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Why data centers want to have their own nuclear reactors
  • The US does not have a final deposit for nuclear waste. But nuclear waste is not more dangerous than other chemical waste which already has final deposits in Germany. The specifications are deliberately made harder for nuclear because of politics.

  • Anon can’t have a factual argument
  • I agree, but I also think this is cherry picked. There are countries that are quite monoethnical that are doing quite well eg. Switzerland and Japan. Also I don't think USA is such a great place to live, even if it where the "worlds #1 superpower, whatever that means". Great military doesn't make a country nice to live in. Switzerland and France are much better in my opinion.

  • ich💻iel
  • Ich nutze meinen seit einem Jahr und Bing ganz zufrieden. Anfangs war die Akkulaufzeit nicht sehr gut, aber das lag an PopOS, unter Arch geht sie. Teilweise geht der Laptop nicht in den Hibernation Modus wenn man ihn zuklappt, vor allem wenn man nach dem zuklappen das Stromkabel entfernt. Das ist denke ich ein Software Problem. Die Hardware ist eigentlich recht hochwertig habe ich den Eindruck.

  • Nature Rule How would a starfish wear trousers? Science has an answer

    Gene expression reveals the story behind starfishes’ strange five-armed body plans

    How would a starfish wear trousers? Science has an answer