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The truth...
  • I did watch Dexter and sided with a psychopath, but I wouldn't in real life.... or would I???? :-D

    Stupid take, I don't know this person so not even sure which side he is talking about since all the sides use this argument precisely because people are stupid enough to make political decisions based on movies.

  • Over 90 malicious Android apps with 5.5M installs found on Google Play
  • great policy from google and the researchers, now we can be paranoid about ALL the apps...

    I have been trying to avoid installing apps for a while and use web when possible, I guess I wasn't overreacting... but man is it hard, as everyone and their mom want you to install their app, even if its a simple web wrapper most of the times...

  • Second Boeing whistleblower dies suddenly
  • When you see in movies that the bad guy is bold AF and kills indiscriminately yet no-one seems to be doing nothing you think: meh, that is so unrealistic

    yet here we are...

    we just need a real life Liam Neeson that would kill all the bosses of Boeing, given that law is useless against the rich and powerful.

  • What animal could you take in a fight?
  • If the animal is bigger than my pinky finger I would probably just run the other way, so I hope I don't get asked this.

    This doesn't mean that at that size or smaller I would win, just that we can start talking about it.

  • Tim Sweeney emailed Gabe Newell calling Valve 'you assholes' over Steam policies, to which Valve's COO replied internally 'you mad bro?'
  • I know we happen to be a minority, but given how much valve has done for linux gaming, I'm happy to vote and support them with my wallet.

    For reference, before they started giving a good linux experience I didn't buy games for more than 15 years, so is not like the game developers were going to get 100% of the money I'm paying for games now, the choice is to get 70% or nothing because I wouldn't play their games. Not only that, if the proton compatibility layer fails, I'm very confident that steam's refund policy has my back, again, without this policy I wouldn't buy games.

    Remember, not everyone is you, and not everyone plays games the way you do.

  • They're just big fans of the cuisine or something.
  • never take the internet as a reference, I went to Thailand last year and did not see anything weird.

    internet reality is not real life reality.

    if narrow minded people judge you for something you didn't do just because of some generalised idea, then maybe is better not to be friends with those people. I've travelled alone and not alone to many places, and none of my friends ever thought ill of me.

    Whatever the internet kids think I really don't give a shit, as you shouldn't either.

    Man, I really hate gatekeeping.

  • They're just big fans of the cuisine or something.
  • I was with my family (mom, cousins, etc etc) in Thailand this summer too and we didn't see anything weird either, and the country, food and temples were amazing, and everything was very safe. (it was very nice to see my mom and aunt/uncles, on their 60s, visit such exotic place, they had a wonderful time)

    But don't get triggered, people that do memes like these are mostly teenagers that think that "old people" should just stay home. These people probably never went on vacation outside their country anyway, I always found out that people that have travelled abroad tend to be more open minded and do less generalisations.

    The only tragedy here is if someone is not aware of the rat kids on the internet, and memes/ideas like this prevent them to travel and see there is world out there, and is not as painted in the internet, everything is way more normal.

    So, if someone of any age reads this, I can't talk for Philippines since I haven't been there, but Thailand is amazing and not at all as painted here. Careful with the sun though, sunburns could be quite brutal.

  • Reddit has never turned a profit in nearly 20 years, but filed to go public anyway
  • honestly, it has the word AI somewhere in their last year activities, even if they don't do it themselves.

    Investors are dumb as fuck, they know nothing about anything other than keywords and hype trains, so with the AI keyword they might go crazy on this.

    I keep saying it, the stock market is a mistake for humanity, it doesn't make sense to put a gambling house in the core of the world economy.

  • Just for backup
  • there is a risk of pressing "stop" instead of snooze or not hearing the alarm at all, I'm with OP on this one, I tend to go 2 or 3 depending on how tired I am, but never 1 xD

  • Is there something you lack in Wayland but have in xorg?
  • o wow didn't know this. such horrible design decision! So if I understood correctly ALL the apps that want to screenshot need to write independent code for each desktop environment??? I was just mostly ignoring Wayland until becoming mature, but now I actively dislike it with passion.

    So, if this is true and I understand correctly, it means that if I chose to use Xfce (as I do), I'll have to hope really hard that zoom, skype, slack, discord... decide to provide support for not only linux,.... but XFCE or give up and abandon XFCE? yeah f*** Wayland, they really didn't think about the open source community when designing their solution. I don't wat to even think of people that use other smaller desktop managers...

    I mean, screen sharing is basic functionality these days, in the interview for my current job I needed to use.. I think it was teams. Is not even something you can chose, is bad enough to be exclusive linux user as it is, always wondering if in such cases something will not work.

    Honestly, long live Xorg. if deprecated and I have to switch to gnome/kde or lose functionality I might as well switch to windows after 20 something years of not using it.

  • AMD GPUs are cursed for me
  • Thanks for the advice, but a distro change for me would be a huge annoyance. I haven't have issues with my laptop's 1060 nvidia on Arch, and never had issues with the proprietary driver.

    My worry is that even though mature GPU are probably well supported, I bought a relatively new one (4070 super ti) so maybe the new models have some issues due to having more features/being more extreme. Most complains here are about 30/40 models after all.