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  • yeah, the idea didn't take off until the previous generation of doctors died. it's a fact that often both encourages and discourages me.

    even doctors were too stubborn to accept they may have been wrong about something so important, no matter the evidence. however, even those that are so stubborn that they'll take it to the grave will eventually be passed up by a new generation who has known of this idea since before they were born. at worst, this kind of stubbornnes is only likely to stall progress for 2 generations.

    still, millions of people died because humans are stubborn.

  • math checks out
  • yeah, but they would be better able to put an rma through for you. it is kind of on them to guarantee a working product actually. if the manufacturer gave them a faulty product it's up to them to get the manufacturer to fix it. most retailers have an entire system and process for this kind of stuff. things show up to retailers broken all the time. part of their job is to guarantee against that and deal with it if they fail to before you buy it. if you asked them to replace it with a like model that worked or for them to initiate an rma and they refused then you'd be in the right to issue a chargesback.

  • Heiroglyphs
  • some said i was destined to be a doctor with my handwriting and family. i decided to break the cycle and become a videographer that barely scrapes by. my family is... they like the videos i make of our get togethers...

    at least i haven't accidentally killed anyone.

  • Most Black Americans Believe “Racial Conspiracy Theories” About U.S. Institutions
  • i think they're differentiating between "created for that purpose originally" and "had been known to do/be".

    but even then, seems like a flawed and pointless distinction. the oldest proto police departments in America definitely included "wrangling slaves" and "making sure those free blacks don't get too uppity" in their founding ideas.

  • Tesla's unsold inventory is creating stockpiles you can see from space
  • well, like the other poster said, they're extremely heavily subsidized by the government. and the tarrifs lately have been more in response to Chinese tarrifs on import vehicles.

    the idea before this was to remove tarrifs from electric cars to create incentives to make and buy them. now the market is being intentionally flooded by heavily subsidized and tax free vehicles that you can't easily repair locally. the tarrifs are being brought back to more standard rates for imported vehicles. this kind of maneuvering around foreign tax code is something China excels at. that's where the business model for wish comes from for example. old international shipping treaties that subsidize small packages to promote trade from like the 60s.

    so part of the concern is that this is the exact playbook of mega corporations everywhere.

    1. use your massive wallet to sell at a loss for however long it takes to kill everyone else in the market
    2. be the market

    it's something that shouldn't be embraced. doesn't matter who's doing it, bezos or xi. these anti competitive market strategies aren't any better or worse because a government is involved. that's pretty much how American mega corps did it anyway. you think boeing got where the are now without subsidize from the government? Chinese ones won't be better, they'll just be more catered towards Chinese users.

    we're all just playing the suckers at the price tag game. it's the fastest road to the bottom. "this one pays its workers well, uses environmentally friendly packaging, works better, lasts longer, and doesn't cause death and suffering to be made" vs. "this one costs 5% less because we use child slaves and skip all that other bullshit". the vast majority of people will choose the cheaper one. that one will also be higher margin and that company will become big enough to buy the other.

    man, it's almost like capitalism isn't actually good for us or something.... kindness and decency are bad business

  • This is the “world’s first” phone call made using spatial audio
  • i mean, people have innovated in the areas they care already.

    no one really cares that much about audio on phone calls. as long as they're understandable.

    people added video because it adds to the communication. spatial audio will not. it will only become common if one or two of these mega corps decide to shoehorn it into ever device. not because people actually want it or care.

    might be a lucrative patent if we ever get holograms though

  • How much should an organisation reveal about a data breach?
  • i mean, i don't think anyone has actually considered including the leaked data in the leak announcement. it seems so obvious to just say which fields are leaked that i hadn't even considered that someone might think to include the data itself.

  • PSA: Alternatives for the most popular communities
  • yeah, I'll agree. the tech communities in there are not like that. it's the political ones.

    an example: they'll say something off the wall about the Ukraine war and American support for it, you'll reply with something that mentions the Americans that support and don't support it among many other things, they'll dog pile you for using the word "liberal" with the common American definition because apparently linguistic drift is illegal. theynever get off the subject and then never actually tell you their definition and how it differs.

    that's every political discussion with anyone from .ml involved. if it was just their own communities it would be fine, but it's that they go out and do that with every community that doesn't defederate.

    imagine it this way; what if "the Donald" had broken off Reddit later and made one of the largest lemmy instances. they were perfectly cordial when you were in their funny dog pictures community, but they constantly act like trump supporters in every political thread.
    obviously we'd all defederate with them. very few world even question that at this point.

    that's what this is. they're just loud, and extreme, and annoying on this one subject. we'd rather not see the Linux main community hold us captive against excising the problem.

  • PSA: Alternatives for the most popular communities
  • to me it was more the straw that broke the camel's back. every rude and unreasonable interaction i have in here is with someone from .ml. it's not even about their politics or beliefs, they're just not pleasant to have around.

    the second you try to engage them they throw the real arguments out for pedantry about definitions and using that to call people dumb instead of actually having meaningful discussion about ideas. they're the worst kind of "it's not my job to explain it to you, Google it" people too. like, i get the mindset, but it's just not going to change anyone's heart or mind. it's not how you actually win an argument.

    every person on argues like an annoying 14 year old atheist that just discovered Internet arguments and the think whole Internet is Christian. they're just shitty to be around and basically never add anything meaningful to a discussion other than "you're wrong and dumb"

  • Rent monopoly crackdown continues as FBI raids corporate landlord for 18 Arizona properties
  • honestly, if recent history was anything to go on this investigation would have never started or immediately ended, agreeing they did nothing wrong.

    you might have a point about supreme Court meddling, but this all feels new to me.

  • eSafety drops case against Elon Musk's X over church stabbing videos
  • I think democracy is already in trouble with giant mega corps controlling what we say instead.

    the risk of the government controlling it is that someone might use that for their own interest. that's the natural and inherent state of corporate interests. i think I'd rather have a chance at meaningful regulation than hand these powers over to whoever happens to have the most money right now like we're currently doing.

    it's a hard problem. the great American political experiment of free speech absolutism is crumpling in the face of New technologies that amplify lies to drown out any discourse from "the marketplace of ideas". I don't know what should be done about that. the only government we have in America was bought and sold in the 70s. right now if America tried to regulate speech in any way it would just be a new name to the same monied interests that control what can be said on these platforms now.

    idk, were probably just fucked.

  • Standard rule
  • that would be a decent assumption to jump to if you didn't know the real answer i guess...

    sorceresses in the Witcher were largely discarded children that were sick or disfigured. they eventually use magic to "fix" their bodies. many of them are obsessive about thiz and use magic to be the most beautiful person in the room because of their disfigured past.

    there is very little connection between high birth and being a sorceress in the Witcher. all of the specific examples we hear are of farm peasents being scooped up just to take the burden off their parent's hands.

    this is a bleak story, many of the sorcerers and sorceresses in it are at Best morally grey. it is not beyond most of them to take that child and experiment on them if they don't have the aptitude for magic. they are also sterile. much like witchers, they must take in outsiders to propagate.

    unless the show has its own lore or something. IDK i stopped watching after season 2 was completely its own story, unrelated to the books at all.

  • American White pelicans on a colorado lake (05-17-24)

    stopped by my favorite birding spot after work and had these fellas fly in over my head. guest appearance by a great blue heron.

    shot on sony a7siii with a tamron 150-500. all handheld and after the sun was behind the mountains, so you'll have to excuse some shakiness and focus issues.

    music: creep - original song by Radiohead - performed by scott bradlee's post modern jukebox.

    Photography thedirtyknapkin

    had some nice clouds, so i found a barn.

    shot on a7siii with a nikon Ai-s 28mm f/2.0


    sometimes night feels more like a dream...

    I'm sick as hell right now and this pulled up right outside my front door last night. stepped out to take a picture because nothing felt real for a moment. then i started coughing and kind of regretted it. worth it?


    like I'm at the exit to silent Hill...

    took this riding into Milwaukee the other day when it was foggy as hell over like a third of the county...