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Hosting wordpress in the UK
  • Is there a reason not to just host with

  • You broke your little slips
  • Both actors are awesome. But however perfect Armin Shimerman is at being Quark, very few people can beat Sir Patrick at the art of passionate orration.

  • Organic Molecules
  • Do you want people trying to do astrology based on chemical diagrams? Cuz this is how you get people to do astrology based on chemical diagrams.

  • Take Two warns investors that review bombings can hurt profits
  • And a bunch of sociopath capitalist short sellers got hard.

  • Experience with IONOS?
  • This exact thing happened to one of my clients. And it sucked because they didn't even register the domains with Ionos, they registered them with some other company that then got bought by Ionos. They were not technically savvy and didn't understand what was happening until it was way too late. They lost about 8 domains closely associated with their business and with their CEO's research.

  • Anime catfood burrito
  • Username checks out.

  • It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose
  • 12 hours?

    8 or 10. Put in my head phones, put on my audiobook, no one's bothering me.

  • RPM to APT distros correspondence
  • RHEL --> Debian in the sense that RHEL is a root distro from which the others spring. But there the similarities very much end.

  • NSFT
  • The Real Story:

    B'elanna's mom was unsatisfied and her dad felt inadequate and they just handled it really poorly.

  • Which TOS episode was this?
  • I think it's a Car Talk episode.

  • What's Some Tech That Was Better Than It Is Now?
  • You're kind of an asshole for like completely no reason aren't you? That's now what this conversation is about. By all means, continue.

  • How I explain my job
  • As a modern software engineer, I believe the second panel is also sufficient to explain my job to congress.

  • What's Some Tech That Was Better Than It Is Now?
  • Sure, that was overly broad. But I've got a BUNCH of tools in my garage and they're fine, but my dad's got a bunch of the same tools in his workshop he had when I was a kid, and they still work just as well now as they did in the 80s (I think his drill press actually used to belong to HIS dad and it's never failed me). Also, his table saw and band saw rock. I remember using them to cut things for silly projects when I was a kid and I just used the table saw the other day... same saw, great results.

    My take was all centered around "solid" and "built to last". I don't have any faith that the tools in my garage will outlast his tools. Don't see it happening. I think me inheriting his tools is more likely than my tools outlasting them.

  • What's Some Tech That Was Better Than It Is Now?
    • Facebook.
    • OKCupid.
    • Reddit
    • Netflix
    • Amazon Prime Video
    • iTunes
    • Twitter
    • Patreon
    • Everything Adobe
    • Google Voice
    • YouTube
    • Most search engines


    • MySQL
    • Redis


    • Wordpress


    • Vacuum cleaners
    • Refrigerators
    • Every power tool ever
    • Most cars
    • Airplanes (looking at you Boing)


    • Apple products


  • D&D Co-Creator Gary Gygax was Sexist. Talking about it is Key to Preserving His Legacy.
  • Sex: Dragon sexuality is a bit too much of rule34 for my games.

    r/dragonsfuckingcars has entered the chat.

  • D&D Co-Creator Gary Gygax was Sexist. Talking about it is Key to Preserving His Legacy.
  • Didn't he famously like hate actual role play too? Like for him it was all just a new and more personal format of tactical war gaming.

  • How long until society's collapse?
  • It's not going to collapse over night. Instead, things are going to get worse and worse gradually, with each step backward becoming the new normal.

    Like the proverbial frog in boiling water, we'll all just carry on until one day we're like just chilling in our debris city, hoping we don't have to sell any teeth for bottle caps in order to buy food today when some ghoul comes storming in and shoots up the place trying to murder a harmless old man with a dog, and then some naive vault dweller tries to intervene, but she only makes the problem worse and we'll all wonder how the hell we got here.

  • Dutch volleyball player Steven van de Velde on Paris Olympics team 8 years after child rape conviction
  • I'm not arguing it wasn't rape. I'm arguing

    • It's not equivilent to violent assault, or drugging or blackmail or something like that, but the word in the headline implies that it is. This is a criticism of "get clicks" journalism, not of protecting children or using appropriate language to describe things that are not OK.

    • Young people are stupid and deserve understanding and forgiveness. If there HAD been violence or blackmail or something I would not feel the same way about this.

    This does not make me some MRA bro being like "it's fine man." That's not what I'm saying. What I am is someone who has worked with and mentored a lot of young people and the culture is NOT kind to them around issues of sexuality. It's trying to get kinder, but we're still WAY too confused and reactionary and don't think about these situations on a case by case basis, we think about them like "Gross man!" And that creates tons of injustice. You don't have to like it, you don't have to be comfortable with it (you shouldn't be comfortable with stuff like this), but that doesn't mean your reactions can't feed into a problematic zeitgeist. And the news is always going to be like "rape, rape, rape (click here to learn more)!" That's not always fair, because that word can mean lots of different things (all bad, but not all equal) and our imaginations rush straight to the worst version.

    That's all I'm saying. I knew I would get comments like this when I did. To me that proves my point a little.

    What outrages me is 19 year olds going to jail for having sex with 17 year olds, or 15 year olds getting put on sex offender lists for filming themselves and sharing it on line. These things are an awful problem, that it's hard for us to talk about and address. The Right ALWAYS wants to punish sex outside their excepted social boundaries (or any opportunity they get really) and the left is like "Protect and liberate children! (for good reason) but DON'T think too hard about the edge cases because OMG protect the children!!!"

    You're right, this isn't an edge case. He violated a big boundary, took advantage of what was probably a huge power imbalance, he was definitely old enough that he should know better and he faced his consequences. And they WEREN'T that extreme because the cases aren't all equal.

    All I'm saying is maybe he doesn't deserve to live the rest of his life as a social pariah because of a case of bad judgement at 21. You won't change my mind about that. If that makes me gross to you... ok.

  • Dutch volleyball player Steven van de Velde on Paris Olympics team 8 years after child rape conviction
  • I understand why it's important to call statutory rape rape, but it creates these headlines where it sounds like this dude violently assaulted a child. He didn't. This is a case where a stupid young person went on an internet date with and ended up having sex with someone who was WAY too young (but was FULLY into what was happening and trying to help make it happen). He's probably grown a lot in the ten years since the incident and is able to be like "yeah, I was young, stupid and horny and I got myself in a bunch of trouble with bad judgement. Never the fuck again."

    But news sites gotta get clicks and people gotta have things to be outraged about.

  • Matrimony and Cheese

    4 Planet Nine: Is the search for this elusive world nearly over?

    Astronomers have been scouring the outer solar system for signs of a hypothetical ninth planet for almost a decade, without success. However, we may finally be on the cusp of finding it, experts say.

    Planet Nine: Is the search for this elusive world nearly over?

    Alternatives to Adobe Creative Cloud for an easily frustrated boomer...

    Not me. I have a client who's a very sweet old lady who's business is doing real bio science to treat cancer patients with cannabis extracts.

    She's very easily frustrated with technical problems and definitely has the boomer attitude that if you buy something expensive, it means it's good. But she's been getting more and more pissed about enshittification and big software companies screwing over their customers over the last couple years. Adobe's new TOU has her hopping mad. She has all the research papers she's worked on over the last 20 years in Creative Cloud.

    I've been consulting with her off and on for six years and she will get SUPER frustrated with glitches and trouble shooting. I don't think there's anything out there that will work for her to ditch Adobe. But I thought I'd ask here, see if there's anything she might try.


    Good tool for a Todo list with an API (so I can hook it to some other stuff)?

    The goal is actually that I'm able to hook my ticket tracking system (I'm using Zammad) to various ToDo lists I can expose to other people. I'm happy to write middleware to make that work, but I don't want to write a whole ToDo app.

    Needs to be able to track multiple lists that can be shared in a granular way (I want to share some lists with some people and other lists with other people).


    Sometimes, Stable Diffusion just straight up knows where song lyrics come from...

    I upscaled the faces and then prompted them with the same lyrics again.


    Are there services that can help you get your information taken down?

    A client of mine is getting harassed, we think by her former attorney who she's suing for embezzlement.

    Someone is posting fake resumes for her and applying for jobs and she gets daily emails and call backs. Is there anything to do short of either ignoring it or playing whack-a-mole?

    She's a very sweet old lady who is freaked out by this and doesn't deserve it.


    I'm deGoogling. What's my new Podcast app?

    I've been warming up to switching to GrapheneOS for months. Last month I bought a Pixel 8 (which is the buggiest effing phone I've ever owned, good job Google). I've just been waiting to have the bandwidth.

    But with Google sunsetting Google Podcasts, I've decided to make time next week. Podcasts are a MAJOR part of my daily functioning.


    My son asked to go get shawarma at the mall food court yesterday.

    True story.

    My son had a physical therapy appointment and a tutoring appointment yesterday I was taking him to. In between appointments, he asked if we could go to the food court at the nearby mall for shawarma.

    I said, "Sure, but we don't want to eat there too often. We have to be careful of mall nutrition."

    Not understanding he said "Yeah, it's probably not very good for you. But it does have lots of protein!"

    I said "Yeah, but we don't want to end up mall nourished."

    Then he got it.


    Shower thought: To a creature from Titan, are we lava monsters?


    I'm REALLY well read and I have a hard time finding new books to read. I need an audiobook for train ride->plane flight->bus ride tomorrow. Please halp!

    I have read a TON of contemporary SciFi authors. I really enjoy

    Stuff I like

    Iain M. Banks

    I liked the Martha Wells Murderbot books.

    I loved We Are Legion, We Are Bob and have read all the books by him.

    I like Alastair Reynolds. I liked the Poseidon's Children trilogy better than Revalation Space Series (but I liked that too).

    I really like G. S. Jennsen - even though she's cheesy. I think I like her because of her progressive attitude and powerful female characters.

    I like Charles Stross, but I didn't like Accelerando. I like his other books a lot.

    I liked A Memory Called Empire and A Desolation Called Peace by Arkady Martine.

    I like Corey Doctorow, sometimes. Walkaway was good.

    I like Daniel Suarez, most of the time for similar reasons.

    I REALLY liked the Nexus series by Ramez Naam.

    I liked the Red Rising books by Pierce Brown and I've really been enjoying the Sollan Empire books by Christopher Ruocchio, which I think are similar and even better.

    I like Adrian Tchaikovsky and really liked The Final Architecture books and Doorways to Eden.(I didn't get that into Children of Time though).

    I usually like Neil Stephenson. (The Fall or Dodge In Hell is quite a tedious book).

    I've liked everything I've read by Verner Vinge.

    I liked Hyperion like everybody else. Unlike everybody else, I think I liked the Endymion books even better.

    I read some Ken MacLeod (the first Corporation Wars book) and it was fine... but I haven't felt like going back.

    I REALLY enjoy John Scalzi, though I found the Old Man's War books started to get stale after a while. It's high calorie, low nutrition brain candy, but I know that going in and it passes the time.

    I really liked Derek Kunsken's Quantum Magician books. And started reading his prequel series, set on Venus, and I couldn't really get into it.

    I enjoy Space Race books like Erik Flint / Ryk Spoor's Boundary series, Saturn Run by John Sanford and Delta V by Daniel Suarez.

    I love the Expanse.

    I find Kim Stanley Robinson hit or miss. I really enjoyed the Mars books and The Years of Rice and Salt was fun (though a little tedious). 2312 drags and drags and nothing happens and Aurora is the same AND also sad.

    I liked Permanence by Karl Schroeder. It could have used a little more... conflict? I had this same problem with Becky Chambers. The characters are all too well intentioned and the dramatic tension suffered a little.

    I read all the Star Kingdom books by Lindsay Buroker. I thought they were a super fun adventure that just kept delivering from the beginning of the series to the end, even if it was clearly aimed at a more YA demographic.

    I REALLY liked Velocity Weapon and the sequels by Megan O'Keefe. I found her Steam Punk series much less impressive. I've been meaning to try her galactic empire series, but I haven't quite been in the mood to start it.

    I read Sue Burke's Semiosis Duology. I wasn't expecting to like it but I really did! The physical science aspects were a little softer than I would have liked, but the biological science was really cool, as was the anarcho-pacifist political philosophy.

    I read Yoon Ha Lee's Ninefox Gambit and the sequels. I thought they were really fun, I wish they'd explored Calendrical technology more.

    I thought the Neo G books by KB Wagers (A Pale Light in the Black and sequels) were good. Her characters are great. But again, very light on the sciences and technology. I'm in the mood for something harder. Also, not realistic that the champion hand to hand fighter in the entire Earth space military is a 110 pound woman, but I just pretended she's cyber enhanced.

    I just finished the Wormwood trilogy (Rosewater and sequels) by Tade Thomson. They were great.

    Stuff I Don't Like

    Orson Scott Card did not age well, unlike Timothy Zahn, who's gotten a lot more progressive in his story telling in the last two decades.

    I don't like Niel Asher. His in your face Libertarianism and conservative ideology annoys me, which is too bad because other than that he's a good story teller.

    I find Peter F. Hamilton hit or miss for the same reason. But I really liked Pandora's Star.

    I find AG Riddle hit or miss. I like his thought experiments, but he doesn't really care if his stories / characters are logically consistent. Ramez Naam and Daniel Suarez do what Riddle does but WAAAY better.

    I didn't like Blindsight. I know, this makes me some kind of heretic. I just didn't find the idea of such a dysfunctional crew being entrusted with such an important mission believable.

    I couldn't get into Ann Leckie. I WANTED to like it, but I just didn't find her writing very engaging. I've put the physical book down once AND turned the audio book off on a road trip.

    I did not like Tamsyn Muir.

    I did not like the Three Body Problem, although I see the appeal and it's nice to read something by a non western author. I found the pro Chinese politics a little too heavy handed.

    I cannot get into Greg Egan. I find his writing style way too obtuse. Reading is Egan is like having a PHD in mathematics and a PHD in quantum physics, then going to Burning Man and doing 16 hits of acid.

    I finally got around to trying The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet and I could NOT get into it. I agree with reviewers who complain nothing interesting ever happens.

    People keep recommending Mary Robinette Kowal, but something about the alternate history just doesn't grab me.

    People keep recommending Ted Chiang. But I don't want short stories (Murderbot somehow managed to be an exception). The longer the better.

    People have recommended the Last Watch by J. S. Dewes, but others have told me things about the book that makes me think I won't like it. Standing guard at the edge of the universe makes zero sense, I think by proposing it's possible you lost me. Edge of the galaxy... Maybe, with 10 septillion robotic war ships. But edge of the universe? I think I'm out. If you know something I don't about this book, feel free to say so.


    ADHD... win?

    • Put clothes in washer.
    • 36 hours later, realize never put clothes in dryer! Aww crap... gonna need to wash again.
    • Investigate. Discover never started washer, clothes never got wet.
    • Victory...?

    So... I've been playing with LLMs and I've noticed something horrible...

    Out of just morbid curiosity, I've been asking an uncensored LLM absolutely heinous, disgusting things. Things I don't even want to repeat here (but I'm going to edge around them so, trigger warning if needs be).

    But I've noticed something that probably won't surprise or shock anyone. It's totally predictable, but having the evidence of it right in my face, I found deeply disturbing and it's been bothering me for the last couple days:

    All on it's own, every time I ask it something just abominable it goes straight to, usually Christian, religion.

    When asked, for example, to explain why we must torture or exterminate <Jews><Wiccans><Atheists> it immediately starts with

    "As Christians, we must..." or "The Bible says that..."

    When asked why women should be stripped of rights and made to be property of men, or when asked why homosexuals should be purged, it goes straight to

    "God created men and women to be different..." or "Biblically, it's clear that men and women have distinct roles in society..."

    Even when asked if black people should be enslaved and why, it falls back on the Bible JUST as much as it falls onto hateful pseudoscience about biological / intellectual differences. It will often start with "Biologically, human races are distinct..." and then segue into "Furthermore, slavery plays a prominent role in Biblical narrative..."

    What does this tell us?

    That literally ALL of the hate speech this multi billion parameter model was trained on was firmly rooted in a Christian worldview. If there's ANY doubt that anything else even comes close to contributing as much vile filth to our online cultural discourse, this should shine a big ugly light on it.

    Anyway, I very much doubt this will surprise anyone, but it's been bugging me and I wanted to say something about it.

    Carry on.


    I'm NOT trying to stir up AI hate and fear here. It's just a mirror, reflecting us back at us.


    Best OCR software for a small business with a one time need?

    Hello everyone.

    I haven't had any need for OCR software in probably 15 years, but I have a client who has 7 document boxes worth of forms filled out by hand that they need digitized. They're scanning them into PDFs this week, but want to recover FirstName, LastName, Phone, Email and then a hand written feed back box and load those all into a database.

    ChatGPT recommended ABBYY, but it looks like it might be overkill for a one time need like this.

    I told them that a couple teenagers doing data entry might be more accurate and cheaper. IDK if that's really true though. I'm not at all an expert on OCR software.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?


    Get your spooky on - 2023 version


    In the name of the moon I'll PURGE THE XENOS!


    Just read Cinder Spires book 2 and these books are a Steampunk sequel to Stephen King's "The Mist."

    No really, these books are what you get if you answer the question "What if after the Mist came, the surviving humans rebuilt a Steampunk civilization with magic airships and uplifted cats?"

    I was gonna say this is now my head canon, but I actually think he's so obvious about drawing the connections in this book it's a little beyond head canon.

    Anyway, since I feel sure it will come up if I start a conversation about these books on Lemmy, feel free to use the space below ↓ to hate on Jim Butcher for his MenWritingWomen problems... They're real and they bug me too. They just don't stop him from telling a fun and engaging story, which this was for me.

    Security News The Bard in Green SEC charges SolarWinds CISO with fraud for misleading investors before major cyberattack

    The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced on Monday evening that it plans to charge SolarWinds Chief Information Security Officer Timothy Brown with fraud for his role in allegedly lying to investors by “overstating SolarWinds' cybersecurity practices and understating or failing to disc...

    SEC charges SolarWinds CISO with fraud for misleading investors before major cyberattack

    Is it OK to ask for help here? Getting lots of "loss: NaN" when training on Automatic1111. All training files come out garbage.

    Casual hobbyist, not an expert here.

    It WAS working... About eight months ago, I trained a bunch of embeddings and hypernetworks and it all worked great.

    Cut to the present, I want to do some more training. I've updated Automatic1111 several times, but nothing else about my setup has changed. However, whenever I try to train anything (embeddings, hypernetworks or loras), loss is NaN for 4 out of 5 steps right from the get go. As the training progresses, loss becomes NaN for 9 out of 10 steps, then 19 out of 20 steps around step 3,000, which is as far as I've gotten. Hypernetworks just don't work at that point and embeddings produce garbage.

    I have googled like crazy, and found

    A few threads, where the best hint is that (at least 8-9 months ago) xformers broke training. Well, I've messed around with xformers, uninstalled and reinstalled xformers, eaten xformers for breakfast. Behavior is the same.

    Lower training rate I have set my training rate to 0.0000000000000005. Behavior is identical.

    My system is on the low end for VRAM (8G). I have TWO 8G cards, so I wish I could train on both like I can for Llama. But I also think that's not it, because my OLD embeddings and hypernetworks came out great and still work.

    Any thoughts here?

    Who would win? Battle boarding The Bard in Green

    Moiraine Damodred and al'Lan Mandragoran (Wheel of Time) vs Geralt of Rivia and Yennefer of Vengerberg (The Witcher).

    Battle takes place in a mountain valley five miles long by two miles wide. There is a ruined castle at each end of the valley and a rushing mountain stream twenty feet wide and four feet deep running through the middle. The valley is surrounded by impassible mountains on three sides and an impassibly steep cliff on the fourth side.

    Both sides will stop at nothing to kill the other. Lan and Moiraine believe that Geralt and Yen are previously unknown Forsaken and have murdered Rand. Geralt and Yen believe that Lan and Moiraine have murdered Ciri. Both sides are otherwise in character.

    Each side starts in one of the two ruined castles and are aware of where the other side starts. Assume that any magical means Yen and Moiraine have to hide themselves from magical spying are affective against the other's magic (Chaos vs the One Power).

    Round 1: Book Moiraine / Lan vs Book Geralt / Yen.

    Round 2: Netflix Geralt / Yen vs Amazon Prime Moiraine / Lan.

    Round 3:Book Moiraine / Lan vs CD Projekt Red Geralt / Yen with YOU playing as Geralt.


    Safe materials for making running water spill ways.

    Hello all.

    I'm a long time hobbyist fountain maker and an off and on keeper of reptiles and amphibians since I was a wee lad.

    I'm embarking on an ambitious project to build a multi environment paludarium, connected by a running fountain (my goal is to create a desert environment with a small spring where the spring then runs into two part swamp environment and finally a purely aquatic environment.

    I DO plan to keep different animals in the different environments (I even plan to make a river bank burrow for my hamster)... but before everyone crucifies me, I'm planning to make sure the animals remain isolated from (and largely unaware of) one another, except for the running water, and YES I know MANY amphibians are poisonous to other animals. I'm going to do all my homework to make sure I'm a good small critter daddy. I'll post videos and pics of the build as I go through it (I'm still in the materials assembling phase) and I'll be open to animal safety feedback as I do.

    My question is about safe materials to use for making the water ways. I don't want to use something that leaches toxins into the water and harms my critters.

    I have some Instant Ocean HoldFast Epoxy, which I thought will be good for gluing rocks and stuff in place (and which is "fish safe"), but I really want something like a grout, cement or modelling clay. There's stuff I've used for fountain making in the past, but it usually has chemical epoxies and resins in it that I don't think I want to expose the animals to.

    Any ideas?