries. Exclusions (-) for example are very expensive, as Bing recently raised their prices. I think this is why search has gotten worse with DDG recently.

  • Microsoft says “Prism” translation layer does for Arm PCs what Rosetta did for Macs
  • I firmly maintain that if Microsoft gave a shit about ARM, they would be defaulting every one of their compilers to produce fat x86/aarch64 binaries. The reality is, however, that they don't care about the hardware so long as it is good enough.

  • Microsoft says “Prism” translation layer does for Arm PCs what Rosetta did for Macs
  • Nobody will buy the hardware if they can't commit to supporting the software. In a previous role, I was responsible for advising purchasing decisions for my company's laptop fleet. The Surface X (Arm edition) looked cool, but we weren't willing to take the risk, because at the time Microsoft had far worse transitional support than they do now. It's gotten better, but no one in their right mind is going to make the kind of volume purchases that actually drive adoption until they demonstrate they are in it for the long haul. It's a chicken and egg problem, and Microsoft doesn't care what hardware you are using, so long as it is running Windows or using (expensive) Windows services.

  • HMD's Nokia Lumia remake with 108 MP PureView camera and Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 processor is in development
  • They probably fear that the failed Windows mobile lineup tainted the brand name for the product's target demographic.

  • Not Dead Yet: WD Releases New 6TB 2.5-Inch External Hard Drives - First Upgrade in Seven Years
  • OMG is it bad. We used a couple WD drives for a surveillance camera array and they didn’t last a year. Two drives failed 9 months apart. Ended up going on Blackblaze and picking what looked best for our XFS Raid 10 having learned that lesson the hard way.

  • Rule
  • Ding-ding. It so long as the shareholders of today get their gains, they could care less. The Ford lawsuit absolutely destroyed free enterprise in this country.

  • Rule
  • I’m agree, but game pass has been offering meh value in the long run for me. Sure there are a few new titles, but once your run through your backlog it’s just ok. Problem is that Xbox lacks the blockbusters that appeal to the masses this generation, coupled with an utterly confusing naming scheme that I still don’t understand. What Xbox should I buy? No idea, because the names mean nothing.

  • Using Ubuntu may give off hipster vibes to the average PC user, but within the Linux community its has the opposite effect.
  • This 1000%. Since basically High School I've been on Ubuntu for the machines I need to work, because at the end of the day it usually does. Some of the people I meet see that I use a Chromebook with the containers enabled and have similar reactions. "How can you use that it's not even real Linux?", as if it isn't literally a Linux kernel. The Steam Deck is popular because you don't need to know Linux to use it, and Ubuntu is popular because you don't need to know a lot of Linux to use it.

  • Using Ubuntu may give off hipster vibes to the average PC user, but within the Linux community its has the opposite effect.
  • I have a lot of love for OpenSuse. Back in my teenage years, I used it and Ubuntu a lot. zypper is the best package manager, and YaST made configuration easier since I didn't know config files yet.

  • SteamOS 3.6: How the Steam Deck atomic updates are improving
  • I gave it a Google and saw what changes they have made, and it definitely explains the new feel. Frame timing is waaay better and the frame rate is more stable. They moved from a OpenGL implementation to a Vulkan one, from my understanding. I had to adjust my mouse sensitivity too, so they made some changes there as well.

  • SteamOS 3.6: How the Steam Deck atomic updates are improving
  • 32-bit programs can’t use as much memory as 64-bit programs. Being able to use more memory means less loading from the disk. 64-bit also tends to be more optimized these days as most systems have moved to it already. In this case, I had no idea TF2 was still 32-bit.

  • SteamOS 3.6: How the Steam Deck atomic updates are improving
  • Call me out if I’m wrong, but my Deck is noticeably snappier after this update. TF2 is also smoother, which is weird considering the game hasn’t changed visually at all. Not even an update notice of anything major.

  • Asus’ ROG Ally X is going to struggle against the Steam Deck OLED
  • I’m guessing he is referring to the fact we aren’t going to see tailored updates like the Steam Deck has gotten over the years. Updates that improve performance and the experience. It’s windows so beyond device drivers and their terrible ArmorCrate software there isn’t much room to grow better. It’s not a bad device though, it just misses the point.

  • It's Time to Bring Back the Steam Machine
  • The problem is they keep breaking in-home streaming to/from the Deck. My Mac has a significantly more GPU oomph so there are some games I'd like to play streamed, but streaming hasn't worked in either direction since last year.

  • That time when Microsoft bought and killed Nokia phone unit
  • Japan too. The U.S. Congress threatened Japan with a trade war if they didn't shutter their TRON project to create a domestic Unix. Nowadays it's almost entirely Windows, and Japan has stagnated in terms of technology. They might have another chance at it with the world searching for an alternative to Taiwan for semiconductors and the potential legal status of AI training in Japan.

  • Kagi silently removed all references to Google's index from their website
  • I don’t care whose indexes they use so long as the results are good. The problem isn’t the index, it’s how the contents get prioritized and presented. Kagi happens to do so well for me.