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Every damn day
  • People bragging about not taking their PTO days are quite common in the work place. I always like to remind them that it's a compensation and part of their contract. Then I brag that this month, I didn't asked to be paid because I'm dedicated worker like them. It makes them look stupid.

    And manager being difficult when requesting PTO are horrible. Because it's their job to manage staffing. They should understand the concepts explained above. But they don't, they are probably the kind of people bragging about "working a lot"

  • Anon discovers a diet trick
  • This is what I've been doing too. I eat less, and I've stopped snacking in the evening. I use to eat 3-4 piece of bread in the morning, a big playe for lunch and sometimes 2 plates at night.

    I'm eating 1-2 piece of bread for breakfast. If I eat a big breakfast in the weekend, I just skip lunch.

    I eat half a plate in the evening. Works pretty well. I think the more you eat, the more your stomach expects, so by reducing the amount of food, you stomach is full quicker

    Now, I absolutely need to learn to eat slowly

  • Upgrade my 3 years old build

    Hi All,

    I have a 2-3 years Old computer and have a little budget for an upgrade.

    As I have a 512 Go M.2 SSD, I was thinking about ugrading. But not sure what to do.

    • Buy a 2To Samsung 990 Pro with Heatsink
    • Buy a SATA SSD I would use for storage and Keep my 512Go M.2 for my OS
    • Buy a 1To M.2 SSd and a SATA SSD

    What's the best Idea? Anything Else that would be worth upgrading:

    AMD Ryzen 5 2600 3400Mhz MSI B450-A PRO MAX GeForce RTX 2080 16 GB of RAM Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 500GB

    I'm basicaly only playing Apex, other small games, and doing admin stuff. Thank you for your help


    Happy 1st of August everyone!


    Our first National day on Lemmy!

    What are you cooking today? How will you celebrate?

    I'm going for a zopf and Apéro with the neighbours!

    Enjoy your day!