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What happens to my domain, website and email when I die?

A lot of folks suggest getting your own domain name for having control over your online presence but the question that I have always had is what would happen to them when I die?

Wouldn't the domains eventually expire and anyone else would be able to register it and access my email attached to that domain? With that email, they can theoretically get into all my accounts which don't have 2FA on (a lot of the sites just don't have the option to turn on 2FA) via the 'Forgot my password' services?

Similarly, if I have a blog or website that I have poured my heart and soul into for my entire life, wouldn't that just go down forever when the domain expires? Maybe services like The Internet Archive would help in that regard but I don't know how many people are actively searching for an archived version of a website when they can't access it on it's actual domain.

I understand that after I die, all of this wouldn't by my concern and wouldn't matter but I still think about this a lot.

To the people who have their own domain, email and/or blogs, what are your thoughts on this?