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timewarp John Richard
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Price gouging
  • No I agree... but ultra-wealthy business owners historically raise their prices during election season when a Democrat is President to try to get people to vote Republican so they can acquire even more wealth.

  • Now no one goes
  • I could see Republican congressmen saying the same thing. It wouldn't surprise me one bit.

  • Comer blasted Biden for email aliases — after doing same to hide Chinese weed fumble
  • Fair... but even I love my coke zero. The kind of coke they do though seems to make them sniff a lot when they talk.

  • Price gouging
  • There is one way you can vote everyday, and that is with your wallet. If I see you buying a Tesla... I'm going to assume you want Trump to win. Where you spend your money matters.

  • Kari Lake's election challenge lawyer suspended from practicing in Arizona
  • The same Kari Lake that admitted in court that she was a liar? These Republicans will say anything until it comes time to actually show evidence in court, then they admit they have nothing.

  • Man banned from The Las Vegas Sphere after lighting up a bong during a Phish show
  • Okay... I get how others around him may have not liked the smoke, but when it comes to drugs... why is alcohol accepted?

  • Comer blasted Biden for email aliases — after doing same to hide Chinese weed fumble
  • They need Trump to win so they can keep getting their coke (and no not the kind you drink).

  • Rabbi coming thru with the language of fellow nerds to put things into context...
  • But sir, just because we (Israel) killed thousands of women and children prior to the war isn't relevant as to why they attacked us.

  • Justice Clarence Thomas Acknowledges He Should Have Disclosed Free Trips From Billionaire Donor
  • If Democrats win Senate & House in 2024, they better freaking make it a priority to change the laws about Supreme Court justices.

  • Trump judge alerts lawyers to social-media post from ‘juror’s cousin’ saying a conviction was in the bag
  • Furthermore, it is expected that the comment "my cousin is a juror and says Trump is getting convicted" will be the Trump legal defense teams' strongest argument on appeal. (Parody)

  • Trump Threatens Public 'Breaking Point' If Jailed. Schiff Says He's 'Inciting Violence'
  • I'd honestly love to see a new trove of his supporters getting arrested and locked away and then apologizing with crocodile tears.

  • A Holocaust museum cut a survivor from its speaker's list — for protesting the war in Gaza
  • For a long time Holocaust education has been more about getting sympathy in order to commit more genocide, but nothing to do with learning to prevent it.

  • California sheriff quips he’s ‘changing teams,’ urges support for ‘convicted felon’ Trump
  • Riverside County... Is that also known as Meth County? Explains why people vote for him..

  • Sanders reups vow to boycott ‘war criminal’ Netanyahu’s address to Congress
  • I am very much against Trump, but merely talking about Biden supporting genocide which is truthful shouldn't trigger you so much. Be mad at the Democratic party if you don't like people talking about the truth. The only reason you are scared of Trump winning is because of stupid decisions by the Democratic party, not because of people telling the truth about Biden.

  • Sanders reups vow to boycott ‘war criminal’ Netanyahu’s address to Congress
  • Democrats are too scared to stand up to Israel. If you get on their bad side then they'll label you as an antisemitic and fund campaigns with that message. Israel requires people over the age of 18 to join their army, including cyberwarfare operations like Unit 8200.

    A lot of people when they view social media they don't try to make their own judgements, but instead look at the top comments to try to form an opinion. They want to be able to fit in and believe that social media is a good indicator of what is the correct way to think about something. Since Israel frequently targets social media, the top comments regarding subjects that impact a persons opinion on Israel are usually crafted to support Israel.

    Biden knows standing up against Israel would likely destroy his campaign. However, in this case, his support for Israel and genocide is likely to result in a close election that may end up ruining his campaign as well. The best option Democrats have is another candidate, but they know they'd need someone strong like Bernie and they are also bound to their corporate donors, so they'd rather have a Trump win than present a candidate that is more progressive that would impact their donors who they are loyal to.

  • The kids are alright
  • That is her phone background. She likes Pennywise so much she is trying to look like him.

  • [rule] of law
  • Look at what they said and did in regards to Hunter Biden, and what they say and do now. They are total hypocrites that don't believe any rules apply to them, but only to other people.

  • X planning town hall with Donald Trump as Elon Musk reportedly gets cozy with the former president
  • None. Musk can't be President so he is willing to try to make a deal with Trump where he sucks his dick to control the office.

  • Anyone else have their account terminated or got through to support?

    About a month ago I got a notification that my subscription had been refunded and then another email that my account was terminated:

    > You are receiving this email because we have identified suspicious activity on your account. In order to protect our platform, we have refunded and canceled your subscription. You will no longer have access to ChatGPT Plus service.

    This was after using the service for two months. I emailed and sent them a message almost immediately since I could prove my identity, but they haven't responded back in almost a month. Their customer support appears to be non-existent.

    I keep wanting to sign back up, but I'm still pissed about it. I'm guessing it is because I used a virtual card when I signed up and they don't stay active for very long so I have to create a new one for each month of service. Usually I just get a failed payment notification and update my payment info with a new one which pulls from my bank account.

    It sucks not being able to use the service though because it was so helpful at helping with programming tasks and Bard isn't nearly as good. Has anyone had any luck getting through to support?

    2 Clark County approves body-worn cameras for sheriff’s office

    The Clark County Council unanimously approved body-worn cameras for the sheriff's office at its regular meeting Wednesday.

    Glad to see some improvement. I still don't trust the department, but they're making progress.

    0 Suspect fatally shot by Vancouver police aimed at officers, possibly fired, body camera footage shows

    Vancouver Police Chief Jeff Mori released the footage of three Vancouver police officers on Friday.

    Such a tragic incident! Glad to see the police wearing body cams though.


    Summer Fest’s Picnic in the Park - Saturday, July 1

    Summer Fest’s Picnic in the Park is back for its second year!

    Saturday, July 1, 2023 \ 11 am – 8 pm \ Fort Vancouver Historic Reserve

    The Fort Vancouver National Site will be filled with celebration and fun with a full day of activities for families and people of all ages.

    Free and open to all, Picnic in the Park will feature two stages with live music and entertainment, games on the lawn, magicians, face painting and fun for the whole family.

    Bring a picnic or purchase tasty food from local vendors, along with beer and cider tastings for those 21 and over in the beer garden.


    Muse - Uprising [Official Video]

    Muse has a special place in my heart for their anthemic-style and spot on lyrics. This song is about rising up against the system and fighting back.


    Astronomyy - Pack Of Wolves

    This song reminds me of the users out there just trying to bring us down and take our spirit. Don't let them! Set boundaries and keep the wolves away.


    Uncle Lucius - Keep The Wolves Away (Official Video)

    This song is about facing poverty and the abuse of corporations. It motivates me to keep going forward and strive for a better future.


    Atmosphere - Guarantees (Official Video)

    This song is about struggles and hardship. It reminds me of the challenges many people face and that I must never forget the individual.


    The Butterfly Effect - Worlds On Fire

    Great song when you're feeling alone and down! Sometimes you have to be your own advocate. Sometimes change starts with you.


    Highly Suspect - My Name Is Human [Official Video]

    This song pumps me up and reminds me that despite the issues we face, we shouldn't give up and conform to the expectations of the oppressors.


    Broken Bells - Good Luck (Official Video)

    This song helps me keep hope for the future while reminding me to stay vigilant in the day


    Camas Car Show - June 24th Camas Car Show - June 24th, 2023

    Come stroll the beautiful streets of historic Downtown Camas and enjoy the many classic and custom cars and trucks that fill the town. Old favorites and new discoveries in this 16th annual event. Always an exceptionally fun time! This event is held the last Saturday of June from 2-7:00pm. June 24th,...

    Check out the official Downtown Camas Association website for the latest updates. Camas is not considered Vancouver, but is still part of the larger community

    Camas Car Show – June 24th, 2023 \ June 24 @ 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm

    Come stroll the beautiful streets of historic Downtown Camas and enjoy the many classic and custom cars and trucks that fill the town. Old favorites and new discoveries in this 16th annual event. Always an exceptionally fun time!

    This event is held the last Saturday of June from 2-7:00pm. June 24th, 2023

    $20 entry fee, open event, no pre-registration necessary. The registration form is here if you’d like to print and fill out before you come!

    ALL SHOW CARS ENTER AT 5th and ADAMS. There will be limited staging areas for cars that arrive earlier than noon. Arriving after 10AM is best! Staging will be guided by parking attendants. Cars may start entering car show area at 12:00 noon. This time may flex a bit depending on volume of cars.

    CARS STAGED FIRST WILL ENTER CAR SHOW AREA FIRST. If you’re there before 12pm noon, you’ll be directed to the limited staging areas. After 12pm, cars still enter at 5th and Adams and parking attendants will lead you to the car show entrance. You must remain parked until the event ends at 7:00pm.


    Registration will start at the registration booth at 4th and Birch St. (across from Camas Antiques). Registration forms you can fill out ahead of time and bring to the show can be found here. Admission is FREE to spectators.

    Spectators, please note that the Georgia-Pacific Camas paper mill operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    If you park and block their entrances or parking lots you are putting the mill at risk of shutting down if essential deliveries cannot be made. These deliveries can occur at any time and on any day of the week including weekends and holidays. In addition, please do not park in the GP trailer lots on NE 7th and Adams Streets. These are actively used to unload and store trailers for mill operations. Thank you for keeping their entrances and parking lots open.


    Pollinator Festival This Weekend, June 24

    Check out Clark Public Utilities official website for the latest updates

    What’s all the buzz about? We’re celebrating National Pollinator Week at Clark Public Utilities with our first-ever Pollinator Festival on June 24 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    More than 25 agencies, organizations, universities, artisans and local businesses are participating in this free outdoor festival located at our Operations Center at 8600 NE 117th Ave, Vancouver, WA.

    Festival visitors can enjoy a pollinator garden tour with our friendly staff and learn how to provide food and habitat for the many varieties of pollinators native to Clark County.

    Best-selling author, professor and advocate Doug Tallamy will share his hopeful presentation on the simple solution for transforming our yards into conservation corridors for wildlife. Get a copy of Nature’s Best Hope at the festival (while supplies last), or bring your own, for Doug to sign after his talk.

    This family-friendly event will include crafts and activities for children. A demo beehive offers a close-up look at bees. Farmers market booths, seminars with local experts, food trucks and music will add to the fun.

    Mark your calendar for this lively community celebration of some of the hardest working organisms in the animal kingdom. Dress for the weather and bring your hat, water bottle and some friends!