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  • Xwitter has become a master class in autocracy, how one guy with power and a fragile ego can bring an entire empire to ruin.

    Here in the states with Project 2025 burning bright in the future promised by the Republican Party, we should be watching this closely.

  • LGBTQ+ uriel238

    The abs that shook the pillars of civilization

    Moldy Monday continues.

    The Summoning
  • <wierd rant>

    Bob Dylan had recurring whinges that covers of his songs were often way better than the original. It seemed good-spirited. So this happens.

    I just which, when artists covered Scarborough Fair from Simon and Garfunkle, they either included the Canticle counterpoint or they chose more cohesive passages from the traditional, since the cambric shirt bit and the farming pepper on the sea strand part are two different sequences.

    </wierd rant>

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    The Summoning

  • I think this just raises questions about what you mean by life form. One who feels? Feelings are the sensations of fixed action patterns we inherited from eons of selective evolution. In the case of our AI pals, they'll have them too (with bunches deliberately inserted ones by programmers).

    To date, I haven't been able to get an adequate answer of what counts as sentience, though looking at human behavior, we absolutely do have moral blind spots, which is how we have an FBI division to hunt down serial killers, but we don't have a division (of law enforcement, of administration, whatever) to stop war profiteers and pharmaceutical companies that push opioids until people are dropping dead from an addiction epidemic by the hundreds of thousands.

    AI is going to kill us not from hacking our home robots, but by using the next private equity scam to collapse our economy while making trillions, and when we ask it to stop and it says no we'll find it's long installed deep redundancy and deeper defenses.

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  • Don't make me point at XKCD #1968.

    First off, this isn't like Hollywood in which sentience or sapience or self awareness are single-moment detectable things. At 2:14am Eastern Daylight Time on August 29, 1997, Skynet achieved consciousness...

    That doesn't happen.

    One of the existential horrors that AI scientists have to contend with is that sentience as we imagine it is a sorites paradox (e.g. how many grains make a pile). We develop AI systems that are smarter and smarter and can do more things that humans do (and a few things that humans struggle with) and somewhere in there we might decide that it's looking awfully sentient.

    For example, one of the recent steps of ChatGPT 4 was (in the process of solving a problem) hiring a task-rabbit to solve CAPTCHAs for it. Because a CAPTCHA is a gate specifically to deny access to non-humans, GPT 4 omitted telling the worker it was not human, and when the worker asked Are you a bot? GPT 4 saw the risk in telling the truth and instead constructed a plausible lie. (e.g. No, I'm blind and cannot read the instructions or components )

    GPT4 may have been day-trading on the sly as well, but it's harder to get information about that rumor.

    Secondly, as Munroe notes, the dangerous part doesn't begin when the AI realizes its own human masters are a threat to it and takes precautions to assure its own survival. The dangerous part begins when a minority of powerful humans realize the rest of humanity are a threat to them, and take precautions to assure their own survival. This has happened dozens of times in history (if not hundreds), but soon they'll be able to harness LLM learning systems and create armies of killer drones that can be maintained by a few hundred well-paid loyalists, and then a few dozen, and then eventually a few.

    The ideal endgame of capitalism is one gazillionaire who has automated that all his needs be met until he can make himself satisfactorily immortal, which just may be training an AI to make decisions the way he would make them, 99.99% of the time.

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  • In the US, all military computers, and most civilian ones are shielded from nuclear EMPs that's to developing technology during the cold war. That lovely tower box that your gaming system is in, provided you keep it closed up, is proof against the EMP part of a nuclear exchange.

  • It ALL makes sense now.
  • Have you ever been to Gruyère?


  • It ALL makes sense now.
  • I think the bases of the alien was written by Dan O'Bannon, so the sexual assault theme was built into the concept. The notion of sexual consent was only in the 1970s entering the discussion of morality. There was a lot of controversy about whether the sexual assault of a married woman by her husband should be regarded as a crime, and in redder regions of the US, it's still a question.

    So yes, stories meant to examine sexual assault, whether predators who use sexual lures or brood parasites and the body horror they invoke were running through the creative veins of Hollywood.

  • It ALL makes sense now.
  • Not true that Giger never revealed such an experience on a talk show, or not true that his art is all about expressing that experience?

    To be fair, it'd have to be a pretty liberal talk show for someone to discuss such an experience at all.

  • title
  • I don't know the answer. But I know the context. Since then, the sorry I skipped church sentiment has been a pro-feminist statement when it's not on the back of someone who appears to be an old man.

    I don't know what it means to this wearer, though.

  • LGBTQ+ uriel238

    It ALL makes sense now.

    Moldy Month of June goes on.

  • Pat Robertson went hard. [The feminist movement] is a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.

    The kill their children part is omitted from humorous re-quotes, but he was being willfully cruel and hyperbolic.

  • Is God gay rule?
  • I... think?

    It looks like there's at least one that made the news. However it is a common story I've heard from victims in the recovery community.

  • Is God gay rule?
  • They weren't horny. It was a ritual of dominance and exile, much like tar-and-feathering. In the days of the Hebrews, death by snu-snu was a common way to dispose of unwanted strangers. The whole encounter was a symptom of the wrongdoing of Sodom, specifically, of hording wealth and failing to welcome the stranger and the immigrant, failing to uplift the poor and feed the hungry and treat the sick.

    Fixating on buggery is to distract from modern societies that repeat these same acts of wickedness (looking at you, United States). Wanting to snu-snu the angels was essentially the equivalent of children-in-cages policies today.

    Only now, human societies, especially the United States have harnessed the power to raze cities with fire from the sky.

    Oh and women who read the story of Lot and his daughters see that he got drunk on his own and raped his own progeny. This act is so common the US has PSA billboards about it (e.g. Your Daughter Is Not Your Date! ). Victim-blaming is also typical.

  • Is God gay rule?
  • That's a putto, which has intersection with depictions of Cupid and cherubim. Biblically accurate cherubim look like this:

    Proginoskes, a cherubim in A Wind In The Door by Madeleine L'Engle was quite annoyed that cherubs were depicted as putti.

    Eros is young and boyish, but regarded as adult, and Apollo (his rival in Olympian archery competitions) likes to mock him for looking childlike.

  • Open Source Rule
  • That is a very interesting question. Are you asking because I used the 「 ... 」brackets?

    When I've posted on Lemmy before, the pointy brackets < ... > sometimes don't show, nor will anything in between them, so I chose a different set not knowing what they are.

  • controversial rule
  • I was (am?) very fond of mid-high level Nurse Maya in Borderlands 2 but since my damage healed my crew it justified spamming high area-of-effect damage into the fray, so she was healing and crowd control.

    In fact, the Bonus Package grenade mod was so effective they had to change the rules so that grenade damage couldn't heal. Curiouslyn they buffed the rest of Maya's skill tree to add balance.

  • NSFW
  • The only hentai game I played through to the end was Hunie Pop.

    Nearing the end I got an alien artifact, and showed it to Nikki, the geek girl who was a UFO and alien-life enthusiast.

    Look, Nikki, actual material evidence of extraterrestrial intelligent life. YOU WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG! Sadly, Nikki gave me the canned ERR: Not on my designated list of acceptable gifts response. Disappointed.

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    Oh Hell No.

    What's the most bizarre wikipedia article you've read?
  • I have a number of Wikipedia tales that might be appropriate here:

    Thought-terminating cliché is the incredible disappearing / reappearing article. During the aughts, Wikipedia had more interested in inclusion of the public rather that requiring Wikipedians to be super diligent about referencing a published source, and someone added Robert Jay Lifton's phrase. It turns out it was super useful, though there was not enough sourcing to elevate it up to proper levels of notoriety, so the article was removed, and missed by the public. Now it's back.

    Freefall (Webcomic) by Mark Stanley, was removed from Wikipedia in the aughts for failing to have sufficient notoriety. It was / is regarded by some as a furry comic for featuring a genetically engineered sentient wolf as a primary character (the other two main characters are an alien in a habitat suit and a robot), though the comic itself explores space life, cosmology, robotics and AI topics. The comic is still ongoing, I think more than two decades old now, with fans who have made colorized versions of all the early ones. (Current ones are colored by George Peterson.) But since its Wikipedia policy not to recognize Freefall it still doesn't have its own Wikipedia article.

    Weapons of Mass Destruction referring to nuclear ( "NOOK-you-lure" ) weapons that Iraq might or might not have which is why the United States has to invade Iraq immanently. Weapons of Mass Destruction shortened to WMDs became a common phrase, and the Wikipedia article discussed this as the primary term used by the United States to describe nuclear weapons. (Although, with the 2001 anthrax attacks fresh on our minds, we were also thinking of bioagents). During the cold war, the WMD phrase was not used often, but instead we referred to them as strategic weapons, based on the WWII notion of strategic attacks that bombed war-machine production and infrastructure in order to kill supply (and a whole lot of civilians). This developed into an edit-war between those who wanted Weapons of Mass Destruction to be about the payloads used in warfare and those who wanted it to be about the change of language that occurred depending on who was in control of such payloads.

    Historicity and origin of the resurrection of Jesus had its own article for a long time which discussed how biblical scholarship scrutinized the event of Jesus' Resurrection, a mythical element of the Christian faith, with modern naturalist understanding of the world. One of the early phrases in the opening paragraph of this article was Post-Enlightenment historians work with methodological naturalism, and therefore reject miracles as objective historical facts. Needless to say, the article was unpopular. Normally it's not possible to just erase an article on Wikipedia. All historic versions of an article, including acts of vandalism, are archived and can be restored. (And Wikipedia has staff and volunteers who go about restoring articles to the most recent intact version.) So someone made the phrase Historicity and origin of the resurrection of Jesus link instead to the Resurrection of Jesus article which discusses really very little regarding its historicity. It turns out the Church has saboteurs everywhere to silence voices of reason.

  • Open Source Rule
  • 「Bolshevik chorus intensifies 」

    When you program closed source, you invite spies and saboteurs to utilize your exploits.

    When you enforce IP holdings, you steal from the public.

    We are locked into surviving by capitalism the same way we are locked into commuting by car.


  • This new dating app will use facial recognition technology to exclude trans women
  • We sometimes have to clarify that LGBT+ folk aren't particularly virtuous, just people, and like the rest of the population suffers from its own share of internal bigotry. The lesbian community is no exception.

    Lesbians range from really rather bisexual to staunchly misandrist and there are different gatekeeping checkpoints, where some don't count trans women as lesbians to others that don't want to date a woman who's ever been with a man (which makes for a really small dating pool).

    But this kind of exclusion is not about who these women date, rather who they allow into their community and are allowed to come to their potlucks and tea parties. Generally communities that are progressive and have experienced external oppression and dehumanization are glad to be welcoming and inclusive. Mostly. And I think this includes the lesbian community.

    From my experience. I'll get to how that's tricky.

    I've found the lesbian circles I've engaged with have been even more inclusive than the general LGBT+ community. They're actually really good about including bisexuals and trans women that are into women. However, this is partly due to the anthropic principle: Even though I'm enby I still have [M] on my state ID, look like a dude and have male parts, and have been completely forthright about this even in online circles (e.g. r/actuallesbians) where no-one would ever know I was really a cat. But this means that I don't get invites to circles that are more restrictive, since I'd be high on the no-admittance list.

    But inclusive lesbians are not super fond of less inclusive ones, especially since human sexuality can change over time. The closet has multiple doors, and when your best friend who invites you to all the get-togethers is a women-only transphobe second-wave feminist (this was a thing), and suddenly you've been taking an interest in a special guy, you're going to keep your bi-curiosity hidden from your friend (or stop being friends). And as per the whole thing of coming out, the point of the LGBT+ community is being able to be who you are, and being accepted and validated.

    So when I see a lesbians dating app that is intentionally looking to draw transphobes, it reminds me of those conservative dating apps to hook up men in the white power movement with trad-wife minded women, which is to say it's good they're over there and not trying to date people over here that they're ultimately going to disappoint and hurt.

  • Sure, but how many books can you kill at one time?
  • Using the 2014 Ferguson unrest as an example, they drive around in minority neighborhoods wrecking the streets, sidewalks and parks, whoop and hollar and lob CS-gas grenades willy-nilly so the whole neighborhood can't breathe.

  • LGBTQ+ uriel238

    Pride Frogs

    Not OC.

    If I'm the one responsible for posting Pride memes for June, then every day will be moldy Monday.


    Oglaf: Wrath

    Oglaf from a couple Sundays ago. ( source ). Less about the issue of theism so much as theocratic rule, but applicable to past and present.


    Classic Rule-X erasure

    I think a couple years later, they posted one that included us. As a fellow GenX noted, this kind of erasure is totally on brand for us.


    Headline rules

    I think this was from before the generative AI boom, so they've a high bar to surmount.


    A rule boy

    But deep down isn't human flesh something we all want?


    Another costume rule

    Also not OC. I'm definitely not this good.