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New Open Source law in Switzerland
  • I'm curious who is the arbitrator for what's a valid security concern or not. If it's done by an independent group, it might make it harder to get around. If it's self disclosed, then yeah nothing will change

  • I’ve got a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty baby, and I’ll write your name: Just Stop Oil paint private jets hours after Taylor Swift’s lands
  • No, because I don't agree with their methods... Just like any extremist group might have a good message but doesn't mean I agree with them bombing oil pipelines or kidnapping people

    Attacking rocks does nothing to progress their cause... Attacking things in the environment doesn't even line up with their cause of wanting to protect the environment

    As long as they stick to actually attacking the companies and groups that actually are the cause of the problems, I would support their methods and as a result, them as a group

  • I’ve got a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty baby, and I’ll write your name: Just Stop Oil paint private jets hours after Taylor Swift’s lands
  • I never once said I disagree with their message, but doesn't mean I need to agree with their methods

    If their message is that oil is bad and that government should be doing more, they should be targeting oil companies, lobbyists, government officials, companies that have excess waste and chemical use (coke im looking at you)... Not heritage listed stuff that's mostly maintained by volunteers

  • I’ve got a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty baby, and I’ll write your name: Just Stop Oil paint private jets hours after Taylor Swift’s lands
  • Going after a painting that's behind glass is VERY different to going after the stone henge that has no protective layer, and most importantly of all, has nothing to do with the target of their cause

    saying it destroyed the stone henge is a major exaggeration, saying it did no damage is also just as wrong. The English heritage society emphasised that it was only no VISIBLE damage left, however they also said it did cause damage.

    It's just like how you can't touch walls in caves because any change in the oils and stuff in our skins can cause long term damage even though there's no immediate visible damage

  • Apple announced RCS with a whimper when it should have been a bang
  • Samsung messages was using RCS since 2012... Years before Google messages adopted it.

    There are others out there that use it but call it by different names like "advanced messaging", "SMS+" etc

    Google was the first to add e2e encryption and push it hard though, but if you send a RCS message from Google messages to Samsungs messages app, it won't have e2e, and most likely will be the same with messaging Apple.

    But given how much Apple have fought to make it hard (or at least inconvenient) to message between them, and shut down any apps that made messaging between Apple and Android better, this is a big step for Apple

  • [Solved] Help wanted
  • It's been a while since I used my resin printer, but I had a similar problem at one point and it came down to the support connection to the print... No matter how many supports I put, it didn't change the outcome, but when I made the support thicker and made the connection point thicker, suddenly I had no more problems... It just meant a little extra post processing on some parts

  • Valve faces a £656 million lawsuit in the UK for 'overcharging 14 million PC gamers'
  • Given that steam let's you sell keys on other platforms (like gog, gmg, etc) and activate them on steam, and have steam handle all the heavy work of file distribution and stuff, it makes sense that steam wouldn't want you to sell steam keys cheaper on other platforms and make them wear all the cost of distribution... Otherwise they'd get no sales and end up with all the expense

    The only other choice would be to no longer allow you to get steam keys to sell on other platforms or even to give away for review purposes or things like that.

  • PowerColor uses NPUs to lower GPU power consumption and improve frame rates in games
  • My guess is similar to Intel XeSS where that's pretty much what it does, runs the game at lower resolution and uses the npu to upscale it in real-time

    The biggest difference that this might bring is IF it can work with any game rather than just specific ones

  • Study Finds That 52 Percent of ChatGPT Answers to Programming Questions Are Wrong
  • I was recently asked to make a small Android app using flutter, which I had never touched before

    I used chatgpt at first and it was so painful to get correct answers, but then made an agent or whatever it's called where I gave it instructions saying it was a flutter Dev and gave it a bunch of specifics about what I was working on

    Suddenly it became really useful..I could throw it chunks of code and it would just straight away tell me where the error was and what I needed to change

    I could ask it to write me an example method for something that I could then easily adapt for my use

    One thing I would do would be ask it to write a method to do X, while I was writing the part that would use that method.

    This wasn't a big project and the whole thing took less than 40 hours, but for me to pick up a new language, setup the development environment, and make a working app for a specific task in 40 hours was a huge deal to me... I think without chatgpt, just learning all the basics and debugging would have taken more than 40 hours alone

  • 2 month update on my adopted braincell

    Some here might remember my post from a couple of months ago when I first took Lexi home. She was handed in by her previous family due to their existing cat being very aggressive towards her. She had been sitting in the cage at the pound for 2 months when I adopted her.

    It took a little bit to get used to me but now won't leave my side. As soon as I get on the computer, she jumps up and lays down at the side of the keyboard, which makes working difficult lol

    I have a question for the community though, she seems very scared of all males other than me. She is fine with any women (she's especially loves my grandma and insists we go visit her next door daily). Is this normal for cats to be scared of men or is it likely something happened to her at the previous home?


    On her way to her new forever home

    Previous owners handed her in after their other cat was getting violent towards her


    Bug - app not using local or instance timezone

    If I open the jerboa app and look at top posts for last 6 hours, all posts show no older than 6 hours ago (utc+10)

    If I load up my local instance website, same thing (utc+10)

    In boost, all the exact same posts say 16-20 hours ago which would be UTC-4 time?


    nginx proxy manager alternatives

    I've been running several instances nginx proxy manager for a while and using a python script I wrote to keep them synchronised but lately I've been having them crash more often than usual.

    I'm tossing up between rebuilding it to aim for better stability or looking at an alternative, so figured I'd ask the community for alternatives

    Ideally I would like the ability to have 2 or more instances synchronised but not really important as long as they can share the same certificates

    Doesn't need any other fancy features as it's mostly for my internal services with just a few opened for outside access


    Seems swag might be worth a look, thanks all