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Many of you may have heard of the Youtuber Shadiversity's homophobia but there's another.
  • Living Anachronism doesn't sound much like homophobic. As a queer I feel authorized to say tho homophobic is homophonic with homophonic. Don't see why straights shouldn't be allowed to categorize things tho. The real idiots are people who engage arguments using someone elses grammar mistakes. It does seem like his "pseudo-intellectual bullshit" is just that and not even real acknowledgement of the problem, solely for not taking you serious. Sorry if that's the case. Hope ya find some cool people enjoining the same cool stuff.

  • HRT questions?
  • I was pretty much debating being trans my entire life, not really accepting it. One of the things that weirdly helped me was a meme being pretty much like "if you're okay/considering HRT you're prolly trans. Cis dudes are pretty scarred of estrogen." So kinda feels like I was cool with HRT before I was with being trans, I guess. Tho first day of it, it took me quite a while to actually start and was a bit hard to do that.

  • Who else is hyped for Creators in Fashion happening in 15 Hours?
  • Idk ZHC became pretty annoying, with child content gameshowifing art, in the way that makes the art unimportant. All I'm saying should at least have one YouTuber involved, who designed a dress with hidden compartments for knifes.

  • sin/virtule results
  • Gowther isn't really horny, personally my favorite character and a great backstory. In that anime most of the sins got their powers by basically doing the opposite of their sin, I guess. (Fullmetal Alchemist has a horny Lust sin)

  • sin/virtule results
  • As far as I know, the animal symbols are taken from the anime. The Lust character (Gowther) doesn't seem to have a backstory connection to goats, exepct maybe depictions of horned armor. The only reason I could find for the goat choice is, evil devil goat thingies.

  • Game derulepment
  • Boneraiser kinda did that already. But reverse a vampire surivor. You are the enemies. You create hordes of monsters (amount of kinda, maybe even some individual changes you can make per monstertype or just frankenstein them together). You can change their strategy in attacking and formation. And most importantly you the money you gather you can use to support and upgrade the heroes making them stronger and dropping more experience as a result. Oh, and then simply make it an MMORPG, thankies.