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Cop rule

Image transcription: a image containing two scenes. The first is of a press interview with a police officer captioned "Cops: Treat us with the same dignity and respect that we treat you." The second is of a protestor about to attack a downed police officer with what appears to be a hockey stick, captioned "OK". End transcription.

[not a meme] anyone I should add?
  • Neil Cicierega, Neil Gaiman, Gooseworx

  • [not a meme] anyone I should add?
  • Thanks for the recommendation! Her stuff looks really cool :3

  • [not a meme] anyone I should add?
  • Kurzgesagt is a shitty neoliberal who greenwashes the future involving climate change. I'm not sure if he's paid by oil companies or if he just loves huffing their balls that much.

  • Nether Rule
  • Hoo boy, where do I begin?

    • Fandom pages are incredibly obnoxious with how many ads they load, making them bloated and difficult to read for profit
    • Fandom bought Gamepedia and FORCED all the Gamepedia wikis to switch to the Fandom format, which has a bunch of ugly UI shit literally nobody likes or uses
    • Fandom tries to impede any attempt by users to migrate to a better hosting service, banning anyone it sees as promoting alternative wiki sites

    TL;DR: it's basically Enshittification: the Company.

  • Rule

    Image transcription: an image of two yellow golf balls. While one of them is out of focus and impossible to discern detail from, the face of SpongeBob can be seen on the other. End transcription.

    Prosecutor Rule
  • You're not. The games were created to appeal to yaoi fans specifically

  • Was there ever a internet comment that actually really hurt you?
  • I remember getting one from a fascist saying they wanted to "tie people like [me] up and drag their bodies from [their] truck"

  • It's that easy!
  • If by "regulate" you mean "forcibly dissolve them and charge their CEOs with crimes against humanity and nature", then I agree

  • Hi. I'm Geophphreigh.
  • That part of the joke is that "ough" can represent /oʊ/. Not that it WOULD, that it CAN.

    And besides, the "th" in "though" is pronounced /ð/, and the "T" in "Tony" isn't.

  • Hi. I'm Geophphreigh.
  • "ough" can be pronounced /oʊ/ in words like "though" or "dough"

  • Fortrule
  • Shit. Sorry, I haven't played FNF in like, a year or two.

  • Fortrule

    Image transcription: a screenshot of a cutscene in Friday Night Funkin'. The dialogue of one of Mommy Mearest's backup dancers is obscured by an advertisement reading "FORTNITE — FREE GAME" in a way that makes him look like he's saying what's on the advertisement. End transcription.

    Is Fallout serie on Prime Video good or bad ?
  • I haven't watched the TV series, but I'm a big enthusiast of the games.

    I'd say start at the start, especially if you're alright with more old-school games. The first two are (sometimes punishingly hard) isometric RPGs that I personally had a blast playing. Some of the later games have little references to them that you might miss, too.

    Get Fallout 2 on GOG instead of Steam if you can, the version on Steam is the censored European version that removes all the child characters and quite a bit of content with them (since you had the option to kill them in the game's open world environment, despite the game heavily penalising child murder).

    If turn-based combat and 90s graphics really repulse you (totally fair, I know they're not everyone's cup of tea), you could try playing the 3D games instead, which are essentially first-person RPGs with FPS elements. Fallout 3 is alright, the story isn't that good, and the gunplay just feels a bit off, but the environments are really well-crafted and are fun to traverse.

    If you have to play one Fallout game though, I would pick Fallout New Vegas. It's mostly made by the guys who made the first two games, and they really really knocked the ball out of the park. It's still got the slightly awkward gunplay of the third game, but everything else is really well done. The story especially is probably one of the best video game narratives I've experienced (putting it up there with those of Disco Elysium and Undertale).

    I haven't played Fallout 4, so I can't really give you any recommendation there.

  • Using ChatGPT with Linux
  • This isn't even a Linux thing. You AI bros just fucking suck in general.

  • Testing request: Fedora 40 on NVIDIA RTX 3000 series GPUs
  • Odd. I run Fedora 39 as my daily driver (and Fedora 38 before that) with a 3060 ti and I've never had any problems with it on that scale.

  • This week in KDE: Explicit Sync
  • To my knowledge, we'll have to wait for proprietary drivers to support this, which will take a few months iirc

  • Metapod Rule
  • Yeah, it was probably autocorrect

  • Metapod Rule
  • Metapod is a Pokémon

  • Do you daily drive Wayland, if so since when, if not when will you?
  • Seconding this. XWayland is literally unusable with my 3060 Ti, while I've been having very few problems with X11. Hopefully explicit sync support is added before Fedora 40 drops

  • What is the dumbest reason to kill somebody?
  • We didn't exactly stop the Nazis through polite conversation

  • Now all these f*ing zoomers are telling me that I'm out of touch!?
  • I was on r/196, and that's what the people from r/195 were saying

  • Now all these f*ing zoomers are telling me that I'm out of touch!?
  • Hey there you could've taken two seconds to read my profile and seen I have my pronouns listed there instead of just misgendering me

  • Nazi rule

    Image transcription: an screenshot of a Twitter exchange.

    A Tweet from @poppy_haze reads "German General Heinz Guderian, while being interrogated by the Americans, broke down crying explaining how the US paratroopers guarding the prison, would chase him from his cell to the showers screaming 'RUN NAZI, RUN! FASTER NAZI! FASTER!'"

    @Hanasaku_Yuri responds with a post on r/Fortnite edited to read: "I. FUCKING. HATE. ALLIED. CAPTIVITY. The Paratroopers at the prison make me run up and down the halls and shout go Nazi boy go"

    End transcription.


    Image transcription: a meme captioned "is it really worth it?" Below is a diagram that claims ice blocks are actually harvested from the wings of V1 from Ultrakill. End transcription.


    Image transcription: a meme captioned "this would catch a lot of you". It features an image of a cute plush of Snoopy from the Peanuts comic strip positioned on a mousetrap as bait. End transcription.

    Yakuza rule

    Image transcription: a screenshot of a Twitter post by @YUYA_FUNGAM1. It reads "every time i see this fucking image i think its a yakuza screenshot without fail". Attached is a still from iCarly of a man standing next to a vending machine, his slight resemblance to Yakuza protagonist Kiryu and the third-person perspective of the frame indeed giving the illusion of the still being from a Yakuza game. End transcription.

    Scott the Rule

    Image transcription: a cartoon taking place outside an American high school. A stereotypical jock jabs a spectacled nerd (who bears a resemblance to the YouTuber Scott the Woz) while two of his other peers smirk from behind him. The jock states "Holy shit it's Scott the woz", the nerd responding "Hey all, Scott here". End transcription.

    Deep sea ruleture

    Image transcription: an image of an orange cat with many long, thick, protruding whiskers reminiscent of barbs. The caption reads "Deep sea creature:". End transcription.


    Image transcription: a photo of the screen of an Android phone with the system's built in calculator open. A popup states: "You are permanently banned from using Calculator", with an "OK" button for the user to press. End transcription.

    Silly rule :3

    Image transcription: the caption reads: '"quit playing" — my silly ass:' Below this caption is an image of a cat edited to be wearing a propeller hat and licking a lollipop. End transcription.


    Image transcription: a meme that reads"I wish windows had a universal hotkey to open linkedin on my default browser ctrl + shift + alt + win + L:" below is an image of Mercy from Overwatch holding her hand out in a gesture that suggests offering aid. End transcription.


    Image transcription: A Tweet by @fart, reading: "in like 2012 cnn had a store where you could buy shirts featuring any current news headlines and i wore this around san jose for like 3 years". Attached is an image of a black T-shirt reading: "Bleeding, greasy man stuck in vent". End transcription.


    Image transcription: A screenshot of a Tweet by @Terror_Alarm, with images of Pope Francis and the transgender flag attached. The Tweet reads: "🇻🇦🏳️‍⚧️ His Holiness Pope Francis to finally allow #transgender Catholics to be baptized, the Vatican announced. It is a major step for trans inclusion, very big and good news for millions of Christians." Quote-tweeting this, @cungadero responds "he finally played his copy of undertale". End transcription.


    Image transcription: A screenshot of a Tumblr post by smol-blue-bird. The post reads: "sometimes when I'm bored, I go through the list of recent bad faith Wikipedia edits that have since been reverted. a lot of them are politically contentious/offensive topics that attract crazies and trolls in general but sometimes there are completely innocent inoffensive articles that people attack for no reason. some guy yesterday vandalized the article on the chemical element francium". Below is an attached screenshot showing the markdown of the article, reading "Francium is a stupid element". End transcription.

    Girls night rule

    Image transcription: an image of five clown shoes touching tips in a circle. The caption reads "💖 Girls night out 💖". End transcription.

    Voice Ruler

    A screenshot of a tweet from @zumo_zd, which reads "I like it when this happens". The attached image is a drawn mock-up of an IMDb-style page of "Popular Voice Actor Man, known for Lord Darkness Edgeman from Blood Dying and Screaming". On his list of roles, this casting is listed, but he is also listed as voicing "Fish" from "Adventures of little fish in bowl". End transcription.

    New transition goals rule

    Image transcription: a screenshot of the untextured, unused, female Soldier model from Team Fortress 2. End transcription.

    Rulationship with Reality

    Image transcription: a section of a Wikipedia article titled "Relationship with Reality". It reads "From a scientific viewpoint, elves are not considered objectively real. [3] However," End transcription.

    Happy Video Game Rule

    Image transcription: a Tweet by @KirbyCheatFurby with an image of the Angry Video Game Nerd attached. The text reads: "this game is a piece of chocolate! i'd rather play this game than not play it. i truly know what they were thinking." End transcription.

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