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Be still my beating tastebuds
  • Honestly, I think thats just nonsense.

    Everyone is very much aware that Oat Milk and Soy Milk and all the other non-dairy milks don't have any cow juice in them

    Just the name itself makes it clear.

    It's as equally stupid, in my opinion, as the argument that we shouldn't call a vegetarian or vegan burger a "burger" because people might think it has meat when it doesn't.

    It's all a play by the dairy and meat industries to make vegan alternatives sound unappetising, and it's very transparent.

  • Be still my beating tastebuds
  • Hasn't it always been called rapeseed in the UK?

    As I understand it, canola oil as a term is used predominantly only in the US and Canada, with canola itself being a portmanteau of Can -adian and Oil

  • Dredge: Indie Darling to Get its Very Own Live-Action Movie
  • Movies don't always have to adapt the story directly, and sometimes its best not to.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the movie just takes the universe, lore and 'vibe' and builds an original story on top of that.

  • Was super excited to see the 5.0 changes. Until I discovered my long time base is completely ruined and our 'home' system planets have changed.
  • I once lost a Minecraft multiplayer world that me and a friend had put hundreds of hours each into, and that got me so upset and depressed it was ages before I could go back to the game. So I think I get how you're feeling.

    It's a funny sense of loss isn't it, a strange hollow in the stomach that is weirdly like mourning. Some people might be inclined to laugh and say you're overreacting, and ask "How can you be so upset over something in a game, that isn't even real?" - but what's real is rather subjective, isn't it.

    Sure, the place wasn't real, but the energy and creativity and care you put into it was real, and the time you spent there together with your spouse was real too.

    Sucks that 5.0 had to do you dirty like this. I hope you enjoy your time away, and come back when you're feeling it again.

  • Anon notices
  • Owning a dog is the intersection between thinking dogs are the best, and actually having the time, energy and headspace to look after one.

    If dogs looked after themselves like cats do, I'd be inclined. But then they wouldn't be dogs, I suppose.

  • Intel can't stay silent for much longer
  • I'm sure what Intel are doing right now is having both their tech people and their lawyers frantically explore any and every option which might let them get out of this.

    Which is why there is radio silence, because they don't want to make any statement which admits liability, or even acknowledges the problem.

    But yes, if the problem is real they had better suck it up and recall the whole lot.

  • Bad news: Playstation is starting to block their games from running on Proton. Playstation Overlay is blocked on Linux in Ghost of Tsushima. The same thing happened with the Concord beta.
  • The point here is that the anticheat solution needs to be written for a specific operating system because it runs "outside" the game in a privileged way to try and detect cheating.

    So they have anticheat on Windows, and their own consoles will have a different anticheat system that is specific for the console OS.

    Running games on Linux via Proton is effectively an emulation or translation layer, and the Windows-specific anticheat is not going to work with that.

    If Sony wanted to provide multiplayer support on Linux they'd also have to provide a native Linux implementation of the whole game, rather than relying on Proton, which sadly not many publishers are doing at all. So its technically quite understandable why this isn't possible.

    Now, personally I think client anticheat is garbage and they should not be depending on that as a solution anyway, but that's a separate argument!

  • Elongated plots in Hungary
  • You see a lot of elongated lots in the UK here as well, and this only a guess but I suspect the reason is likely to do simply with the practicalities of property development and land sale.

    If you own a plot of land and want to put houses on it, then obviously the way to get the most houses on it would be to divide it into square lots, and build new access roads as necessary so each house has road connection. This also means building out the associated utilities like electricity and water and telecom that run under the road. Doing this is really expensive, and you may not have the means. It may also be legally prohibited to build new road.

    So you have this piece of land and for whatever reason you can't build road, what do you do? You subdivide along the existing road that's already there so everyone has access and just enough width for a house. And that's what this looks like.

  • Hollywood’s still relying on sequels at the box office
  • Oh yeah, for sure.

    It's undeniable that sometimes producers will intentionally choose to "spread out" an idea into multiple movies when it could be one, specifically because they know it's a lucrative IP and they figure they can make more money that way.

    I didn't touch on that because my comment was getting long enough already, but personally I'd consider those as something of a 'middle ground' between an unplanned and financially motivated sequel, and a truly planned and needed continuation.