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Just an fyi for those of you that have the 500gb model and enjoy no mans sky
  • No, not really. Of course if you are using a disk that's full you're going to have issues but as long as you have 16Gb free the performance will largely be the same for gaming.

  • Just an fyi for those of you that have the 500gb model and enjoy no mans sky
  • I mean, the 64 Gb emmc does have lower performance on load times which could pose problems on certain games beyond just lengthening loading times, but NMS isn't one of these games.

  • Just an fyi for those of you that have the 500gb model and enjoy no mans sky
  • What does the 500 Gb model have to do with anything?

  • Battlerite Freya by ALiteralCAR
  • Same feeling here. Worth noting that v rising is actually really good and there's no risk of that happening again (given the track record, with bloodline champions and battlerite) because the game has a set end. I actually highly recommend it with friends.

  • Star Citizen is free this week, if you'd like to try it
  • Sure, but racing games simply gate your progression for gameplay purposes. Here I'm just working at a job to eventually be able to afford my own ship, and I already do that for a house in real life. The progression isn't gated by game mechanics, it's gated by landlordism and capitalism. If I wanted to work a space job I'd just go played eve.

  • Adding Mods to Games
  • Set a launch option:

    WINEDLLOVERRIDES="dllname.dll=n,b" %command%

    This is for steam (I don't think %command% works in heroic) but if you have access to winecfg in your prefix, you could also add the override through there.

  • Star Citizen is free this week, if you'd like to try it
  • Ah great, space labor for when my earth labor day is over and I really need to unwind.

  • The circle of life
  • And yet, a sense of the true self exists in the false self.

  • Weshesh? Lukka? Peleset? Give me some help here.
  • This is so far beyond meme misuse that it's unclear what even is the message you're trying to convey

  • 98% compatibility
  • Good même but you can very much run lol on Linux. It's weird around the edges especially in the launcher but it's definitely playable.

  • Recurring issue in corporate wifi on windows 11 computers
  • I assume the thing doing the auth for wifi is a radius server. Radius servers have a cache, and they may interrogate any domain controller to validate credentials. I am quite rusty on radius, but there should be a setting for it to have a lower cache time, to the cost of more traffic and shorter resiliency if all domain controllers are down.

  • Israeli weapons packed with shrapnel causing devastating injuries to children in Gaza, doctors say
  • Name one instance in which it's ever ok for a bomb of any kind to be fired anywhere near children.

  • Please rate my build
  • Pretty sure the 7900 isn't exactly great value. Consider also the previous generations, I think you can often get similar performance at a lower price. Other than that nice.

  • C'est vrai que c'est le seul qui parle normalement
  • Il parle pas normalement c'est juste que son nom c'est tout son dialogue pendant la série et il recite son nom petit a petit :)

  • thanks lain (rule)
  • Unless the pineapple operator also has solved DHKE and symmetric keys in general, using https means you're safe to do whatever on public wifi.

  • Linxicon 144: "ingredient" to "living"
  • This type of game is based off a dataset that came out a few years ago, that was originally built to train AI. It's built by analysing all text fed to it (pretty much all of Google book and a very large part of the internet) and whether a word is close or not depends on how frequently the words appear near each other.

  • Linxicon 144: "ingredient" to "living"
  • Game #144 Shortest path: 4 (Avg. 4) Total words: 4 (Avg. 4) 🟦🟦🟥🟥 | 🔥 1 #Linxicon

  • Biden rejects growing pressure to abandon his campaign, vows to stay 'to the end'
  • The Overton window has shifted so far right that Biden is considered moderate-left and Harris far left.

    In any sensible country Harris's ideas are center-right at best.

  • logic gate rule


    Digitalism - Blitz Blitz - YouTube Music

    Provided to YouTube by PIAS Blitz · Digitalism I Love You, Dude ℗ V2 Music Released on: 2011-06-15 Composer: Ismail Tuefekci Composer: Jens Moelle Auto...

    Blitz - YouTube Music

    Thierry Hazard - Le jerk Thierry Hazard - Le jerk (Audio) - YouTube Music

    Le titre "le Jerk" a été certifié Disque D'or avec plus de 500 000 exemplaires vendus ---------------------------------------¬¬------ Tu peux télécharger "Le...

    Thierry Hazard - Le jerk (Audio) - YouTube Music

    rule or something


    Dont play Guild Wars but have amazon prime? share your prime gaming codes here!

    So like really i don't expect this post to go very far because most people who don't play guild wars don't go looking in guild wars communities, but I guess here's mine.


    ???: a tank that fills the role of armor-protected direct fire and maneuver in many modern armies.




    Looking for router recommendations with SFP ports

    hey all, i'm looking to replace my isp's router (i know that i can, it's basically just DHCP on a specific VLAN) with my own one and i'm looking for recommendations.

    here's what i would need out of it:

    • best price-to-performance ratio. the larger the NAT table it can keep in RAM the better (i run some things akin to ipv4 scanning)
    • OpenWRT support
    • at least one sfp port for internet access, supporting 5Gb/s.
    • at least one 1 Gb/s ethernet port
    • ideally 2-3 100Mb/s ethernet ports
    • wifi support: yes (don't need anything fancy, even 5GHz is optionnal but preffered)
    • LTE modem: dont care but nice to have

    i had a look around the OpenWRT supported devices table but since it doesn't really list ports and i need sfp, it takes a long time to go through and read german router pages.

    can anyone recommend a router that meets these at least partially?


    genderule changerule


    I have submitted an informal PR to fix images not rotating properly when posting

    If you're a Lemmy dev and reading this, the problem is in pict-rs. I have sent an email to asonix with the needed changes, please tell them to check their inbox (since I can't register on their git server, I can't submit a formal PR).

    Send me a PM if the email gets lost and I'll give you the line you need.

    If you're not a Lemmy dev: Have you encountered an image that is suspiciously rotated here on Lemmy? Perhaps you even tried posting an image that looks right yourself and found it rotated itself! Why?!

    The reason is that Lemmy strips all metadata from images you upload to it. This is because image metadata can contain, among other things, GPS coordinates or where it was taken. The problem is that when you take a picture with your phone in landscape, instead of rotating the image in memory, your phone saves the image sideways (because that's how it came off the sensor) and then adds a metadata tag that tells everyone to rotate the image as they are displaying it. You guessed it, that tag also gets deleted. In most cases, this is fine because either the picture wasn't rotated to begin with, or Lemmy image hosts actually save the properly rotated image before stripping the tag, but in some image formats, this isn't the case due to a programming oversight. I have found the fix and sent it to the person responsible for the image hosting code.

    cute dogs, cats, and other animals themoonisacheese

    lichee likes to sleep on my warm computer while I play games


    old meme