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DVDs are dying right as streaming has made them appealing again
  • That’s why you download it. Luckily iTunes m4a files are high quality and unlocked so I can instantly play them in anything, even my Synology apps.

    Video isn’t the same though. That’s all still encrypted.

  • Over half of Dems say Biden should drop out after debate
  • I’m not trying to whataboutism this. I, straight up, as a voting member of the public, don’t have any valid, electable, choices in the upcoming election that don’t require holding my nose. I’m sick of voting for the lesser evil and hoping they don’t screw things up too badly.

  • Ford 'revives' the Capri after 30 years as a four-door EV
  • The 14.6-inch vertical touchscreen Ugh, can we go back to buttons and standard sized head units already? Add another smaller display for EV status or whatever… anything but a massive touchscreen.

  • Over half of Dems say Biden should drop out after debate
  • But none of the republicans want trump to drop out? Curious.

    Can we just get a mulligan and start over in this political season? Maybe this time don’t get two old guys where one’s slow and crazy and another is a felon and crazy.

  • Planet Coaster 2 : Announcement Trailer
  • As someone who tossed 1k hrs into PC1, and half that into Planet Zoo, I’m pretty stoked about this announcement. Everyone asked for Planet Waterpark, so now we get both in one package. Hopefully they’ve been able to address some of the pain points of the first one and add in what was learned from Planet Zoo and make a polished result here, but time will tell.

    Also, hoping they continue the history of having solid soundtracks!

  • Tethered Bottle Caps
  • Right, the previous place required them to be removed because they’re different plastics. I assume the new one just automatically cuts the top of the bottle off and discards it… probably because the people using the service couldn’t be counted on to follow directions anyway. In fact that was the reason they actually gave up on city wide recycling. Too many people trying to throw non-recyclable items in the bin (like whole ladders and baby seats and greasy pizza boxes and all sorts of stuff.) They had a line literally catch fire because someone threw a lithium ion battery in the bin.

  • Tethered Bottle Caps
  • The place I lived before this would only recycle the bottle, not the cap… made this mildly infuriating as I had to do extra work every time I wanted to recycle them. Glad I can just toss the whole thing in the recycle bin now.

  • Scathing Federal Report Rips Microsoft For Shoddy Security

    0 BMW uses autonomous cars for boring, repetitive tests

    Forget robotaxis, this is for precision and repeatability.

    BMW uses autonomous cars for boring, repetitive tests

    On a large empty slab of asphalt, two BMWs take off. They drive in figure eights and along an oval path separate from each other but nearly in tandem, like two ice skaters practicing the same routine on a piece of black ice before coming to a stop.

    Neither of the cars has a driver. That's not that impressive; self-driving cars in testing environments shouldn't impress anyone at this point. Essentially the automaker tells the car to drive a route, and it does it. The important thing here is why these cars, outfitted with additional sensors, are driving along the same route again and again, each time depressing the accelerator the same amount and applying the exact amount of pressure on the brakes: They're testing hardware with the least amount of variables you can encounter outside of a lab.

    "It's boring for human drivers," says BMW's project lead for driverless development, Philipp Ludwig. When a human is asked to perform the exact same task repeatedly, the quality of the work diminishes as they lose interest or become fatigued. For a computer-controlled car, it can do this all day. And it has done exactly that.


    Four years from now, if all goes well, a nuclear-powered rocket engine will launch into space for the first time. The rocket itself will be conventional, but the payload boosted into orbit will be a different matter.