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Issue with KDE Plasma 5 and Spotify
  • I use Debian 12. I use Spotify. And I don't have this issue.

    What I have had is various issues with kernel 6.1.0-21. I'm currently using 6.1.0-18 on my laptop and 6.1.0-15 on my desktop and the issue I had are gone. Because of my experience, I'd suggest trying those kennels.

  • I'm giving up — on open source - Blog
  • I wasn't implying criticism isn't allowed.

    But opinions on what somebody should do with their time and project are just that.

    Feedback must be given in a respectful way or it's not effective. That often doesn't happen with open-source projects and until we change the culture around open-source, this is going to just keep happening.

    Opinions ate like assholes. Everybody has one. Doesn't mean its relevant or important. The number of intelligent people who confuse opinion with fact never fails to astound me.

  • I'm giving up — on open source - Blog
  • I agree.

    Playing Devils Advocate it sounds like the options, for them, would be to stop providing a non-paying version entirely.

    I understand where they are coming from but providing an open source version that won't get timely security updates feels like it would be more trouble than it's worth to use.

    If they only want to work on a version that pays for their time I'd suggest they make the whole thing closed source.

  • I'm giving up — on open source - Blog
  • The self-entitlement in open-source has to stop. This is only one example of a maintainer quitting. There are many more.

    And the shaming of projects who want to make money to sustain their projects also has to stop. Nothing is free. Somebody is paying for it in time, resources or money.

    If you don't like what a project is doing, or how they're monetizing, don't use it. Move on.

  • Why is folder sharing between host and guest in KVM so hard?
  • I ended up going to VMware Workstation as it just works. I could never get KVM to share between Linux and Windows host / guest no matter what I tried. Samba wasn't an option for me to use.

    I'm really glad there seems to now be a potential solution in wsdd2.

  • Heliboard goes into 1.0
  • Been using this for about 3 months or so. The one piece missing is good swipe word recognition - its really poor compared to Gboard even after this amount of time. I spend more time correcting words than I saved nor typing them. Used swipe with Gboard for many years previously so I know hope swipe works.

    Any suggestions on how to improve it?

  • For a Universal Declaration on Fediverse Rights, or: At the Core of the Threads-Debate lies a deeper problem: how can the Fediverse grow without losing its soul in the process?
  • I think your confusing me with somebody who cares what your view of your actions is, or what your expectations on the internet is.

    All you've done is complain about me posting my opinion. Not the actual opinion. But that I just posted it.

    If you don't agree with me, that's cool. But try to use a few more brain cells to make it a constructive argument that we can discuss rather than the childish bullshit you've posted so far.