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"Impossible" soup sandwich
  • Just kidding. I don't see nothing wrong eating with cutlery or getting your fingers sticky. Just a matter of preference.

  • "Impossible" soup sandwich
  • Are we going back to definitions territory or are you willing to explore new ways of eating your food?

    By the way, for the particular case of the chicken sandwich the knife might turn out to be handy if the chicken is alive ;)

  • "Impossible" soup sandwich
  • Actually there is a bit more to it. From the cucumber I only used the skin. Also, i used sourdough bread.

  • "Impossible" soup sandwich
  • Thanks!

    I'm using sourdough bread.

  • "Impossible" soup sandwich
  • Hi, I dont have a proper recipe for this. Actually I was doing some sort of mushroom sauce for the pasta but then a few friends from my son showed up for dinner. So I sacrificed my pasta and got creative with the bread and some extra ingredients.

  • "Impossible" soup sandwich
  • Thanks for your support! Not much really. On top what you already make, it has a bit of mozzarella, some oat cream and garlic.

    I ate two of these and it felt as a complete meal.

  • "Impossible" soup sandwich
  • I love this!

  • "Impossible" soup sandwich

    While the controversy about the vegan hotdog is still goin on, I introduce you guys this beautiful "soup sandwich".

    Vegan hotdogs // Veggie "Completo Italiano"
  • Hi, that is completely right also the thing with about garlic!

    In fact, the Chileans put the avocado in top of the tomatoes and not the other way around as I did.

  • Vegan hotdogs // Veggie "Completo Italiano"
  • You got it!

    Actually, there is a real vegan sausage in the photo.

  • Vegan hotdogs // Veggie "Completo Italiano"
  • No. These are mostly made out of yellow peas and beetroot.

  • Vegan hotdogs // Veggie "Completo Italiano"
  • Hi, I like the discussion this "hotdog" generated. Let's just call it something else to avoid getting people confused.

    Actually really easy: Just get your favorite hotdog bread. The sweeter the better. Then add some mustard and get your "something else" get cozy on it (you could make your own but getting the standard one from the store is good enough). Add your avocado pasta with a little of garlic and sea salt. On top of that, get your peeled tomatoes chop in tiny pieces with a bit of coriander and make the whole thing every tastier with a bit of ketchup and vegan mayonn@ise.

    This is actually a recipe from Chile.

    P.s. if you invite them to some friends just tell them that these are boiled carrots so they don't feel disappointed ;)

  • Vegan hotdogs // Veggie "Completo Italiano"
  • Same with these vegan hotdogs, they have an autentic flavor. In my opinion, they are "a thing" on their own not pretending to replace anything.

  • Vegan hotdogs // Veggie "Completo Italiano"
  • Yes, avocado and garlic.

  • Vegan hotdogs // Veggie "Completo Italiano"
  • The abomination has mustard inside.

  • Vegan hotdogs // Veggie "Completo Italiano"

    Although it does not mention any vegan variation, there is a wikipedia article about the "completos".

    Nu har det blivit blogginlägg av min del, om ämnet Kommunikation, under en fristående hemberedskapsstudiecirkel i Näsåker den 12 maj.
  • Vad sägs om kartor (i papper själv klart)? Typ sådana som man har till hittautt. Man skulle nämna detta också.

  • Nu har det blivit blogginlägg av min del, om ämnet Kommunikation, under en fristående hemberedskapsstudiecirkel i Näsåker den 12 maj.
  • Hej, jag tycker om din inlägg. Skulle tillägga bara man behöver också nån kommunikationsschema till radio (jag t.ex använder 10 kanaler och rullar de beronde på tiden).

    Tycker om verkligen geocatching liknande idé. Tack!

    Jag har sök litte om diy eldynamo för att ladda upp radion. Har du nån bra förslag (t.ex med cykeln)

  • Google Feed alternative
  • Hi, I also use freshhrss. Self hosted, low maintenance.

    No problem with the images and the feed is quite consistent if you just tag and manage subscriptions in an ordered manner.

    I recommended you to organice your feeds being consistent in what do you want to see in the "main stream".

    P.s. also activate "mark as read" "while scrolling". If any site dumps a bunch of consecutive articles I just mark that stream as read and move on.

    Good luck!

  • Swedish rhubarb
  • No. I don't think that there is nothing special about the specie. They just grow here in Swedish soil with plenty of Swedish rain ;) The clouds bringing the rain comes from somewhere else though...

  • Swedish rhubarb

    It seems that I'm into sweet stuff lately...

    This was Sunday's dinner...
  • Dessert for dinner ;)

  • Lemmy funktionalitet

    På nån anledning kan jag inte se nån inlägg eller kommentär när jag är inloggad.


    Jag kan lässa utan problem alla 12 post och 90 kommentarer när jag är utlogad.

    Någon som vet hur att fixa detta?