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Can I make it fit, or do I have to just let it go?
  • I also have a 128GB SanDisk that I bought quite a few years ago for a decent chuni if money for a flash drive, has been through the washing machine twice and still works. It fits a lot of ISOs for Ventoy to use

  • Found this beauty in my parents' attic!
  • It's a Philips BSF 433 A. After cleaning it I can see that the varnish on the case is in pretty bad nick but I'm ready to try and work on that.

    The case after cleaning

    But of course, more importantly the insides seem complete apart from the cut power cord. The EL84 tube is also cracked so I'll have to source one of those. The wax caps on the bottom no doubt need replacing too.

    Tomorrow when I get my new fancy multimeter I plan to check the power transformer, measure the resistors to see if they're in spec and order replacement for all the wax and electrolytic caps. Is there something else I should look into right away?

  • Antique Radios vaionko
    Found this beauty in my parents' attic!
    Is the TS10 still the go-to for a small and bright EDC?

    I've bought two of these now and lost both. One just disappeared from my pocket and the other I dropped somewhere in a dark forest.

    Now I want a new EDC. Is it a good idea to get another TS10 or are there better alternatives now?

    I want decent brightness and small size. Andruril is a huge plus and aux leds are also fun. And not very expensive in case I lose one again.

    Text broken on Redmi 5 Plus with Plasma desktop

    A bunch of characters seem to be missing making text unreadable. What could the problem be? !

    Played a little Carcassonne a while back

    We had 3 or 4 sets.

    And if you look closely, you can see some illegally placed pieces that somehow weren't noticed when placed

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