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Sanders Warns 'Absurd' Low Pay of Teachers Fueling Public Education Crisis
  • This is truth. Destruction of public education by conservatives, neoliberals and privateers fits nicely with destruction of workers and unions. It's control of your population, which is funneled through a view of them as simply future workers for the owner class. I dont know why u would want to be a teacher in a country that just doesn't give a shit. UK is facing similar.

    And if u think majority of those not-for-profit charter aren't founded by people in it for the money, ive got a bridge and can give u a good price...

    Its like many wealthy people who seek and do get rich off tax payer money, like elon did with tesla.

  • What does the world think of India?
  • BJP/RSS - right wing fundamentalist zealots have taken over India. It's gross, it's dangerous and frightening. It's what we hope America will not become with Trump and Heritage types.

  • What popular product do you think is modern day snakeoil?
  • Just about all the products sold on amazon.

  • I'm sick of my life and I don't know what to do
  • first and foremost, life is long and you have time. second, you most certainly are not alone as there are many, many peeps feeling exactly as you are. technology has an isolating effect in terms of irl relationships. the porn addiction is a symptom of this and when it all just becomes meat, it makes it harder to have actual physical intimacy with another human being. third, as others have said, you are suffering from depression and then nothing feels good, that's what is known as anhedonia.

    admitting something is wrong is an important first step. talking to someone and seeking treatment would be helpful if you are finding it hard to figure out on your own. the last two cents i have is slow your roll, your being and breathe. don't dismiss the little things, the small rituals and def get outside.

  • Big Milk has taken over American schools
  • USDA captured by food industry lobbyists. This reminds of the bullshit nutrition food pyramids basically created by big business.

  • He Made a PowerPoint on Mothers Starving in Gaza. Then He Lost His Government Job.
  • 'A single slide mentioned international humanitarian law in context of the health crisis in Gaza.'

    “I wasn’t planning to stand up and yell ‘Israel is committing genocide,’” Smith said. “I was stating the laws.”

  • New York governor to launch bill banning smartphones in schools
  • Here we are on lemmy knowing the damage that big tech has done and continues to do. Yet some of us think keeping smartphones out of school children's hands during school hours is controlling their lives?

    We truly don't value teachers, we don't understand their contexts or education in general. School, especially public school is where we go to learn just not stuff from a board or a book. It's where we learn to live in a community. Hopefully a place where we can learn empathy by meeting other humans our age from similar and different walks of life. Where grow and develop, gain and also contribute. Where we have to learn to compromise because we share time and space with many human beings as opposed to say home schooling which is primarily driven by conservative religious folks.

    While police and law enforcement keep getting more and more funding and support. Public education keeps getting defunded. Not enough teachers, books or supplies. Do more with less has been the norm for decades. Mirroring capitalism and paving the way for charter school factories where teachers and administrators are burned out even at higher rates.

    Control over education is control over your future population. The less fully formed, the less humanist, the less critical thinking, the more centered on simply future workers, the more dystopian the future becomes.

  • New York governor to launch bill banning smartphones in schools
  • Keeping cell phones out of middle schoolers hands during school hours when they are meant to be learning, and contributing to a community is controlling their lives? Wow, it is no wonder people don't value teachers or education in America.

  • New York governor to launch bill banning smartphones in schools
  • So jamming is not a practical solution.

  • New York governor to launch bill banning smartphones in schools
  • So they listen for phone traffic, then what? Track down every user throughout the school day and intercept them? I would wager people who respond with IT solutions don't realize they at times sound like a 'tech bro' who believes they have s solution for everything even of they have no experience in education, no experience being an educator and understanding their contexts. It's no wonder why teachers in general in America are treated so poorly. Even folks who say they support teachers don't understand how much they have to do and with so many students and little time.

  • "Maybe This is Too Cool" - After years of layoffs and pay/resource freezes, Amazon execs treat themselves to a private Foo Fighters concert worth millions
  • FF (fuck 'em) whoring themselves for Amazon execs isn't the main story here. It's the disgusting exploitation of labor for profits. Organized destruction of unions and workers rights had made this tale an everyday, everywhere occurrence. Long ago there was a time when the news would report about main street and wall street as being more intertwined. Today their well being is in opposite directions. From symbiotic to parasitic.

    It seems to prefer coercion as a method to keep people producing rather than inspiring them and earning their best.

    Ambush style layoffs remove the feeling of safety, making people desperate to prove they shouldn’t be next. With this approach, Amazon embraces a timelessly blood-curdling rationale: nothing concentrates the mind like a credible threat.

    Annual attrition targets for a fixed percentage of people every year create a survival mentality. No one wants to be the slowest gazelle when the lion comes around again, so everyone runs faster. Classic coercion.

  • Amazon execs may be personally liable for tricking users into Prime sign-ups
  • Amazon: get 30-day free trial.

    Very quietly Amazon: we bill you $14.99 two weeks into your 30-day free trial ;)

  • New York governor to launch bill banning smartphones in schools
  • Students phone usage in schools are problematic. It's not just in the classroom, but (raises hand) can i go to the bathroom (to use my phone). You can't lock down their at&t or t-mobile phones. Don't know how an outright ban would work but it's worth a shot. Education like democracy is in decline and in peril. Especially public education with the onslaught of charter schools.

  • Justice Alito's Upside-Down Flag Claim Dismantled by Police, Neighbors: Report
  • living in crazy times. like full throttle over a cliff.

  • It could soon be illegal to publicly wear a mask for health reasons in North Carolina
  • There is def throwing out meat for the rabid base. Feel like North Carolina is looking to hook up with TX and FL. University of North Carolina to divert $2.3m DEI budget to safety and policing "Some members of the board of trustees, which voted for the divestment, cited students’ recent anti-war demonstrations as a reason for the redesignation of funds to the campus police."

  • Unmasking counterprotesters who attacked UCLA’s pro-Palestine encampment
  • Did Jerry Seinfeld's wife find these violent counter protesters as well? Glad to see researchers are unmasking them, but will there be any criminal charges... Meanwhile israel is funding canary mission to doxx peaceful protesters in order to control all narrative and maintain influence.

  • Spain denies port of call to ship carrying arms to Israel

    Foreign ministry says it will reject all such stopovers because ‘the Middle East does not need more weapons, it needs more peace’

    Spain denies port of call to ship carrying arms to Israel

    Spain has refused permission for a ship carrying arms to Israel to dock at a Spanish port, its foreign minister, José Manuel Albares, said on Thursday.

    “This is the first time we have done this because it is the first time we have detected a ship carrying a shipment of arms to Israel that wants to call at a Spanish port,” he told reporters in Brussels.

    “This will be a consistent policy with any ship carrying arms to Israel that wants to call at Spanish ports. The foreign ministry will systematically reject such stopovers for one obvious reason: the Middle East does not need more weapons, it needs more peace.”

    3 Itamar Ben-Gvir, Israel’s Minister of Chaos

    As unrest roils the country, a controversial figure from the far right helps Benjamin Netanyahu hold on to power.

    Itamar Ben-Gvir, Israel’s Minister of Chaos

    Feb. 2023 New Yorker profile unknowingly giving a prelude of what was to come.

    ...Ben-Gvir, who entered parliament in 2021, leads a far-right party called Otzma Yehudit, or Jewish Power. His role model and ideological wellspring has long been Meir Kahane, a Brooklyn rabbi who moved to Israel in 1971 and, during a single term in the Knesset, tested the moral limits of the country. Israeli politicians strive to reconcile Israel’s identities as a Jewish state and a democracy. Kahane argued that “the idea of a democratic Jewish state is nonsense.” In his view, demographic trends would inevitably turn Israel’s non-Jews into a majority, and so the ideal solution was “the immediate transfer of the Arabs.” To Kahane, Arabs were “dogs” who “must sit quietly or get the hell out.” His rhetoric was so virulent that lawmakers from both sides of the aisle used to walk out of the Knesset when he spoke. His party, Kach (Thus), was finally barred from parliament in 1988. Jewish Power is an ideological offshoot of Kach; Ben-Gvir served as a Kach youth leader and has called Kahane a “saint.”

    Ben-Gvir, who is forty-six, has been convicted on at least eight charges, including supporting a terrorist organization and incitement to racism, compiling a criminal record so long that, when he appeared before a judge, “we had to change the ink on the printer,” Dvir Kariv, a former official in the Shin Bet intelligence agency, told me. As recently as last October, Netanyahu refused to share a stage with him, or even to be seen with him in photographs. But a series of disappointing elections persuaded Netanyahu to change his mind. ...


    US Army officer resigns over 'unqualified support' for Israel US Army officer resigns in protest over 'unqualified support' for Israel

    An Army officer has resigned from his intelligence job in protest over the United State’s “unqualified support” for Israel.

    US Army officer resigns in protest over 'unqualified support' for Israel

    He wrote that the justifications for Israel’s war in Gaza became “difficult to defend” and that “whatever the justification you’re either advancing a policy that enables the mass starvation of children, or you’re not.” The post received an outpouring of support with hundreds of likes and comments in just a few hours. ...

    In his letter, Mann also says that he’s the descendant of European Jews and “was raised in a particularly unforgiving moral environment.”

    “When it came to the topic of bearing responsibility for ethnic cleansing — my grandfather refused to ever purchase products manufactured in Germany — where the paramount importance of ‘never again’ and the inadequacy of ‘just following orders’ were oft repeated. I’m haunted by the knowledge that I failed those principles,” Mann wrote.

    Mann went on to say that he held off sharing the reason for his resignation because he was afraid of violating professional norms and disappointing officers that he respects.

    28 ‘Total outrage’: White House condemns Israeli settlers’ attack on Gaza aid trucks

    Protesters block convoy, throw food into road and set fire to vehicles at Tarqumiya checkpoint near Hebron

    ‘Total outrage’: White House condemns Israeli settlers’ attack on Gaza aid trucks

    Video of the incident on Monday at Tarqumiya checkpoint, west of Hebron in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, showed settlers blocking the trucks and throwing boxes of much-needed supplies on the ground. Photographs from the scene showed piles of damaged aid packages and drifts of rice and flour across the road.

    Late on Monday, photos began circulating on social media showing the trucks on fire.


    The Far Right’s Campaign for continuity of cheap labor and owning the libs (surprise, it's The Handmaid's Tale)

    The Far Right’s Campaign to Explode the Population

    The threat, we are told here this weekend, is existential, biological, epoch-defining. Economies will fail, civilizations will fall, and it will all happen because people aren’t having enough babies.

    “The entire global financial system, the value of your money, and every asset you might buy with money is defined by leverage, which means its value depends on growth,” Kevin Dolan, a 37-year-old father of six from Virginia, tells the crowd that has gathered to hear him speak. “Every country in the developed world and most countries in the developing world face long-term population decline at a level that makes growth impossible to maintain,” Dolan says, “which means we are sitting on the bubble of all bubbles.” ...

    3 Cats suffer H5N1 brain infections, blindness, death after drinking raw milk

    Mammal-to-mammal transmission raises new concerns about the virus's ability to spread.

    Cats suffer H5N1 brain infections, blindness, death after drinking raw milk
    74 “Kill All Arabs”: The Feds Are Investigating UMass Amherst for Anti-Palestinian Bias

    The Education Department is probing claims that UMass Amherst discriminated against Palestinian and Arab students amid Israel’s war on Gaza.

    “Kill All Arabs”: The Feds Are Investigating UMass Amherst for Anti-Palestinian Bias

    .... In the previously unreported civil rights complaint, 18 students said that they have “been the target of extreme anti-Palestinian and anti-Arab harassment and discrimination by fellow UMass students, including receiving racial slurs, death threats and in one instance, actually being assaulted.” The result, the students said, was a hostile environment for all Arab and Palestinian students, those perceived to be Palestinian, and their allies on campus. Among the most chilling allegations involves a student yelling “kill all Arabs” at fellow students protesting Israel’s war on Gaza.

    ... The student, whose name is redacted in the copy of the complaint reviewed by The Intercept, also allegedly attempted to intimidate an elderly woman among other people, “while also being extremely racist towards Arabs and Palestinians, stating ‘level Gaza’ and ‘Kill all Arabs.’”

    The complainants also report receiving vicious messages and threats online, also allegedly by a student and student-run accounts with names like “@amherstzionwarroom, @UMass_amherst_sjp_watch, @UMass_amherst_zionists and @UMass_zionists.”

    Some of the posts called the students “classic Islamic barbarism supporters [who] love raping and killing,” and “genocidal barbarian baby decapitator supporters.” One account, named “palisranimals,” reportedly targeted two students, making comments like “where is the best beach in Gaza to build a house next to?! I’ve heard Pali bones make great foundation!” and “every ‘Palestinian’ child in Gaza is actually a terrorist.”

    “These accounts would target SJP students and comment on their meeting times, eventually bragged about the doxing on Canary Mission,” reads the complaint, referring to a website that targets and doxxes students and professors who criticize the Israeli government.


    Reddit embracing all out enshittification Reddit, AI spam bots explore new ways to show ads in your feed

    Reddit says its "communities are naturally commercial."

    Reddit, AI spam bots explore new ways to show ads in your feed

    Reddit, AI spam bots explore new ways to show ads in your feed

    #For sale: Ads that look like legit Reddit user posts

    >"We highly recommend only mentioning the brand name of your product since mentioning links in posts makes the post more likely to be reported as spam and hidden. We find that humans don't usually type out full URLs in natural conversation and plus, most Internet users are happy to do a quick Google Search," ReplyGuy's website reads.