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What happens to my domain, website and email when I die?
  • 100 year registrations or "century" plans exist. Though they're expensive.

    You're not alone in this thought process.

    WordPress example

    Network solutions example

    Keep in mind, these offers are taking the risk that nothing dramatically changes with registry pricing or ICANN regulations. Who knows what they'll do with these "century" plans if they start losing money to people who might not even be alive anymore.

  • Google search boss warns employees of 'new operating reality,' urges them to move faster
  • Coming from the same guy who killed Google search according to this article.

    Coincidentally just published yesterday....

    Which contains an almost identical quote from Nick Fox (Google VP of search in 2019)

    Fox added that all three of them were responsible for search, that search was “the revenue engine of the company,” and that bartering with the ads and finance teams was potentially “the new reality of their jobs.”